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Thursday, April 24, 2014

U is for Ugly Betty

The letter "U" is not a common one when it comes to TV show titles, let me tell you that.  Lucky for me there just happened to be one that I watched and enjoyed.  If it weren't for Betty and her wacky exploits I don't know what I'd be talking about now?

An American telenovella?  Sounds awesome.  I mean, I'll admit that I have never actually seen a real one, other than in passing as I flip channels that is.  But I know the premise.  Drama.  Over the top story lines and characters.  Like a soap opera on steroids.  Score.  I got hooked on Ugly Betty via Netlflix, of course, and fell in love.  Then through the wonder of DVR I was able to stay up to date with the series for the final 2 seasons.  I found the outlandish plots and characters to be entertaining and part of what made this show so enjoyable.  That and America Ferrera, she was hilarious and perfect as sweet, dorky, Betty.  I wasn't totally thrilled with how the series ended, but eh, I'll get over it.

So, did you watch Ugly Betty?  What did you think?  Writing this has made me want to pull it up on Netlfix and relive the series.  Ahhhhh streaming video, how you've enhanced TV watching and my life!  

All is well, 21/26 down, in Drosche Land.  

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