"For I know the plans I have for you," declares the Lord, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future." Jeremiah 29:11

Friday, July 30, 2010


Today we mourn the loss of a dearly beloved friend.  Yes, that's right, summer is officially over.  Today marked the last day of vacation.  The day came and went without fanfare.  It came without ribbons.  It came without tags.  It came without packages, boxes, or bags.  Oh wait, that's Christmas in Whoville.  Anyway, the day passed without event.  Just another relaxing summer day.

The pool is deflated.  The water table dismantled.  The splash toys put away for another year.  All that remains are great photos, fun memories, and a nicely-watered and beautifully green back yard.  On a side note, did you know that you can use the same electric air pump you use to inflate things to deflate them?  That was my surprise awesome discovery today!  Don't mock me - I had no clue, but boy does it make one's life easier!  But I digress.  We had a blast this summer, our actual first one ever!  But now we must get back into our usual school routine - up early, school every day, late nights.  I've been trying to get the boys to understand this throughout the day today, but I'm not sure how much they understand.  We will see though bright and shiny on Monday morning.  Well, it won't actually be bright since it's still dark out here in Egypt when we get up, but you get the picture.  They'll do fine though, they are not really fans of sleeping in so that won't really be a big change for them.  The biggest change they will have to adapt to will be going back to school 5 days a week.

Want to know a secret?  Shhhh, you can't tell anyone.  Lean close so I can whisper.  Here goes - I'm actually quite happy to be getting back to school!  Don't get me wrong, I love my boys and I love being at home.  But I also love my job.   2 months is about all I can handle of staying at home.  Maybe if it were a permanent thing I had had grocery shopping and other things to put on my to-do list it would be different.  Although I highly doubt it.  I am just not cut out to be a permanent stay at home parent.  More power to those who are.  As mentioned in the last end of summer post, found here, I am super excited about getting back and starting a new school year.  I'm hoping that the summer will have rejuvenated me and I come back bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, ready to face another set of amazing kids!  Woo hoo!  School!

So, am I sad to see summer end?  Yeah, but it just means the beginning of the adventure of another year.  So, maybe my mourning will just be shortened.  Or maybe instead of black I'll wear grey to reflect the mixture of sad/happy feelings.  Who knows?  Regardless, another summer has passed.  Time to start all over again!

All is well, observing a brief period of mourning, in Drosche Land.    

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Book Review - Eclipse

Well, I have officially finished 75% of the Twilight Saga and I must say that it is only getting better.  Each book is exponentially better than the previous.  This leaves me with super, crazy high hopes for the final installment.  But I know I will not be disappointed.

So, Eclipse is somewhat of a pivotal book in the series.  Storylines from the first two come to a head and get resolution, while other storylines gain speed and momentum, clearly building up for the last book.  It always amazes me when an author pens a series like this.  I cannot imagine the forethought and planning that goes into one book, much less several.  Meyer does a spectacular job at seamlessly blending each of the books together so that you get the feeling as though you are reading one giant book, which for the sake of heft and back strain, has been split into several smaller and easier to manage volumes.  

Eclipse is the show down for the Team Edward vs. Team Jacob debate.  Although I can't speak with too much surety about this since I do have one book yet to read.  However, this book truly examines the triangle and plays with your emotions and mind the entire way through.  It's a great ride actually, even though you are constantly twisted and bent by the storyline.  But, having said that, this is only one tiny part of the book.  There are so many events and emotions running through the book, but Meyer writes and deals with each in a way that you are never confused or overwhelmed.  Rather you are right there experiencing it all alongside the characters.

So, I think I must stop because if I talk any more about the book I will give it away.  However, I have to admit that I jumped on the bandwagon so late in the game I'm not sure there are many people out there who are unfamiliar with either the books or the movie.  But I could be wrong (a first huh?).  I guess I will have to remain more tight-lipped for the review of Breaking Dawn since many people watch the movies and don't read the books and that movie has yet to be made/released.  Oh well, at least I'll be ahead of the game in some aspect.  Until then, if you have not begun to read this series - START NOW!  Seriously.  Come on, everybody is doing it.  If the peer pressure doesn't lure you in maybe the fact that the books are just straight up awesome will!  Do it!  :)

All is well, one bite left (HA!  Another vampire reference!), in Drosche Land.   

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Wordless Wednesday

Well, in fitting with today's earlier post about the end of summer I decided to have one more set of summer pictures for Wordless Wednesday.  Today we went out for what might be our last splash time outside.  The boys had a blast before the dark clouds and rain rolled in.  I've posted some of the pictures to Facebook but of course I had to play around with some of my favorites in iPhoto.  I mean, who can resist a black & white picture?  They're timeless.  Or sepia?  A little fading, a little blurring, a little cropping.  It's a good thing I only play around with the simple offerings (for now!) from iPhoto and not some mega, super-powered photo-editing software.  I'd get so absorbed, who knows what would happen then!  :)  Anyway, enjoy these last summer-themed pics!

  My favorite shot of the day!

Same picture + some playing around = LOVE IT!
More playing = more favorites!

All Good Things

Must come to an end that is.  Yes, it's true.  Summer the season may still be in full throttle, but summer the vacation is rapidly winding down.  With only 3 days, counting today, left I feel it is safe to post about the end.  It was technically my first summer vacation ever and I must say, I did enjoy it.  Boy have I been missing out these past 5 summer of my teaching career.  True, working over the summer was a necessary evil and I did enjoy it too, but man oh man does it pale in comparison to summer vacation!  The only thing missing, that could have made for an even better summer off, was Amy.  But alas, such is the life of a Director, no summers off.  Hopefully next summer we can begin actual vacationing and taking trips!

So, how was it?  Well, I thoroughly enjoyed it.  I have to admit I was a bit skeptical at first.  I know you're thinking, "What's there to be skeptical about with summer?", but I was.  What would I do with my time?  What would I do with the boys?  Would being away from school make me a bad teacher when I returned?  Yes, I wondered these thoughts I'll admit.  I'm a little crazy in the head (yes, just a little) so these thoughts seemed perfectly logical to me.  But in the end I had nothing to worry about.  Of course that last one has yet to be seen since school hasn't actually begun yet.

How did I pass the time.  Well, lots actually and yet not much at the same time.  One of those mind-boggling conundrums.  How can you get so much done while actually doing nothing?  I began the summer by thoroughly cleaning the house from top to bottom, not that it was dirty, but I felt it needed a good scrubbing.  Then I filled my days with laundry, dishes, tidying, homework, playing, watching TV/movies, reading, baking, and general lazing around.  I know the first couple don't sound like a fun time, but I actually enjoy them (remember the crazy in the head, just a little though).  I also enjoyed splashing in the back yard, which also gave me some time to work on my tan!  I also started a love affair with Netflix, I mean Murder, She Wrote and Nip/Tuck on instant play, how could you not love that!  As you know I have been catching up on my recreational reading (almost done with Eclipse!  Stay tuned for the review!) which has been so nice.  Back on the "boring" side, the time off has been good for coursework, allowing me to do homework in a non rushed and unstressed manner.  I also did block plan my entire year out!  Also something "nerdy" that I LOVE!  I did be sure though to make time for just doing nothing and relaxing since Amy insisted (yeah like she had to twist my arm hard to get me to be lazy!).  Since it was my first summer I did try to do so, especially toward the end.  

So, now that it is coming to a close what did I think?  Well I loved it!  Sure there was more I should/could have done but my inaugural summer vacation was all about relaxing and enjoyment right?  :)  I'll have to start on my to-do list for next summer so I am sure I have enough planned to fill my time.  I do love a good to-do list.  I have to admit though, as much as I have enjoyed summer, I am somewhat happy that it is ending (stop gasping in shock, I said somewhat).  It was fun while it lasted but I do love my job and am excited to begin a new year!  Plus, I am hoping that the summer and time off has renewed me and I can face the coming year with excitement and vigor!  Like a fresh-faced, brand spanking new teacher!  Plus, as much as I love cleaning, laundry, baking, and lazing, I DO NOT think I could be a stay at home parent.  It's fun to try for a while and some people are great at it (it is a job too let me tell you), but it's just not for me!  I plan on spending my remaining 3 days of vacation relaxing and mentally preparing for school.  One thing is for sure though.  I am addicted to a clean/tidy house, dishes done, and all laundry done.  It will be a challenge to keep up this comfort throughout the school year, but I am going to try!  :)

All is well, with a bittersweet ending, in Drosche Land. 

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Rah Rah Ah Ah Ah

Totally Awesome!

Fan - freakin - tastic!

A - Ma - Zing!

Just several of the terms I could use, and have used, to describe the Lady Gaga concert.  There are many more but too numerous to list.  Needless to say we had an awesome time.  Despite the way Friday morning began, the remainder of the trip was smooth sailing.  We arrived in Dallas around 3:30 and checked in at the hotel - the Westin City Center.  I have never stayed in a Westin before but Amy has for a conference.  I loved it, definitely one of the nicest places we have stayed.  Their heavenly bed is aptly named and beyond comfortable.  We just lazed around for a bit, enjoying the free cable in the hotel!  At about 5:30 we decided to head out and grab a bite to eat before the concert.  We had done research at home and had already planned to ride the DART train to the concert.  This was awesome because there was a station right outside of our hotel that led right to the American Airlines Center, how convenient right?  That was fun in itself and makes me want to ride the Metro light rail here in H-Town although it leaves from and goes nowhere I ever need to go.  We didn't want anything too heavy to eat and just happened to stumble upon a Jason's Deli which was perfect.  I highly recommend their Spinach Veggie Wrap - yum!

Then it was off to the concert!  To put it politely - there were some interesting people at the concert!  HA!  But really, can you expect any less at a Lady Gaga concert.  The people watching was great pre-show and post-show entertainment!  We had great seats.  Although Amy and I agreed that splurging for the expensive tickets was well worth it.  It would have totally blown to have been stuck in the Himalayan nose-bleed sections!  The opening act was Semi Precious Weapons and I have to admit I was not familiar with them at all.  However I am totally a fan now - they rocked!  I'll be visiting iTunes in search of them!  Onto the main event.  AWESOME!  She is a stellar entertainer and knows how to genuinely connect with the audience.  She put on an incredible 2-hour show and sang nearly every song from both of her CDs.  The choreography was something else, I am in awe at how they can dance so many routines all night long.  The costumes of course were also incredible, again would you expect any less?  She must have changed outfits at least 5-6 times and that isn't including the fact that most of the costumes involved her removing part of it to reveal something else.  All in all it was totally awesome.  I took pictures, they turned out as good as can be expected in a dark concert venue.  I also recorded videos, you can hear very well, although it was so crazy loud in there so that does affect it a bit.  But I am pleased with my pictures and videos - they totally bring us back.  I have been trying, without luck, to win tickets to her Houston shows tonight and tomorrow.  I have 2 more chances left today so my fingers are crosses, which makes it hard to type (just kidding!).

So, Amy is the BEST WIFE EVER!  I am so lucky to have her and thankful that she got me these tickets.  We had such a fun and much-needed vacation time together.  It was worth every penny.  Awesome wife.  Fun road trip.  Amazing concert.  Fantastic hotel.  Life is good!

All is well, back home after an awesome trip, in Drosche Land.

Friday, July 23, 2010

On the Road Again

Okay, so here is the post I initially set out to write this morning before I was distracted by the excitement of 100 posts!  Here goes!

Today is the big day!  LADY GAGA!  But, as with many things here in Drosche Land, the day is not without adventure!  Last night around 2:00 Jack woke up throwing up, and with a fever.  Great right!  As bummed as Amy and I were with the possible implications of this on our plans, we were too exhausted to deal with it at that hour.  So the bed was stripped, laundry started, and everyone re-tucked back in.  Well, that lasted for about 5 minutes before he was calling us again.  Luckily there was no mess involved with this, just a sickly whiny kiddo.  So both boys (and their own pillows because they hog) came to our bed.  On a side note, 4 regular-sized pillows DO NOT fit on a king-sized bed.  If you attempt this, make sure you are on the inside 2!  Well, 2:30 - 4:30 Jack tossed and turned and Braeden proceeded to attempt to sleep horizontally.  I may have dozed a bit, Amy not so much since she was closest to Jack.  So, trying to help her get some sleep, I took the boys back to their bedroom and laid in Jack's bed with him.  Where again he tossed and turned until he finally fell asleep about 5:15.

So, I tip-toed out to call my mom since she was supposed to pick the boys up from school this afternoon and watch them overnight.  Well, since she just took vacation last week while we were in Ft. Worth she, understandably, could not take more time off.  Another wrench.  So, tired and wondering what to do I decided to get a few minutes of sleep and curled up on a chair in the loft where I dozed until Jack woke up at 6:00.  Yes, that's right, even on very little sleep and sick they still wake up at the butt-crack of dawn!  Well, after being awake for a bit he was fever-free and running around playing!  Oh the joyous frustrations of kids!

Well, we were still in a pickle!  We couldn't take him to school since he hadn't been fever-free for 24 hours.  Plus, even if we could have we would have been out of town so there would not have been anyone to come and get him if he were to be sent home.  Luckily we came up with a plan.  We are going to push back our leaving time to hang out at home for a bit and monitor him.  Then, we will take him to Amy's mom's house where Adam will watch the boys until her mom comes home.  They will then spend the night there instead.  Throw in some anti-nausea medicine and Tylenol/Motrin as needed and Lady Gaga here we come!

So, all's well that ends well.  Needless to say, I am super excited about tonight!  I cannot wait to see Lady Gaga!  This is all thanks, of course, to Amy.  For the tickets, hotel, and crisis management!  I would be lost without her.  She is AWESOME!  Hopefully I will be able to get some good pics with my iPhone and post them here!  Woo hoo!  Well, time to shower, pack, and down a few extra cups of coffee to offset the lack of sleep!  Then we are on our way!  Woo hoo!

All is well, Lady Gaga/Dallas bound, in Drosche Land. 


Well, this morning I initially decided to post about today's adventures but then I noticed that the post count was at 99!  So, I decided to add in this quick celebratory post!  100, wow!  Not huge, but substantial nonetheless.  I guess the next big milestone would be 500 or 1000, I'll decide as we go.

On a side note I just had to pause this post as a large fire truck came tumbling down the stairs and crashed into the wall!  Luckily there is no hole.  But there is one little boy sitting glumly in timeout (Braeden) remembering that we don't throw toys down the stairs.

Back on topic.  So 100 posts!  It's be real, it's been fun.  I hope everyone has enjoyed the adventures thus far.  I am looking forward to many more posts and many more adventures.  So, fasten your seat belts!

All is well, blogging away, in Drosche Land.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Wordless Wednesday

So, I've been quite lax lately (the last 2 weeks) in posting Wordless Wednesday pictures, but understandably so.  2 weeks ago we were in the hospital after Amy's surgery, and then last Wednesday we were in Ft. Worth at the RenWeb conference.  So things have been a bit busy.  But fret no more!  Earlier this week Amy took the boys out to play a bit in the rain since it was just a summer shower, not the typical Texas summer thunderstorm!  They loved it and I got some cute pictures.  I played around a bit with them in iPhoto and I think the results are great!  Enjoy!

 Braeden enjoyed it, which was surprising since he hates getting wet (outside of bathtime!)

 Of course Jack, our consummate mess maker, enjoyed himself too!

Book Review - New Moon

Vampires and werewolves and humans - oh my!

Yeah I finished New Moon and it didn't disappoint one bit!  It took me about a week, which is fast for me.  I'm not as fast a reader as Amy (who/s beginning Breaking Dawn as I blog and will probably finish it today since it only took her a day to read Eclipse!) but that's okay.  I like to go slower sometimes, especially if I love the book, and savor it.  

I'll begin the review by reiterating that I am not a teen girl nor the mother of one.  I'm debating the term "Twihard" but that seems fanatical.  All I know is that these books are awesome, and quite addictive.  I will however admit that I am totally on Team Edward (sorry Team Jacob members)!  HA!  Jacob is nice and all, and a great friend for Bella, but Edward is her immortal soulmate!  :)  

What I like best about the books is that they pick up directly where the previous one left off, essentially.  The biggest part, without giving away too much, of this book is the introduction of the Edward/Jacob debate.  While there is not as much action, again avoiding spoilers, as there is in Twilight.  But that is not saying that the book is slow or boring - quite the opposite!  I got, and still have the feeling (although being only halfway through the series I can't be sure), that this book is setting the stage for the majority of the drama and plot that is to come for the next two books.  If that is the case, then the books will only continue to get exponentially more awesome!

So, obviously I HIGHLY recommend this book, although if you've read Twilight I doubt I have to endorse it!  I will say though that Amy and I gave in and watched the first movie.  It was awesome!  It followed the book quite well with very little changes.  Although I will say, as is always the case, the book is a million times better, but the movie does a fantastic job!  I have yet to begin Eclipse, :(  , due to the fact that homework is due today.  I am attempting (note I make no promise) to not start Eclipse until my homework is done, in a feeble effort to get it finished ASAP.  We will see how well I do.  I am also highly tempted to run up the road to the RedBox and get New Moon.  Again, we will see about that.

All is well, thirsty for more reading (HA! Another vampire reference!), in Drosche Land.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010


So I watched the movie 2012 this morning.  1 word - Awesome!  I love me a good disaster flick and this is about as big as it gets.  Earthquakes, volcanoes, tsunamis, oh my!  This movie has them all.  Add in some super-cool CGI effects showing the complete destruction of natural and man-made landmarks and you have a great story about the end of the world and utter global catastrophe.  There's even some Biblical references, especially at the end (not giving away details).  I definitely recommend it.  I was worried about the 2 1/2 hour running time, but it flew by.

But I digress again.  So, as is I'm sure the intention of the film makers, it got me thinking about the potential truth to all of these 2010 end of times theories.  Is there something to them?  Who knows?  Obviously I hope not, I have a lot of plans.  Many of which extend into 2013 and far beyond.  By 12-21-2012 we still be in the middle of (although hopefully very near to the end of) moving and the adoption, so you can see my eagerness for the failure of such "prophecies".  But in the end (pun intended) I have no say so over when, where, how, or why the world comes to an end.  I'll leave those things to God, he tends to do a much better job in planning than I do myself!

What it did also remind me of, again another intention of the film makers I'm sure, is that we should be thankful for what we have now.  I have an excellent wife (woo hoo Amy!), 2 wonderful (albeit crazy!) boys, and tons of great family and friends.  So yeah, I'd say I'm pretty blessed!  Yeah, I know, pretty deep thoughts from a visual effects laden, action packed, eye candy movie (Awesome - see it!), but you never know where they're going to pop up from.  See, you can learn something from movies!  :)

So, don't see the movie for any soul-searching reasons.  See it because it is awesome and stuff gets destroyed!  But while your watching it remember to live your life and be thankful.  Ok, I'll step down off of my soap box.  Just some thoughts.  Enjoy the movie.  Oh and another thing the movie may teach us - if the end of the world is in 2012 and it ends like it does in the movie, then we are in for some crazy and spectacular happenings!

All is well, and very blessed, in Drosche Land.  

Saturday, July 17, 2010

A FLAT-Out Good Time

Well we are home from Fort Worth, we returned last night.  Our last day there turned out to be the most adventuresome one yet!  As usual we all met in the hotel lobby to head to Starbucks for coffee before heading to our sectionals.  We talked, laughed, enjoyed coffee and then it was time to head off.  But I soon realized we were going nowhere fast because the van had a flat tire (hence the post title!)!  Just our luck right?!  Well, we actually handled it very well, what else could we do but laugh.  Plus we weren't in any hurry to get to the conference (more on that later) so this little diversion was somewhat welcomed!  Sean and Julie headed back into Starbucks to make use of the free WiFi (gotta love technology) to find the nearest Discount Tire and Amy kept me company while I changed (or attempted to) the tire.  So, off came the wheel cover and out came the tools.  However, try as I might, I could not loosen the lug nuts.  I stood on the wrench, pushed, and pulled but to no avail.  So, now the situation is seeming less comical and we are wondering what we are going to do.  I don't want to pay to have someone come and do it, I just needed those stupid lug nuts loosened!  Long story short (too late!) I was able to borrow compressed air from a shop across the street to fill the tire up.  We then drove to a Discount Tire very nearby (thanks Starbucks, Sean, & Julie!) and they took great care of us.  We ended up getting a new tire all for only $46.88!  Seriously!  Plus they put the spare we had taken out but not used back up under the car and put away our tools!  They were super nice and I highly recommend them, if you ever find yourself in Fort Worth needing a tire!

By the time the tire was fixed there was not point in trying to make it to the conference (oh well (sarcastic)). Not that the conference was bad, it was good.  It was just totally not what we thought it would be.  More of an intro into RenWeb when we needed further questions/answers and immersion.  We did learn a thing or two (literally one or two things among us all!) so it wasn't a total loss.  Oh well, you live, learn, and hopefully get to fill out a survey about the conference.  But, despite the lackluster conference we had an AWESOME time together!  We laughed, talked, ate some great food, and just hung out.  Another upside to the flat tire was we found an incredible Mexican restaurant after the tire adventure and before leaving.  Mmmmmm, I'm hungry just remembering it!  Amy was able to enjoy our food excursions since she is in the pureed/soft foods phase so that was great too, since she was able to enjoy a little normal food.  So, all in all it was a great trip.  For those of you wanting some good eats in Forth Worth we highly recommend - Cooper's Old Time Pit BBQ and La Playa Maya!

Lodging at the Radisson: Forth Worth South - $79/night
Mediocre RenWeb Conference - Too much
Great food - $60 food allowance/per person
Awesome road trip with friends - priceless!

All is well, back home, in Drosche Land.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Book Review - Twilight

Ok, so Amy and I have finally given into the craze.  I'm not quite sure how it happened, but to tell the truth I had been pondering drinking the Kool Aid for a while.  Once Amy expressed her interest, I gulped.  Faced with the impending hospital stay and subsequent recovery we decided to take up recreational reading again, as I've previously mentioned in the last book review, posted here.  Well, who knew we'd missed it so?  Amy and I both being avid readers before life (i.e. kids, jobs, and Masters courses) imprisoned us, were eager to get this "fun" and "relaxing" part of ourselves back and have been pouring over the spoils of our last Half Price Books trip.  Yeah, technically one could view it as yet again adding something new into our already busy schedules, but this is something that brings relaxation so it doesn't count, I think.  But I digress again, onto the review.

Well, I finally finished Twilight.  No, I'm not an adolescent teenage girl.  No, I'm not one of those crazed moms of an adolescent teenage girl.  But boy oh boy am I hooked into these books now.  Yeah they are written about teenagers, high school, first loves, etc. but it's more than that.  It's kind of hard to explain, but they are just awesome.  In addition to the themes mentioned above it also is a Romeo & Juliet, forbidden love story, but retold with he added touch of something people have always found fascinating - obviously I'm talking about vampires.  This isn't anything new, think Ann Rice and her famous Interview with a Vampire, or duh, Bram Stoker and Dracula.  People have always been fascinated with vampires.  Out of all the monsters they are the coolest right?  I mean, immortality, super speed, near invincibility, mind-reading just to name a few of the "powers" attributed to them.  Plus you've got the mystery and intrigue of being relegated to night/darkness along with the strangely sensual nature of them and bam!  What's there not to love?  Mix these things together, along with Stephenie Meyer's gift for storytelling and character development and you've got the explosive result that is now a phenomenon, having spawned other similar novels and TV show's (on a side note check out The Gates on ABC Sunday night, it's good!).  She's been able to restart, and yet at the same time reinvent/change/adapt, an already successful genre.  That in and of itself is a pretty admirable feat.  In a way she's very much like J.K. Rowling, a regular person who just happened to have all of this floating around in her head.

So the above doesn't say much about the book itself but I don't want to give away too much.  I found it, personally, to be one of those books that absorbs you and actually brings you into the book.  One you have an extremely hard time putting down.  Yeah, it's about teens but in a way it's not, the story is so much more and actually as the book progresses it revolves less and less around this factor and becomes just an enthralling story.  So, if that (and the screaming teens/media hype) is what is keeping you away (and admittedly it kept me away for a long time) get over yourself and give it a try.  You won't be sorry.  Hmmm, it was easier to review a book this time, I hope that translates into a better review!

We have yet to see the movies, although I am crazy eager to  Instead we are going to read all of the books first.  They are so incredibly good, it is one of the instances where we want to know the whole story and experience it in it's true form before visually experiencing it.  I will begin New Moon tonight (Amy of course has finished it already) and I am excited to continue.  Stay tuned for that review very soon, I don't anticipate taking long to blow through this next volume!

All is well, and totally sucked in (get it??? a vampire reference!  HA!), in Drosche Land. 

Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Road Trip!

Well, ok, so it's not a true vacation.  We are here in fabulous Ft. Worth with some co-workers to attend a RenWeb conference for school.  But then again, we don't have kids with us so that makes for a quasi-vacation experience right?  I like to think so at least.  The biggest part of the trip was the actual drive up here.  Amy made it!  Quite well in fact.  The drive was much easier on her than we expected and not nearly as exhausting.  So I guess we have officially entered the final stage of recovery, life is returning to normal, well except for the food part.  But the pureed portion of the diet is going well also, no complaints here.  Amy was able to have some pintos & cheese from Taco Bell for lunch and then the broth portion of some soup from The Olive Garden for dinner.  That, in addition to her protein shakes/supplements, keeps her busy.

Onto the rant portion of this blog.  Amy booked 3 rooms here at the Radisson Ft. Worth South.  One for us, one for Sean (Trinity's Tech Guru), and one for Julie (Our fabulous school secretary) and Sue (Trinity's financial wizard).  Well, we should have been tipped off to a problem when, upon check-in, only 2 of the rooms we ready.  No worries, Amy and I would wait in one of the other rooms for about 30 minutes while the other one was finished.  Well, after 30 minutes we went back down to the lobby to get our key cards.  The lines to check in were (keeping it G-Rated) freaking ridiculous!  Should have been another warning sign.  We waited about an additional 30 minutes amid the other guests checking in.  I'll break here to tell you about the interesting guests staying here this week.  There are 2 (radically different) conventions going on here.  One is for jewelry sales consultants and the other is a convention for racing pigeons.  Let me tell you, this combination lends for some VERY interesting people watching, trust me.  Anyway, back to the rant.  Boxes of birds fill the lobby as cranky jewelry salesladies gripe about the wait!  We finally, after an hour, get to the desk and we are told that our room is on the 1st floor, the other 2 are on the 6th.  Seriously?!?!  So I am beyond angry at this time and Amy is desperately trying to keep me from exploding.  I insist we wait and talk to a manager.  Seriously, more waiting?!?!  After another 10 minutes of fruitless waiting we find out the 1st floor room has 2 double beds rather than the king that Amy has reserved.  I'm not sure exactly what shade of red I had progressed to at this time.  The card keys were given (despite the want to throw) back to the (inept) clerk checking us in.  Miraculously ( say sarcastically) a 6th floor room was found.  Amy and I make the trek back up where, I kid you not, the card keys would not open the door.  I informed Amy to wait with Sean while I stalked (a quite accurate description) back to the front desk.  I was either going to get my working keys or stroke out from my out of control blood pressure.  Since I'm writing this you can guess which of the 2 situations occurred, luckily.  GRRR, ARGH!  Seriously?  So after about 1 1/2 hours we finally were able to get a room.

Ok, my rant is finished, without the use of expletives!  Now I move onto happier topics.  One the bright side the room has a king-size Sleep Number bed.  I'm excited, I've never tried one.  Turns out my sleep number is 20.  Well, I think it is.  I know my lounging number is 20 for sure.  We'll see tomorrow if in fact it is also my sleep number.  The opening to the conference went well and I am actually excited about the conference beginning tomorrow.  I actually (strangely enough) enjoy conferences.  So, despite some set-backs and dealings with ineptness, the trip is going quite well!  Plus I'm almost finished with Twilight!  But that's a book review for another post (possibly tomorrow!).  

All is well, sort of on vacation, in Drosche Land.


Tuesday, July 13, 2010


That's the consistency of the food Amy can eat!  After her 1 week post-op check up yesterday she is off the full liquid diet and on a pureed diet for the next 2 weeks.  This was great news because there's only so much longer she was (happily) going to be able to enjoy liquid meals.  She was even more overjoyed when she found out that refried beans and guacamole were on the pureed list!  Can you guess what she had for dinner last night?  Ding ding ding, refried beans it is!  She added a small bit of cheese and heated it until mixed.  Then, she added enough water to make it the proper consistency.  I wish you could have seen her face when she took the first bite, it was bliss (both for her and for me to watch).  After over 2 weeks of liquids or nothing it was the perfect first meal back for her.  Not exactly a Mexican feast, but then again it was somewhat.

We also received the good news that she is able to attend the RenWeb conference in Dallas that we had planned to go to.  This is good because it will get her fully back to normal and help her to get out, up, and moving.  Now that she can eat pureed foods, it will be easier for her to travel and eat while in Dallas.  All this is great for Amy to return to her normal self, which is something she has been working so hard for.  She does everything on her own  now and is moving about much more easily and quickly.

The last big thing that happened at yesterday's appointment was Amy got her stitches removed.  I have to assume all went well based upon what she said because I purposely avoided seeing this momentous event lest the appointment required a mop and disinfectant.  The incisions look very good and are starting to itch, so they are healing nicely.  It will take about 6 weeks for them to fully heal though so she is still obviously off of any heavy lifting or activities.

Sadly though she did have to go back onto her blood pressure medicine.  Even though it was lower in the hospital it has gradually begun to creep back up.  It's still overall lower than it was before but too high for the doctor's comfort.  We will continue to monitor it and are hopeful that soon enough she will be off of them for good.  That is one of her biggest goals, weight loss aside.  So she continues to push through the recovery process, full speed ahead!  But then again, is there anything she doesn't do that way???  :)

All is well, smooth sailing, in Drosche Land.

Sunday, July 11, 2010


Well, Amy's road to recovery is going well!  This morning she can actually bend forward a little.  Everyday she gets a little better.  Yesterday she was able to eat tomato soup and chocolate pudding and has been working on drinking her protein shakes.  We are also toying with the idea of switching her to regular Tylenol instead of her Tylenol with Vicodin.  We will see how her pain level goes though.  Tomorrow she has her first post-op visit and afterward she will most likely be able to move from a full liquid diet to a pureed diet.  Not much shift, mainly the addition of sugar-free applesauce but still more texture.
Speaking of pureed foods, I'm going to take a side-bar to discuss that.  Do you know what "pureed" entails?  We were actually told that it includes any foods you can put into a blender and blend to a smooth pureed consistency.  Seriously?!?!  Like a nice hamburger smoothie or baked potato sauce.  YUCK!  I'm not the only one who feels this way.  Amy has expressed her dislike for this as well.  Obviously that's not what the doctors and nutritionists have in mind, since it defeats the purpose of the surgery.  No pizza shakes.  But still, just the thought of taking anything, putting it in a blender, and then eating it gives me the willies!  Baby food are also under the pureed category but again - yuck!  All the yummy ones have too much sugar for Amy so no Hawaiian Delight or puddings.  That just leaves the nasty meat and meals ones.  

So Amy's diet for the pureed foods doesn't appear as though it will be very different than the full liquids diet, but we will see.  Who knows?  Other than that though things are going well with her recovery.  The pain is slowly subsiding, as is the fatigue.  The incisions are looking much better and she gets a daily improvement in her range of motion.  Yesterday I took the boys for a few hours to a birthday lunch for my mom and Amy stayed at home by herself and did well so that is good.  She is getting more and more self-sufficient!  We will see what the doctor has to say tomorrow and how well she is feeling before we make a final decision about her making the trip to Dallas for the RenWeb conference.  Currently that topic is still tabled.  It all depends on how she does on a day to day basis.

All is well, getting better day by day, in Drosche Land.   

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Book Review

So, I finished my first non-M.Ed. book in almost a year during Amy's hospital stay!  Yes, I started it way back in September when I had barely just begun by M.Ed. program and life seemed blissfully peaceful.  Boy was I wrong.  Things picked up quickly and my dear book was relegated to life on a lonely shelf.  But, with surety of lots of time to kill in the hospital I began reading it before Amy's hospital stay and again fell in love with it.  And, with it, recreational reading all over again.  My new goal for this last half of my M.Ed. is to continue reading for pleasure, finding time when and wherever I can.  So, in celebration of finishing the book I thought I would post a quick book review here.  Why not?  Plus, I loved the book so this gives me another outlet for talking about it.  Maybe you're looking for a good book, maybe not.  Either way here goes the next addition to my blog.

So, what book is so great that it would bring about the start of book reviews on the blog you ask?  Cell - by Stephen King.  Now I have always loved Stephen King and have read many of his books.  However, truth be told (as I'm sure any parent will attest to) reading for pleasure since having the boys has been few and far between.  Well, back in September we made a trip to Half Price Books, the reason why has long since escaped me.  I saw this book and was intrigued.  I often shop for books based upon title and picture, in addition to my favorite authors.  I know silly, but a method that has never led me astray from great books!  You should try it.

Of course I did read the brief synopsis on the jacket and that's what hooked me.  So, it's no surprise that I am inseparable from my iPhone.  I love it, it does everything!  It is always with me no matter what and I am on it talking or playing incessantly.  I can admit this without guilt (even though sometimes yes I should be doing something other than having my face stuck in my iPhone) because I know I am not nearly the only person that is like this about their phone, iPhone or any other (lesser) phone.

So, what would happen if this new addition to our lives that we cannot live without turned on us?  What if it were used to send a mass message that would scramble our brains and render us completely primal?  Well this is exactly what happens in Cell and it basically leads to a complete breakdown of society.  The people affected by this "pulse" are pretty much zombie-like (trying not to give too much away) and those who didn't have cell phones (who?  I don't know anyone that would be this) are forced to hide and travel by night for their safety.  I'm not sure my brief little review here does this book justice, but it is fantastic.  I love Stephen King and his end of the world/armageddon (The Stand) storytelling is awesome.  Combine that with his horror aspects (The Shining, It) and I could not put the book down (well after I picked it back up after many months!).  I highly highly recommend it.  Plus I've read that they may be making it into a movie (hope it doesn't suck)!

So, there's my first book review.  Writing one is harder than you might think, for me at least.  It's difficult to capture the essence of the book without telling too much.  But read it for yourself and see!  I did enjoy the book review though, remembering the book was fun.  Up next - Amy and I have finally given into the Twilight craze.  She began Twilight as I was finishing Cell so I am currently waiting for her to finish so I can continue (I began it with a preview in iBooks on my iPhone!).  I'm not worried about that.  I enjoy reading and do so fairly quickly, but Amy is one of those super-fast readers and has very few pages left.  I anticipate having it to myself by the end of today!  So, I will be reading that series and then I plan on maybe another Stephen King or maybe just wandering Half Price and seeing what pops out!

All is well, enjoying a good book, in Drosche Land.

Thursday, July 08, 2010



Yes, it's true, we are all back together at Drosche Land headquarters!  Amy woke up this morning even better than yesterday.  Dr. Davis came to the room early in the morning and said everything looked good and confirmed that Amy would be discharged!  We should have known it would take a while, but we (mainly me) were still anxious to come home.

Around 10:00 Amy's nurse (the fantastic STACI!) came and removed Amy's IV.  We (again mainly me) thought this was a sure sign we were out of there soon.  But alas we had more waiting to do.  Finally, around 11:45, Amy suggested that I go get lunch.  As luck would have it, as soon as I got back to the room and sat down to eat (another chef's salad, nothing else caught my eye) in walks the nurse with Amy's discharge papers.  Ha!  So, while she explained everything to Amy, I snarfed (I mean SNARFED - like a contestant in a hot dog eating contest!) down my lunch and finished packing up.

Just like that, after all the waiting, we were out of there in like 20 minutes!  Crazy.  The trip home was hard for Amy.  I did my best to drive slowly, which wasn't a big problem since it was pouring, but it was still an uncomfortable ride for her.  Once we arrived home and I got her settled down I headed out to fill her prescription and pick up some other recover necessities the nurse recommended.  Then it was back home to drop that stuff off and check on Amy before heading back out to get the boys from their stay at Mema's house.

On the way home I explained, several times, to the boys about Amy as best I could.  Basically they know that the doctor worked on Mommy's tummy and that it is sore now while it gets better.  I was sure to run down the list of new rules for them in the hopes that they wouldn't have a lapse and forget.  1 - No sitting on Mommy's lap,  2 - No jumping on Mommy, 3 - Mommy cannot pick you up, and 4 - No touching Mommy's tummy.  I'm happy to say that so far they are doing well with their new found, and unfamiliar restrictions.

Amy is doing well, as best as can be expected.  She has showered and had some tea and is relaxing as much as possible.  She is in a lot of pain (obviously) but the prescription helps that quite a bit.  Almost as bothersome as the pain is how tired she is.  But I have to say I am in complete awe of how well she is dealing with everything.  She has been a real trooper!  I love her so very much and am so proud of her.

THANKS again to all of our family and friends for all of the prayers, thoughts, and well wishes.  They truly were a large part of us getting through this.  Also a big shout out to Memorial Hermann - Memorial City.  Pretty much everyone (with the exception of Amy's recovery nurse - grrrr argh!) was awesome and bent over backward to make sure we were comfortable and well taken care of.  So, need surgery or know someone who does?  Get to Memorial Hermann - Memorial City!  Oh, and while you're there (or even if you're just driving by) don't forget to TRY THE HUMMUS!  :)

All is well, back at home base, in Drosche Land. 

Cafeteria Reflections - 2nd Helping

HA! Get it - 2nd helping - it's a food post!  HA!  Come on, you know you're at least smiling!

I know you were all squirming with excitement and anticipation yesterday when I mentioned that there might have been a 3rd post coming.  Well, told you it was "might" seeing as how it never materialized.  I got busy (lazy) watching TV and reading last night.  But on the bright side it gives you something exciting and unexpected this morning.  Unless of course you don't read this until later then it's just exciting.  Either way, here we go.

So, last night I went down early, well before closing, to dinner.  I wanted to ensure that I would be able to take advantage of all they had to offer.  Well, it was about the same at lunch had been, sans baked potato.  I came awfully close to getting the chicken fajitas (they smelled yummy) but just couldn't commit to them.  Well as I was on my way to get the pitas and hummus (Yes, they're THAT good) I noticed they also had wraps available.  Baja chicken wraps to be exact.  The thing that sold me was the fact that they came with those tortilla chips that are made fresh from flour tortillas, you know the ones that typically only come with the queso at a restaurant.  Mmmmm I love me some of those so my mind was set.  Add a Cherry Coke Zero to top it off and I was a hungry camper. 

The wrap was good (try it) and it came with a salsa (for those oh so wonderful tortilla chips) and that was delicious (at first I was expecting Pace but no!).  The hummus was delicious (have I mentioned that before?  Get the hummus!).  All in all it was a good dinner, quite possibly the best meal I've had here.

I'm not sure if I will get any meals in today since Amy is being discharged.  It will all depend on when we leave.  So I make no promises about subsequent hospital food posts - sorry.  I am going to make a trip to the Starbucks (YEAH THEY HAVE ONE!) here in a bit to get my coffee so that will be something to look forward to!

The moral of these posts is - who knew hospital food could be so good?  I guess that's more of a discovery or revelation rather than a moral but I won't split hairs.  If you're ever here at Memorial Hermann - Memorial City visiting friends or family, treat yourself.  I guess if you work in the area you could also just stop on by and grab a bite to eat too, kinda like a restaurant since the cafeteria is near one of the entrances.  Then you wouldn't even have to wait for a surgery or appointment to pop up!  Hmmmmm . . . future hummus treats???

All is well, and recommending the pitas & hummus, in Drosche Land.

Wednesday, July 07, 2010

The Road to Recovery

What???  Can it be???  A second post today???  Well, calm right down because it's true!  Here I am again!  In fact I have post topics racing through my mind so there might even be a third!  Calm down, I said "might".  We'll see how the night progresses.  Onto the topic at hand.

So, today officially began recovery for Amy.  I'll be honest, the day did not start off great.  Not at all.  First of all, I for one forgot that you don't actually get to sleep really in a hospital.  Between someone constantly coming it and the uncomfortable sleeping quarters (guest fold-out chair & patient bed included) it can be difficult.  But when you're both physically and emotionally exhausted you find a way and that is what I did.  Amy, on the other hand, had an even more restless night than I did (duh!).  But we made it through the night and into the morning.  Last night around 10:00 (yeah, that's also something about the hospital - there is no concept of time anymore) the nurse finally came to help Amy get up and start walking.  It was a no-go.  She was able to sit up before becoming extremely pale and stating that she was being overcome by extreme nausea.  "Baby steps" I reassuringly (or tried to be) told her.

This morning around 8:00 is was time for her upper GI test.  Amy was still quite lethargic, weak, and nauseous so we were very leery of how this would go.  She couldn't muster up enough energy or stomach will power to sit in a wheelchair for the trip down to radiology so they got her onto a stretcher for the ride.  Once we got there we were both a bit confused/alarmed by how well the other bariatric patients were doing.  They were in wheelchairs and were chatty and seemed to be doing well.  Amy was pale, flat on her back, and very weak.  Hmmmm???  Something wasn't right.  However, with much prayer and kindness from the assistants, she was able to drink the barium mixture and stand for the x-rays.  Pleased with this small victory it was back to the stretcher and back to the room.

Upon returning to the room we were greeted by an angel.  Well, she was to us.  She was actually Amy's nurse for today - Staci.  She was amazing.  She helped us realize what we had been wondering - the morphine was most likely causing Amy the problems she was having.  So we stopped that and she gave her some nausea medicines.  Turns out Staci had a bariatric procedure done herself here about 10 months ago.  She looked great!  She talked with Amy and related with her about how she was feeling because she had actually been there herself.  It was great.  She brightened our day and continued to so so.  Sadly, as I'm writing this her shift is ending and we are getting a new nurse whom we have yet to meet.  But alas, Staci will be back tomorrow morning!

So, quitting the morphine did the trick and Amy perked up quite well after a nice nap.  The results of the GI came back and all is great, everything is connected properly and working well!  This meant that the catheter could be removed and she could progress onto a clear liquid diet!  Decaf tea for lunch and a sugar-free grape popsicle for dinner!  She was quite pleased with the latter and thoroughly enjoyed it.  She has gotten better as the day has gone one, more herself.  She still has some pain (duh!) but she says she is mostly super tired.  She has been up and walking around very well and is in great spirits.

So, the day began a rough but has taken a complete 180!  Day 1 of recovery is down and tomorrow we will be able to go home.  Another good part about today was Amy did get some visitors.  Pastor Black from Trinity came and that was great, Suzanne Kurth (another Trinity member and co-worker came with a goodie bag, and Amy's mom made it by on her lunch break.  Those little diversions were great and much appreciated!  THANKS!  We are just ending the night quietly enjoying the cable (WOO HOO!) and listening to the rain outside.  Thanks again to all of our fantastic and invaluable family and friends for all of your prayers, kind words, and support!  :)

All is well, and blazing down this new road now, in Drosche Land. 

Cafeteria Reflections

Well, clearly with Amy in the hospital my food choices have been quite limited.  Yes I know what you're thinking - "But isn't Amy at Memorial Hermann - Memorial City, right across from the mall?".  Well, yes that is true.  Now you're thinking - "Then why don't you just go take advantage of the Food Court?".  I know I could but seriously that is a long way!  Frankly I don't want to leave Amy alone for too long and the walk to the mall is super crazy long.  Even more frankly I can sometimes have a tendency toward laziness!  I know you're shocked, close your mouth.  Plus I also know what you are now thinking - "Then DRIVE!".  Yes, but that would mean giving up a decent parking spot in the garage AND having to hunt and compete for another one.  Plus once all is said and done even driving, parking, getting food, driving, and parking again would take forever!  Remember my not wanting to leave Amy (and the laziness)?  So, thus you understand the limited food choices I was mentioning earlier. 

Now that you're nodding your head in understanding and agreement I will proceed with the post title.  First of all I have to say that the hospital's cafeteria food is actually not that bad.  Seriously.  Stop laughing, it's not.  In fact it reminds me of the cafeteria at college, only better.  Those of you who went to CUA probably just shuddered at the thought of the Texas (Toxic) Hall food of our college years.  Me too.  Anyway, the food's not all that bad.  However, it is slightly (very much so) over priced, for some items at least.  For lunch yesterday, I paid a trip to the salad bar in hopes of eating a bit healthy.  Nearly $7 later I had an average salad with some pretty decent couscous.  It seemed innocent enough at $.40/oz. but apparently despite the fact that I teach my kids weights and measurements I clearly do not possess the ability to judge them very well.  So my first experience wasn't great.  But I made a healthy choice which left both myself and my wallet lighter.

Dinner was better, although I have to say I almost didn't get any.  Remember my not wanting to leave Amy for long (not the laziness too, not at this point at least)?  Well, by the time she woke up enough to talk it was 7:45.  Lucky for me the first thing she asked was what had I eaten.  She then told me to go get food.  Good thing too because the cafeteria closes at 8:00.  This obviously means they stop cooking and start cleaning well before this.  I'll give you a minute to make a mental not of this should you ever come here ... okay, good.  Well, all that was left was pre-made salads, pitas & hummus, and pre-packaged snack foods.  I grabbed a chef's salad and the hummus and made my way back to Amy's room.  The salad was basic but good, lettuce, cheese, tomato, ham, and turkey.  Nothing flashy, but okay.  The hummus however was great.  I know, who'd have though right?!  Me neither but I highly recommend it if you are ever here!  Make note!  Seriously - GET THE HUMMUS!

Lunch today brought baked potatoes at the salad bar.  I was wary due to my lack of good judgment regarding the weight of a salad much less a potato, but I like to walk on the wild side so I went for it.  It ended up being cheaper than my salad, and quite good despite the disappointing lack of Bacos.  How can you have a baked potato without chemically-engineered, bacon-flavored stuff?  But I did and it was okay.  They also have the little plastic containers of cereal!  This excites me (nerd alert) because I love those things.  So I got some Raisin Bran (my inner senior citizen was ecstatic at this choice).  All in all good.

So, 4-star dining?  Um, no, have you been reading this post?  But it is better than can be expected and satisfying.  My dorky, senior citizen choice making self has been pleased!  I honestly have to have another nerd alert moment and admit that I'm kind of looking forward to what they are offering for dinner tonight!  Don't worry, I won't leave you hanging, I'll tell you later!  :)

All is well, and satiated, in Drosche Land.  

Tuesday, July 06, 2010

The Big Day

Well, as I write this I'm in Amy's hospital room and she is sleeping.  She should be for a while too due to the pain and anti-nausea medicines they gave her.  The anesthesia in surgery always makes her sick so that was one of our biggest worries going in to the surgery.  But she informed the nurses and they gave her 3, yes 3!, anti-nausea medicines during the surgery and an additional 2 doses afterward and all is well on that front.  Even simple anti-nausea medicines tend to make her drowsy so I'm assuming she is going to get a nice, long (and much-needed) sleep from what she has received today.

All went well this morning.  Luckily Braeden didn't have any more problems with being upset this morning and it was actually quite easy to drop them off at school this morning (the first of many answered prayers today)!  After that we came to the hospital a little early, after a quick stop by Starbucks.  On a side note I sampled their new Via instant iced coffee - not bad at all!  But it does have 50 calories per serving and I like my coffee calorie-free so we'll see if I get any.  But my iced coffee this morning was awesome!  But I digress.

Anyway.  They called her back for Pre-Op right on time at 10:00 and I waited and passed the time by reading (Stephen King's Cell ((AWESOME)).  Then at 11:00 they called me back to sit with her in the holding area until it was time for her surgery.  This was good because we got to talk and relax which eased her mind.  Then they took her down for her surgery at about 12:40.  

I headed to the cafeteria for lunch (an ok yet over-priced trip to the salad bar) where a good friend surprised me and passed the time with me (THANKS MELANIE!).  Then I went and got my laptop from the car and went to get some homework done in the Waiting Room while I waited (there's that word again!) to hear more.  Amanda came and sat with me when she got off of work (THANKS!) but the doctor never did come and find me.  I kept checking the board for her status (pretty cool - think the arrivals/departures board at the airport - kinda like that).  Then after a long while of waiting the receptionist called and told me what room she would be in and we headed there.  More waiting, 30 minutes, and she was brought into the room.  

Well, that brings us current on today's adventures.  Amy, of course, is still sleeping and I am blogging and manning the Facebook and text lines here at command central.  I need to head home to let Lucy out and pick up Amy's blood pressure medicine and my dinner, but I'm not going to leave until she wakes up.

All in all it went very well.  I, and I know Amy for sure, am just glad that it is all finally done.  Now we can begin the next journey here in Drosche Land.  Thanks to everyone for their prayers, well wishes, and thoughts.  I will speak for Amy right now and say that they meant A LOT to her and made today easier!  Thanks from me as well!  We have the best family and friends we could ask for!  

All is well, in a temporarily relocated, Drosche Land. 

Monday, July 05, 2010

Almost Time

Today marked the last day before Amy's surgery.  Needless to say everyone in Drosche Land is experiencing a variety of emotions.  No one is safe, not even the dog!  It has been a rough week for Amy, truth be told.  Once the excitement of the surgery date had worn off the realization of a week-long fast set in.  I can't even begin to imagine how hard it is to not eat food when everyone else around you is eating, especially over a holiday weekend where great food is abundant.  But she has done very well.  Ironically today was the best day yet.  Between having gotten used to the eating and knowing that tomorrow is the big day, it was much easier on her.  She didn't experience nearly the amount of nausea and exhaustion as in the previous few days.  However, it wasn't without it's struggles.  The worst of which just happened at bedtime.

We are well aware of Braeden's emotions and the way he handles them.  I can't complain or talk any because he takes after me completely.  As I was getting Jack into the bath Braeden was with Amy, crying about how he was nervous that she would need to stay in the hospital for a "long long time".  After some reassuring and hugs he was fine enough to brush teeth, take a bath, and get his jammies on.  Then it hit again right after bedtime prayers.  He is just genuinely sad and nervous about it.  A bundle of teary emotions.  He quickly settled down though after promises of calls from Mommy and Daddy and the fact that he would get to visit her in the hospital.  He is at that age where he understands a lot of what goes on and yet he is still just 4.  This came through all too clearly tonight. 

Jack on the other hand has been okay.  Maybe it's his age sheltering him from the feelings Braeden is having.  Maybe it's just his personality.  Whatever, he has spent the day completely being Jack!  This is quite beneficial because he is such a ham and is always going for a laugh, a much-appreciated character trait during the tenseness of the past few hours and days. 

As previously mentioned even Lucy is having a rough time.  She spent the majority of her day curled up next to Amy as close as she could get.  She has always been that way when one of us is sick, hurt, or sad.  She truly is a mother-hen and always is concerned about taking care of her people!

Me?  I'm ok.  Nervous - yes.  Excited - yes.  Tomorrow is the day that Amy and I (of course mostly Amy obviously) have been preparing for since late November.  Of course it doesn't mean that this adventure is ending. Not at all.  In a way it is actually just changing, almost a new adventure.  The coming weeks will prove to be difficult and exciting, just as these past weeks have been.  But we have so many family and friends out there praying for and rooting for us, Amy in particular.  All will be fine, I know it.  So we proceed, leaning on each other for support.  Along with, of course, prayer, family, and friends.  Ready for the first step of the next adventure in Drosche Land.

All is well, hoping for peaceful sleep for us all, in Drosche Land.

Friday, July 02, 2010

Big Changes

Well, yesterday we received some great news here in Drosche Land.  Amy found out that her gastric bypass surgery could be scheduled for next Tuesday, July 6th!  This is the moment we have been waiting for since December!  The long journey is almost over, and another is just ready to begin.

In early December Amy began researching the Lap-Band procedure as a way to lose weight.  This is something she has struggled with her entire life and nothing has seemed to work or bring lasting results.  As with anything she is passionate about she began extensive research and we discussed it at length.  We decided this seemed like something she should explore so she went to a seminar here at Memorial Hermann - Memorial City.  This seminar would be given by Dr. Robert Davis of the Davis Clinic here in Houston.  He is actually one of the best bariatric surgeons in the nation and it actually featured on the TLC show Big Medicine.

After the meeting Amy came home with some conflicts.  Dr. Davis actually recommended gastric bypass surgery over th Lap-Band system.  So now we were confused as we had previously ruled this procedure out because it seemed too extreme.  However, upon lots more discussion, prayer, research, and thinking about it we decided that the gastric bypass option was the best one for Amy.  She moved onto the next step - insurance.  The good news was that it was covered, 100%, by our insurance (with surgery costs of course)!  The bad news was that our insurance required 6 months of nutritionist appointments and dieting rather than the typical 3 months.  Beggars can't be choosers though so Amy proceeded with the process.  It actually worked out better for us this way anyway since the 6 months would be up over the summer - the perfect time to schedule the surgery and subsequent time off.

Flash forward to June.  Amy has her last nutritionist appointment and her paperwork is sent off to insurance for approval.  Then that ugly "w" word (waiting) began.  It was hard to be patient, especially for Amy, but we did.  The worst part about the waiting was the fact that the longer we had to wait, the further into July the surgery would be pushed - too close to the start of the new school year for our comfort!  But once again, beggars can't be choosers.  Then finally, after over a week of waiting, Amy got her insurance approval on Monday!  Now the waiting game shifted to that of a scheduled surgery date.  We were well aware that we would most likely have to schedule for the last week in July or the first in August due to the fact that we are in Dallas twice in July - once for a conference and once for Lady Gaga!  Again, not the ideal situation but there was little we could do about it.  Then totally by surprise Amy receives her call from the Davis Clinic yesterday with amazing news - there had been a cancellation for July 6th!  They checked with Dr. Davis and she was approved for that date!  It means only one week of the liquid diet to prep rather than the initial 2-week period we thought she would have to take, but that is not a problem at all because she has lost some weight in preparation for the surgery.  The funny thing is that July 6th was actually the exact date we had been hoping for since her final nutritionist appointment.  It was the "perfect" date because it gave her time for recovery before the Dallas trips and time to take off while still returning to work well before the start of the new school year.  Crazy huh?!  You've gotta laugh at God's plans sometimes, he truly does know what is best for us despite out interventions to get done what we feel is best for us.  He taught us a lot of patience during the waiting period and we were able to talk, think, and pray a lot about what is in store for our family over the next 12-18 months post-surgery.  Guess he really does work in mysterious, and often comical, ways!

So, we (namely Amy) are ready to embark on a life (mainly Amy's) changing adventure here in Drosche Land!  It won't be easy, we are well aware of that, but we are very excited about everything that is yet to come.  Amy, and I firmly support her, has made this decision both for herself and for her family.  She is putting her health first and foremost and in doing so is ensuring that her family will enjoy the wonder that is Amy for many more years to come.  We truly believe that the positive health benefits far outweigh the potential risks of the surgery.  This doesn't mean that we (I) aren't worried and nervous about the surgery.  Amy is also very excited, although admittedly nervous, and has already begun purging her closet (2 bags full) of clothing she will NEVER need again!  She is, of course, most excited about the end result of the surgery, even if that is still a while away!  There are risks, as there are with any surgery, elective or not.  But we go forth with confidence and prayer as we have done thus far throughout this entire adventure.  Now that the news has been confirmed and we have officially put it out there publicly with family and friends I will continue to blog about it as we experience the next adventure!

All is well, both excited & nervous about the surgery, here in Drosche Land.        

Thursday, July 01, 2010


Well, it's always an adventure here in Drosche Land and yesterday the boys and I had another brief one.  Yes, I know by posting this I will be opening myself to admitting a lapse in parenting/thinking on my part, but all is well and looking back on it I find it quite funny!  Anyway, onto the story.

So it was gloomy all morning and I wasn't sure if the boys would get to splash or not.  However, as has been the case with the weather here in Cypress lately, there was no rain by 10:00.  So I quickly began setup before Alex decided to send rain our way.  Being a good parent I called the boys down once everything was ready to put on their swimsuits and sunscreen (it was extremely overcast, but better safe than sorry!).  Braeden was eager to get out and go, Jack however had suddenly gotten into one of his moods and refused to suit up, insisting he didn't want to swim.  So, outside Braeden and I went, ready to splash around in the cloudy and windy weather!

Jack stood at the back door the entire time watching us.  From time to time I would motion to him and ask if he wanted to join us.  Still in his mood, he would just turn away from me.  I forget why, but I went to head inside for something.  The doorknob wouldn't turn!  Jack had locked us out of the house!  I yelled, "YOU LOCKED THE DOOR!" and I swear to you, he just smiled slyly at me!  I started hollering at him to unlock the door, pointing to where the lock was.  Finally he reached up and turned the lock and I burst in the door.  It couldn't have been more than 2 minutes that I was locked out, but it seemed like an eternity.

Once inside I firmly told Jack that he was to NEVER touch the locks on the doors ever again.  It was clear from his reaction that he didn't understand the gravity of everything that had just happened so he didn't receive any spanking or punishment other than the discussion.  After we had calmed down and hugged it out, Jack changed his mind about splashing and we all went back outside to enjoy ourselves.

So, all's well that ends well.  Everyone is safe and sound.  Lessons have been learned, myself included (keys will be coming out to splash from now on!).  I'm truly just glad I did not have to break a window.  That would have sucked!  Well, there it is, my lapse exposed.  Think what you will, I personally find it comical.  Jack always has been, and apparently always will be, a handful!  This incident is just one in a long line of his mischievousness, all of which I'm sure I will look back upon and laugh in the future!

All is well, extra keys on hand, in Drosche Land.