"For I know the plans I have for you," declares the Lord, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future." Jeremiah 29:11

Tuesday, August 31, 2010


I love my job.

It's a simple as that.  I always have.  No matter how crazy it can be or even when it's frustrating.  I love it.  I truly feel as though i have been called to this wonderful ministry of teaching as well as helping my students to grow in their faith.  (I could go on and on with what I love best about teaching, but that is a topic for another post).  This has only been made more clear with my move to Trinity.  I've loved all my jobs at every school before this, but it seems to me as though everything has been leading up to this.  Everything seems to be falling into place.  It's kind of hard to put into words so I don't know if that does it the justice it deserves.

As you know this past summer was my first true summer.  Boy did I enjoy it.  I have to admit, as you might remember, I was worried that the time away from school would negatively affect me as a teacher.  Crazy I know, but I worry about these things.  Of course, quite the opposite was the case.  The summer was an amazing time for rest and relaxation.  Clear the mind and have a mental break.  I have never really realized this before, but it was amazing.  I know those of you who don't get summer breaks are saying, "Shut up about your summer off" but to late, I've already begun to blog about it.  I absolutely feel that the ease and calm I felt getting ready for this school year is largely due to the break.  These first 2 1/2 weeks have been amazing.  True, it has been a roller coaster, but that's what teaching is a lot of the time and honestly is one of the things I love about it.  

So, I'm feeling blessed to be a proud member of this awesome profession.  As you have probably already come to realize, I had a great day today!  True, not every day can be so wonderful, but today was.  So I will rejoice via blog (and to get one last post in before August is over!).  This also provides me with a happy, rosy-colored glasses, all is wonderful with the world outlook for those days when I may not be feeling so, shall we say, overly pleasant about everything!  Yes those days exist too!  So pause with me for a moment and take a contented sigh - ahhhhhhh - and enjoy the feeling of the I-have-the-most-AWESOME-job bliss!  :)

All is well, and feeling refreshed, in Drosche Land.  

Sunday, August 29, 2010


Wedding?  No.

Birth of a child?  No.

Buying a house?  Buying a car?  First job?  No, no, and no.

Nope, none of these momentous occasions are what I'm remembering today.  However, it is something that is just as big and life-changing.  Today is the 5 year anniversary of Hurricane Katrina.  For the past week the news has been rerunning and remembering the whole ordeal, replaying iconic clips and pictures from that fateful day.  Amy and I have been doing the same here for the past week.  Looking back at pictures, pre- and post-Katrina.  Remembering our first year of marriage in the great city of New Orleans.  Recalling all of the experiences we had at St. John with our friends.

It's hard to believe that 5 years has passed.  Our lives have changed so much in that time period it is at times hard to fathom.  2 kids, an apartment, our first house, a van, 4 jobs; just to name a few of the things that have happened to us since our "short" evacuation from NOLA.

Yes I said short.  It was never in our plan to stay in Houston.  We actually almost didn't evacuate for Katrina after the horrendous experience from Ivan just one year prior.  It was the pure persistence of our parents, in addition to the 2:00 am NOAA update.  "Fine", we said, "we'll go and end up staying for a few hours before heading back.  Whatever!"  Little did we know.  That would though explain why we only packed 2 days worth of clothing, no dog food, and very little else.  

Looking back of course we are thankful that we did evacuate and thus avoided what could have been.  One of the biggest things we remember, and will probably never forget, is the feeling of hopelessness as we watched our adopted city, home, and job literally disappear.   It would be a month or so before we would be able to even attempt at returning to retrieve our belongings.  By then we had found out that Amy was pregnant with Braeden and thus had made the difficult (mainly for me) decision not to return.  The lack of job stability, infrastructure of the city, and childcare were just some of the biggest fears we had about returning when/if we were ever able to.

So, with some friends and a moving truck we went back and packed up our past, present, and future to leave everything we had known, that had become so uncertain, for a safer uncertainty back in Houston.  But God was looking out for us and providing for us, as we have seen so many times since.  Our cup has overflowed many times over (the book was right!) and we have continued to be blessed with fantastic friends, family, and great ministry.  Nope, none of this was in OUR plan, but it's not truly OUR plan that matters is it?  A life lesson we learned from Katrina and are often reminded of.

I'm often still asked if I miss New Orleans or if we wished we were there.  Frankly there is no easy answer to this question.  Do I miss it?  Of course.  Do I regret not being there now?  No, we are right where we are meant to be.  For me it is still a bittersweet feeling.  I regret nothing and I would not change the life I have now, or the one I am planing, for anything.  The hardest part is the lack of closure, which we will never get.  We never truly got to say goodbye to our life in New Orleans.  It was all so abruptly taken from us.  We have the memories and pictures, both pre- and post-Katrina, that we will always turn to as we look back on a time that has forever shaped us and changed us into the people we are today.  As with any life event, it will always hold a special, and yearly a heavy, place in my heart.

All is well, thoughts and prayers for NOLA today, in Drosche Land.           

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Shredded What?

Get it?  Like Shredded Wheat, the cereal!  HA!  Which, coincidentally, is my favorite cereal of all time.  Both the mini, frosted kind and the large, un-frosted kind (I have a thing for old people cereal!).  But I didn't mean to get off on a cereal tangent, although you now know another small interesting fact about me.  Consider it a bonus.  On with the post.

So, obviously financial freedom is the biggest payoff to the Dave Ramsey program.  We are successfully whittling our debt snowball down and soon (by next winter at the most recent estimate) we should have everything but the house and student loans paid off!  Which is good for our adoption/moving timeline as we will then be able to kick those things into high gear!  Woo hoo!  But there are other side affects to the program, namely the paperwork!  As we pay off credit card after credit card we are left with all of the old statements, bills, and whatnot associated with them.  Once we get the letter of confirmation stating that the account is paid off and closed we have no need for any of it!  The bill box's waistline is getting trimmer as we eliminate cumbersome files!

So this morning Amy and I got into an impromptu cleaning/purging spree.  In its path - the bill box.  Amy hadn't been through this in a while so it needed some attention.  Before we knew it we had a good pile of paperwork that needed shredding.  Now, I will admit to the inner nerd in me yet again as I confirm my excitement at that prospect.  I LOVE shredding papers.  I mean, it is fun!  Just ask Julie in our school office.  I get such delight at sitting down to the school's heavy-duty shredder and just going at it.  So, needless to say, I was all to willing to help Amy out with this new found dilemma.  Trash bag in hand I sat about my task.  About half-way, and one container dump, into the process the shredder begins to make a very high-pitched squealing sound.  A cross between brakes in need of some replacement and a pig being tightly squeezed.  Let's just say, it wasn't pleasant.  Amy and I shared a worried glance along with the comment that we hope it made it through the job.  FAIL!  Shortly after acknowledging the fact that we have had this shredder for like 6 years, it squealed its last.  Uh oh!  Upon closer inspections, after a hopeful cool-down period, I found a piece of plastic, somehow hidden in an envelope.  The culprit!  That small plastic something, and the squealing sickness were too much for our old, budget paper shredder.  I briefly, like 2 minutes, tore paper by hand.  That sucked.  I mean, what did people do before paper shredders?  It was boring and tiresome, nothing like the thrill of running a paper shredder.  Plus I have a nonexistent pain threshold so it was best I quit before the inevitable paper cut came! 

Now we wait, with a pile of to-be-shredded papers, until we can work a new shredder into our budget.  Bummed that I couldn't finish the shredding?  Yes.  Excited about a new, more advanced shredder?  Oddly yes!  So, Dave Ramsey's intensive program may free us financially, but it was a burden too great for our shredder to bear.  Small price to pay in the long run.

All is well, partially shredded but paper cut free, in Drosche Land. 

Monday, August 23, 2010

It Figures

Well, we got 3 whole days into the school year before we had to take one of the boys to the doctor!  Seriously?!?!  Yeah, seriously.  I mean, I had the boys at home all summer long.  All the time in the world to keep them home if they got sick without any problems at all.  Did they get sick once?  Nope!  3 days into the school year what happens?  Dude, what kind of crazy Murphy's Law is that?  I know what you're thinking: "Which boy?" and "What's the matter?".  Well, Jack is the boy and allergies are what's the matter.  I guess I shouldn't complain though since it is just allergies and nothing more serious.  Hold on while I cross my fingers, knock on wood, throw salt over my shoulder, track down a rabbit's foot, and say a prayer.

So, over the weekend we notice that Jack is getting awfully drippy and goopey in the eye/nose regions.  Allergies, we know it.  So we start on our typical Zyrtec/Benadryl/Dimetapp rotation and cocktail.  But, Monday morning comes and no luck.  He looks like he is slowly melting away into a goopey little puddle.  Poor little guy!  So Amy, being the wonderful and fantastic wife/mother she is, runs him to Dr. Kinalska (doctor extraordinaire, highly recommended!).  Yep, sinus infection, eye infection, and chest congestion.  Lovely.  It was a nice 3-day illness free streak we had going there.  Time to reset the clock!  A couple of doses of antibiotics and eye drops later and we hope that he is on the mend!  Until then I will keep up my aforementioned luck rituals for safety's sake and stock up on Kleenex (LOTS!)!  :)

All is well, tissues at hand, in Drosche Land.

Saturday, August 21, 2010


Well, the 2010-2011 school year is well underway now!  I know, I know.  You have been wondering: "Where are the posts?", "Where are the pictures?", WHERE'S DUSTY???".  Have no fear, I am right here.  I meant to blog about the first day(s) of school both Thursday and Friday, but life proved to get in the way yet again.  Thursday was Back to School Night and I didn't get home until after 9:00 pm.  Friday was a regular late night and by the time we got home, ate, and put the kids to bed I just didn't have energy for anything more draining than vegging in the bed with Amy watching Big Brother on TiVo.  Oh, TiVo how I love you, let me count the ways!

But, worry not, the dawn of a new school year does not mean a cutback in blogging.  I plan on fitting it in frequently.  Granted it may be not as much as over the summer, but as close to that as I can manage!  Onto the post!

Well, the first day of school came bright and early Wednesday morning and I think it's safe to say I was by far the most excited in our house!  I was up early and ready to go!  The boys woke up fairly easily and were also excited.  However, Braeden's excitement quickly turned to a meltdown due to a breakfast related crisis (as seen in pictures below).  So he didn't get the best "First Day of Pre-K" picture possible, but it is what it is.  We left the house at the shockingly early time of 5:50 so we could be at school for the first day early.  I wasn't bothered by this because by then I was riding  high on excitement, adrenaline, and caffeine!  

Every member of the Drosche family had a great first day!  My kids are great and I am still (thankfully!) as well-prepared as I was before school started.  Amy's day went smoothly with no catastrophes so that is always good.  Braeden thoroughly enjoyed Pre-K and actually wakes up every day stating "I'm ready for my next day in Pre-K!".  He loves is teacher (you're awesome Julie!) and talks incessantly about school.  Jack had a great day, it wasn't his first in the class technically since he moved up a bit early but he did get a good note (yes, as opposed to the typical not-so-good (also known as bad) note!).  So, that right there is an accomplishment worth noting!

Also, amazingly, we have been able to keep up with our new routines despite the craziness that comes with our school schedule.  I'm talking about making lunches before bed, staying on top of the laundry and dishes, and keeping the house tidied.  Yeah I know what you're thinking: "Ahhhhh Dusty, but the school year is young.  Give it time, the hectic craziness will slowly creep into your carefully planned routines and orderly schedule!".  To you I say: "Get thee behind me!" as I am keeping the faith that maybe (oh just maybe) we are getting  handle on life and slowly beating it at it's own game!  Yes I know, a bit delusional and my fingers are crossed as I write, but I can dream right?

Well, I think that brings the blog current.  Below are some great pictures of my fantastic boys adorably ready and eager for school!  There are also pictures of the supplies I collected from my kids, I took them just to feed my sick and odd desire for all things school supply.  Seeing them, gathering them, and organizing them brought me such great joy!  So much fun!  Calm down (me)!  Woo hoo!  Back to school!  :)

All is well, enjoying the fresh new school year, in Drosche Land.

The blogged-of school supplies for the boys, carefully packed and ready to go!

Jack grinning and ready to go on the first day!

My dear emotional son Braeden (not grinning) on the first day!

Jack's new big boy pack pack (that's what he calls it, cute huh?) and matching lunch kit!

Braeden has had his set for a while, but of course needed a picture too!

Baby wipes, paper plates, index cards, Ziploc bags, crayons, and markers!  Brings shivers down my spine!

You can't have too many paper towels in a classroom!

You also can't have too many boxes of Kleenex, pencils, or glue!  Oh and poster board, oh so many uses!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Wordless Wednesday

Well, in honor of today being the First Day of School, I thought I would post pictures of my classroom all ready to go!  Like I have posted before, I don't think I have every been this prepared or ready (we'll see how long it lasts!).  I have pictures and accounts of the boys' day ready, but will save those for their own post tomorrow.  Plus it is getting late and I have to finish up a Keynote presentation for Back to School Night tomorrow! Woo hoo!  So, enjoy, I'm pretty proud of my classroom.  Although I have to admit that after collecting supplies it did not look this clean and neat when I left!  Oh well, more organizing and arranging to be done tomorrow!  :)

 The view as you walk in!  Ahhh, all nice and tidy, ready to greet the kids!

The view from my desk!

Monday, August 16, 2010

Surprise Surprise

Well, yesterday was Amy's birthday!  She had a great day.  However for me the best part was that I FINALLY surprised her with something.  I mean, she hates surprises and it is nearly (although I know now not totally) impossible to pull one over on her.  I managed to do it though.  A victory in our marriage I will not soon forget.

She has been wanting a Coach purse for a long time, possibly forever.  I had been researching and listening (shock I know!) to what she wanted.  So, when I got my money and the time finally came it only took me about 40 minutes to hop on over to Dillard's to get one.  Now, that isn't really my favorite store, but the Galleria location was closest and I knew I could get in and out easily.  So, once I got it I headed back to school (it was during the day on Friday) and began with the whole "I hope you like it" shtick.  Well, the brief time I was gone and my limited funds confused her and she was sure I had not gotten the item (mentioned and hinted at numerous times over the past few weeks) she desired.  I hadn't intended on playing it up so much, but hey, it was fun so I did!  I knew the payoff would be awesome if I could keep her from knowing or suspecting the truth.  It wasn't easy either.  Hiding presents (she's a hunter and a peeker), keeping a straight face, misleading her.  It was a lot of work!

Sunday morning came and I could barely contain my excitement for her to open her present, which of course, I kept for the last one.  She saw the box and the moment was priceless.  The victory of the sneaky surprise forever burned into my memory.   Ahhhhhh, I enjoy thinking about it even now!  Then she opened it and it just kept getting better and better.  Needless to say, it was a great way for her to start her birthday.  Throw in the fact that she is doing amazing with her weight loss  and she was one happy birthday girl!  We even found out that in the rare event or need of a celebration, sugar-free ice cream is great for her!  

All in all it was a wonderful day.  Great presents, great food, great time with family.  Everything she could ever want and deserve for being so amazing herself!  Now the inevitable question arises though.  Do I begin planning on outdoing myself and surprising her even more next year (I mean it will be the big 3-0 so it calls for it) or do I just remain content with my one victory?  Hmmmmm, I've got time to think and decide!

All is well, still gloating over my sneaky victory, in Drosche Land.

Amy, looking gorgeous along with the famous surprise purse!


Saturday, August 14, 2010

UN-Happy Hour

Ok, so I generally try to use my blogging powers for good and not evil.  However, tonight I blog to complain.  Grrrrr, argh!  So, you have been forewarned.  On with the post.

So, today was the Back to School Bash for the 2010-2011 school year.  It went great and I am super excited about this coming year.  I know it is going to be awesome!  But that's not the complaint (obviously).  On the way home we decided to stop by Sonic since it was their Happy Hour.  I love me some Diet Cherry Limeade, especially when it is half-priced.  So we pulled into the drive thru, because that's supposed to be faster right?  WRONG!  35, yes folks I said 35, minutes later we receive our order.  Now, let me pause here to explain our order.  3 drinks.  Ok, that's it, nothing special, nothing complex.  No special order.  Literally just fill up 3 cups.  Simple right?  WRONG!  Who knows what the problem was?  No one ever came to the cars to apologize for the wait or to offer an explanation.  They didn't pull people forward into their empty drive-in lanes to wait.  Nope, just a long line of cars idling in the 100℉ August heat.  

So we finally pull up to receive our orders, needless to say we were totally outdone.  The car hop didn't even try to apologize.  After expressing our frustration about the wait all she had to offer was that the "people inside were incompetent".  Really?  Seriously?  Not exactly what discontented customers want to hear.  Then she gave us the phone number (the wrong one) to Sonic's customer service and stated that we should complain and "tell them they need to hire more people to work on Saturday afternoons".  Really?  Seriously?  Did she just actually say that?  Yes folks, she did.  So as I so aptly stated in my Yelp review (found here) crappy service + servers with major attitude = me NEVER visiting this location again.  There are plenty of other Sonic locations just waiting to quench my thirst.  I did, thanks to the Internet (always handy) find the correct number to Sonic's customer service and give them my account of the shockingly poor service we received.

So, all's well that ends well.  My Diet Cherry Limeade was great and I'm over it.  But I still had to share since I'm still in awe of the whole incident and how crazy it was.  I generally try not to be a negative person, but everyone must make exceptions sometimes.  So here is my post.  Ahhhhhh, much better.  I love blogging.  Onto happier topics, tomorrow is Amy's birthday and I am super-excited about that!  WOO HOO!  But that's a post for another time, hopefully tomorrow!

All is well, with one less Sonic to visit, in Drosche Land. 

Friday, August 13, 2010

Moving On Up

Well, last night I made a return trip to nerd heaven as we went school supply shopping for the boys!  It was so much fun, well at least I though it was.  Folders, pencils, erasers, markers, glue . . .  Oh the joy!  I manned the list while Amy drove the cart.  We shared in the kid-wrangling throughout the overly-packed back to school section of WalMart.  Sadly it was over all too soon.  The good part was we made it out for only spending $30 for both of them, I still have a few things to get but it shouldn't be more than $10.  Amy and I both reveled in the cheapness of this trip since it would most likely be the last time we are able to spend so little.  The funniest part though came as we returned to the car.  I was pushing both boys in the basket that was filled with their new supplies.  As we got to the van I said, "Wasn't that so much fun buying all of your new school supplies?"  Their answer?  "No, but the ride was a lot of fun!"  HA!  So they haven't inherited my nerdy love of all things back to school (I still have time to guide and train them!) but it was a great trip.  To top it off I got to bust out my handy dandy label maker later on that night!   Ahhhhh!

However, my joy was short-lived because this morning I was reminded that today was Braeden's last day in Pre-School 3!  Wednesday he will be in Pre-Kindergarten.  I'll be honest, I teared up a bit.  That should come as no surprise to any of you.  He, of course, is super excited.  I have spent the day wondering where my baby went and realizing how unbelievably close we are to uniforms, homework, and sports!  I can't believe he is getting so old.  This year will be full of new adventures for him/us so expect to hear all about them over the coming year.  Just one more bittersweet part of being a parent.  I don't know what I will do next year when he is next door!  OMG!  Crazy!

All is well, now with a Pre-Kindergartner, in Drosche Land. 

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Picking Up Steam

Well, with the busyness that is the beginning of a new school year I have obviously not had much time for pictures.  So I regret that today will not be a true Wordless Wednesday!  :(  But next week I hope to have "First Day of School" pictures reading for posting!  So that excites me and slightly makes up for the lack of pictures today.  But, I had some free time so I thought I would blog anyway.  Blogging every day is also something I am going to have to give up a bit, but that's ok.  I've learned to accept the fact that I won't always have something to say.  Ok, well stop laughing. I know I will always have something to say, verbally (since I rarely stop talking), but I won't always have something to say via blog.  

The school year, although not fully underway yet, has already begun to move along like a well-oiled machine (hence the post title).  I am breezing through organizing, planning, and setting up (WOO HOO) and am eager for the new year to begin.  Today was Registration and I had a blast.  It is for sure a hectic and crazy day, but secretly I love it.  I know weird, but LOVE IT!  I met all of my families, 17 this year (so far, you never know!) so that will be a good-sized class.  

Ok, so here though is a major nerd alert!  Last night, after being hit by another full-on wave of procrastination, decided to finally begin working on my homework for this week.  I figured I'd get half done and then finish the rest tonight.  Well I did that and finished my first half at about 10:30.  But I wasn't tired in the least.  It could have been the giddy excitement about Registration, the copious amount of caffeine I daily consume, or (more likely) a highly combustible combination of the two.  Either way I was too wired to sleep so I thought I would get started on a Keynote presentation (that's like PowerPoint for all you non-Mac users, only BETTER!) for Back to School Night.  (This is the first part of the nerd alert!)  So I'm all hopped up on excitement, caffeine, list-making, and presentation creating.  Before I know it I'm finished with the entire presentation and still not tired.  (Insert second nerd alert section)  So, I decided to finally break down and by the Keynote Remote app for my iPhone I have been wanting for a while.  Hey, even if I only use it once a year for Back to School and show my extreme awesomeness it's well worth the 99¢ right (I thought so!).  Well, doing this just added fuel to the crazed and excited flame.  I stared (literally open-mouthed in awe-struck wonder) at my presentation run with the swipe of my happy little thumb across the iPhone!  Think of the mobility during presentations!  Think of the possibilities!  Calm down (me)!

Long story short (too late?)  I finally forced myself to go to sleep at 11:30.  Oddly enough though I wasn't tired at all today.  Quite the opposite in fact.  Just ask my wonderful wife and awesome co-workers.  (Stop rolling your eyes and nodding Amy and Adam, thanks for the back-up Melanie!).  Ahhhh, the excitement that is the beginning of a fresh new school year!  It's going to be an awesome one!

All is well, still excited and the least bit tired, in Drosche Land.  

Monday, August 09, 2010

The Same, But Different

Well, this coming year will be my 7th year teaching!  Wow!  As if the rapidly approaching dirty "t word" wasn't enough to make me feel old this sudden realization has joined forces.  Yeah yeah yeah I know 30 isn't that old, with age and experience comes wisdom.  I've heard it all before.  I'm sure when I am on the freeway to 40 I will be thinking the same (perish the thought of the dreades 4-0!).  But I digress.  What, you ask, is the conundrum I speak about in the title of this post?  Funny you should ask, I was just getting off my 30 soapbox to discuss that.  

So, like I said, this will be my 7th year teaching.  Every year these 2-odd weeks before school are a whirlwind of hectic planning, organizing, shopping (WOO HOO!), rearranging, meetings, and the inevitable attempt to get back into routine (and get used to wearing pants and not shorts (don't even get me started on the transition from flip-flops!)).  This year though has seemed different.  Here we are, 6 days into the 2010-2011 school year and I am enjoying the smooth sailing that is thus far!  Yes I am busy doing all the aforementioned things, but it's different.  I know, those of you relating this to the above tangent about the t-word are going to say experience and confidence, but you're WRONG!  Well, yeah maybe that is slightly it, but not the main part I'm talking about.  Well, to keep you from pulling your hair out in anticipation I will tell you the difference: NO MOVING!  Yes, that's right, this is the first school year that I have not had to move classrooms and/or schools!  It's amazing the amount a little stability can make.  Let me break it down for you.

2004 - 1st year.  Move everything to St. John in NOLA and get used to being an actual teacher.

2005 - 2nd year.  Yeah, I didn't move but still reeling from the 1st year.  Then enter Hurricane Katrina - nuff said.

2006 - 3rd year.  First year at Memorial, basically starting over and repeat of year 1.

2007 - 4th year.  Renovations at Memorial begin and my classroom is cut in half in size forcing me to rearrange and pack up tons of stuff.

2008 - 5th year.  More renovations at Memorial.  This time an entirely new room, again.

2009 - 6th year.  Move to Trinity, again, basically starting all over, again.

2010 - 7th year.  Steady, predictable, familiar bliss.

See what I'm talking about.  Crazy huh?  So, you can see my slight confusion at not having to pack, unpack, etc for the first time ever.  Boy is it nice.  I have been able to focus on planning for the upcoming year, cleaning and rearranging my classroom, and learning our brand-spankin' new Reading/LA curriculum (Aweseome, but tons of work!).  I think it is setting this year up for nothing but success and ease, I hope.  By the way, none of you are allowed to throw these words back at my in future posts about the crazy hectic pace of life and/or the school year, got it?  I'm going to enjoy myself now!   Ahhhhhhh.

Oh, did I mention our new building at Trinity is almost done and K - 4th will be moving into it next school year?  AAAAAAHHHHHHHH!  Oh well, the no moving thing was nice while it lasted!  :)

All is well, without having to unpack boxes, in Drosche Land.    

Saturday, August 07, 2010

Shop 'Til I Drop

No, I'm not talking clothing or shoes folks, something far better.  It's time to do some classroom shopping!  Woo hoo!  Ok, calm down calm down (that's directed at me, not y'all!).  So today I made my first trip out in search of all things teacher-y!  For this trip I hit up Mardel.  If you haven't been there before run, don't walk, to your nearest location!  Well, finish reading this first and then run!  The reason I chose Mardel is because it isn't just a teacher supply store, it's a Christian bookstore AND a teacher supply store!  Awesome huh?  So I went there in search of items to support and enhance this year's theme & verse.  What is it you ask?  Well, our theme is Attitude Check and is based upon Philippians 2:5 - Your attitude should be the same as that of Christ Jesus.  A lot of us are also using the fruits of the Spirit to support this as well.  So, while Amy and the boys napped, I headed out in search of a lesson plan book, name plates, and attitude and fruit.

At the top of my list was obviously a lesson plan book, kind of essential you know.  Well, maybe I'm picky, maybe there are a gazillion different plan books, or maybe it's some kind of combination of the two but it took be around 30 minutes to decide on one.  Go cheap and get less space for lessons, get more space for lessons and spend like $15.  Seriously?  So, after all the searching and analyzing I opted for the same plan book I've gotten for the past 2 years, trusty, familiar, and the perfect mid-range price of $8.  Onto the name plates.  Once again, maybe I'm picky (you think?) but since my classroom theme is frogs I want name plates with frogs.  Well, my usual ones must have been discontinued (gasp!) so I had to find something new.  Lucky for me frog-themed classroom supplies are popular and abundant, well with the exception of name plates - only one choice there.  They're colorful and slightly abstract.  Although they are described as "Frog-tastic" (which of course they are!), Amy thinks they look slightly Aboriginal (I have to admit I kind of agree)  but they're cute so I bought them.  

To make a long post short (too late?) I ended up finding some great fruits of the Spirit things that I'm excited about.  When I realized I had hit my budget I began snapping pictures with my beloved iPhone so I could make a photo wish-list of my "must have" items for the classroom.  So, I'm done for today, the remainder of my shopping will have to wait until payday, when I will make a trip to heaven, well Teacher Heaven that is but it's pretty close!

I am addicted to teacher stores, I mean who isn't?  You walk in and are greeted by the comforting smell of books and a hot laminator and the sight of thousands upon thousands of teacher goodies! Everything I see I must have.  I mean the possibilities are endless.  Bulletin board sets, posters, borders, name plates, stickers (oh the stickers!), die cuts (hundreds of shapes!), books, etc.  I could go on but I'm getting all jittery and hyperventilating at the idea of it all!  Calm down calm down (again for me, not you).  Needless to say I had a blast, just one of the reasons I look forward to this time of year.  Ahhhh, and I haven't even begun to discuss the joys of the treasures found in an office supply store!  But, that's a blog, a trip, and a budget for another time!  :)  

All is well, comfortable with my addiction/sickness, in Drosche Land! 

My Aboriginal Frog name plates!

Who doesn't love a crown for their birthday!  (Wish-list item!)

Borders borders borders!  With the ever-important frog section in the middle! (Wish-list item!)

My new favorite poster!  Attitude + frogs = MUST HAVE!  (Wish-list item!)

Friday, August 06, 2010

Fashion Crisis

So, if you're a friend of mine on (the super awesome) Facebook or you regularly read this blog (Wordless Wednesdays in particular) then you know that the boys seem to have an apparent aversion to clothing.  Well, just outer clothing really, they are perfectly fine in their underwear.  Just their underwear that is.  After posting the pictures of our Boys Night last week I have received several comments and laughs from this fact.  This is something that began sometime around last spring and has really become somewhat of a fad this summer.  It is a battle that Amy and I gave up on long ago.  I have no clue why they decided that being nearly naked was fun.  Apparently it's one of those "boy things" or at least that's what we've been told.  Despite our simple attempts at suggesting they wear clothes, more often than not they will bound downstairs with a loud "TA DA!" at the bottom.  The "TA DA!" being the big reveal (hands in the air and everything) that they are stripped down to their skivvies!  It's actually quite hilarious.  However, with school starting and getting back into routine we have tried to get it under control.  The freedom of being without clothes has been relegated to weekends, if they remember. 

So, I've stopped trying to hide or control it.  It is a part of our lives so why not document it in pictures, on Facebook, and via blog?  Plus I'm thinking ahead and down the road with fiancees and weddings.  I'm going to have some good embarrassing ammo!  HA!  So for now half-naked boys will be half-naked boys.  That's how the saying goes right?  :)

All is well, clothing optional, in Drosche Land.

Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Wordless Wednesday

Ok, so last Friday Amy went out with her girl friends from work.  She had a blast.  But, that meant that we has Boys Night at home!  I didn't go all out or anything, I'll save that for when they're older.  We just had fun.  We ate pizza for dinner and then made popcorn, cookies, and we even had ice cream!  The boys were in heaven!  I thought Jack was going to explode after eating pizza, Cheetos, a bowl of popcorn, 3 (yes 3!) cookies, AND a bowl of ice cream.  Braeden skipped the popcorn (not a big fan) and only had 1 cookie.  But he snarfed his ice cream down!  That kid loves him some ice cream.  We had a blast!  Well, so much for "wordless" huh?  Oh well.  Enjoy the pictures for today from that fun night.  Just guess which one is my favorite!!!

 So I had to put my favorite one first!!!

 You'd grin like that too after cookies AND ice cream!

 How cute is he???


Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Juggling Act

Well, the new school year may not have yet begun, but we are fully into the school year routine here in Drosche Land.  2 days back into it all and so far so good.  We have been able to successfully wake up, get everyone ready, and get out the door on time.  Then our evenings have been a good balance of dinner, dishes, making lunches, baths, and appropriate bedtimes, with even some TV time included!  However, having said all this I am constantly aware that we are technically not fully into the routine yet.  That will come on the 18th with the beginning of the 2010/2011 school year.  Then we will see how well we continue to do.  Once things get really crazy and there are unexpected late nights, daily stresses, and other unforeseen calamities.  That is when the test will truly begin.  If I sit quietly and very still I can actually feel the pace of things begin to quicken!

Also, notice in the above mini-victories nowhere did I mention homework.  Ugh, I shudder at even the mere mention of it!  Yeah, I am writing this late-night post thanks to the ever-present homework.  Everyone else is asleep and I, as I typically do, have put off homework until the last minute.  Although I guess tonight counts as the second to last minute since the work isn't actually due until tomorrow.  Why then, do you ask, am I working late tonight?  Good question.  This week's assignment is a doozie.  Not difficult mind you, just cumbersome and time-consuming.  Having not worked on it one bit before tonight, I knew there was no way I would be able to complete it all tomorrow with my sanity and hair intact!  So, I bucked up and slayed the procrastination monster (or at least wounded it) and worked tonight.  I can't take total credit though, it was Amy who helped to suggest that I start tonight.  

So, I take a much needed break from homework to write this blog.  That and I'm halfway finished with the assignment so I think I've earned the right to call it a night.  Plus we are 3 days into August and I have yet to post!  Crazy I know.  But hopefully this has quenched your insatiable need for one of my juicy blog updates.  Oh yeah, blogging, there's one more thing to add to my to-juggle list.  I love it so.  We will see if getting back to school affects the frequency with which I blog, hopefully not, perish the thought!  :)

All is well, haven't yet dropped a ball, in Drosche Land.