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Friday, April 04, 2014

D is for Downton Duck

So the topics for the first 3 post were simple. I knew right away what show is I wanted to blog about. But the letter "D" brought me my first conundrum. Which show to choose?  I went back and forth before finally realizing that there was no rule against posting about 2 things. Problem solved!  Here goes!

Downton Abbey and Duck Dynasty. The two shows couldn't be any different but I love them both so much. But that's me. I like to think I have an eclectic taste when it comes to TV, and music for that matter. There isn't much I won't watch at least once and there are many things I love. 

Downton Abbey. I love a good period piece. Something about the costumes, the language, the idea that you can "travel" back in time for an hour and get lost in another world. Amy loves historical fiction in literature and I have often told her that she would thoroughly enjoy Downton Abbey. Who knows?  Maybe this summer is the time I get her hooked!  I'm a little behind but thanks to Netflix, Amazon, and On Demand I am never hurting for an episode. Aside from all of the fun of a period story, I'm a sucker for a good drama and fun accents!

Duck Dynasty. I've posted before about my love for this show. It's just fun. I have an affinity for reality television and this is just one of the many I enjoy. The Robertson clan seems like such a genuine set of people. I just want to travel to West Monroe and stop in for a visit. I know they'd welcome me in right?  I also enjoy the fact that they are such great witnesses of their faith. An awesome global platform to state their religious beliefs. Plus, Si is just hilarious. An episode never fails to make me laugh and entertain me. 

So, there you have it. A tie for "D". Which do you prefer or are you torn as well?  Is there another show beginning with a D you love?  Darn!  I just thought of two more. Dallas (the original) and Dynasty!  Two fun guilty pleasures from the 80s that I grew up loving. Well, this post is long enough, maybe I'll share my love of hyphen later!

All is well, 4/26 down, in Drosche Land. 


  1. Hey Dusty, good to see you taking part in the A-Z April challenge!

    I've not seen either show, though I have heard a lot about Downton Abbey.

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    1. Hey! Thanks! You should check them both out! Definitely!

  2. I need to start watching Duck Dynasty; I'm pretty positive I'd love it.

    I DO love Downton Abbey although I haven't managed to convince my husband to watch the most recent season with me. The first three were such emotional rollercoasters we're not sure if we want to put ourselves through that again! I haven't cried so hard at any TV show EVER.

    1. You HAVE to watch Duck Dynasty. Trust me. I hear you on Downton Abbey, so much great drama and emotion!!!