"For I know the plans I have for you," declares the Lord, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future." Jeremiah 29:11

Wednesday, May 22, 2013


Can you tell it's been a busy month?  Can you tell it's May?

Yes, I'm still here.  Behind in posting and behind in reading and visiting, but I'm here.

Now that summer is officially here (today was the last day of the school year!) I hope to get back into the swing of things.  

It was about this time last year, give or take a few weeks, that I posted about the winds of change that blew through Drosche Land, reread here.  That was when Amy left Trinity and re-entered the classroom as a teacher at a new school.  Well, the winds of change died down after this but never truly went away.  In fact, they've picked back up.

If you've put two and two together then you've probably figured out what I'm getting at.  Yes, I am also now leaving Trinity and moving to a new school.  It was something that began back in January and was finalized around Spring Break.  But I didn't post about it.  Life was busy.  April came and brought the A-Z Challenge.  Then May came and brought its usual crazy busyness.  But I figured today was a great day to finally get this post out there, since it is the last day of the school year.

Why leave, you might ask.  Well, it's just time.  Time for change.  Time to move on.  I truly feel as though God is moving me around in ministry.  Calling me to go where He needs me.  It is something that was stirring inside of me for a while.  A nudging.  A small, nagging feeling that didn't go away.  So I prayed and I listened and I thought.  Doors were opened and I was led through them.  It wasn't an easy decision to make by any means.  I'm not always eager or receptive to change.  Quite the opposite sometimes.  But this was a change that was clearly in His plan for me.

Where are you going, you might ask.  Well, that is the funny part of the story.  I am heading to the school where I attended 2nd - 8th Grades.  The school where I met Amy.  The church I grew up in.  Small world huh?  Made even smaller by the fact that the principal was actually my 8th Grade teacher.  Crazy huh?  I'll be teaching 1st Grade again, my dream job.

What about the kids, you're probably asking now.  Well, that was a big decision for Amy and I.  Again, not an easy one to make.  We have made the choice to split them up.  Braeden and Stella will attend where I am working.  Jackson will be moving to Amy's school.  We decided this more many reasons.  Logistical.  Emotional.  Financial.  Personal.  We also wanted to give each of the boys a chance to stand on their own, make a name for themselves.  So far we have been blessed with this decision as they are both ecstatic about it and cannot wait to start at their new schools in August.  We truly feel like we've made the right choice.

So change.  It's coming again.  Soon.  Today was quite emotional for me as I said goodbye to my students.  This year was an awesome year and I truly bonded with them.  I'll miss them tremendously but know they will achieve success in whatever they do.  Today I was also reminded that I don't just have coworkers, but friends.  The past 4 years have brought some great memories and great times that I'll cherish as I move on.  Friendships have been made that I pray remain strong.  I feel they will.  

There you have it.  A bittersweet day.  Saying goodbye.  Ending a chapter in life while simultaneously beginning a new one.  Moving on.  Moving forward.  That's what is happening here.  The next couple of months will be a whirlwind as summer officially begins and I mentally, and then physically, prepare for a new year at a new school.  But life is good.  We are blessed for what we've had and what He has in store for us.  Blessed.

All is well, windy and changing, in Drosche Land.  


Monday, May 06, 2013

A-Z Reflections


Just titling this email gets the Diana Ross & the Supremes song stuck in my head.  Did I mention that last year?  Or is this just deja vu?  Either way it's in there and it's stuck, but on with the post.

So, I finished the challenge last week and I intended to post this reflections post quickly, but life got busy quickly and here I am now, almost a week later.  But still well within the parameters of the guidelines so let's go!

I finished!  A second year!  Woo hoo!  It was a lot of fun and I again enjoyed it very much.  I signed up with the intention of scheduling the majority of the posts well in advance.  That didn't happen.  However, for most of the month I did write them the night before.  Some the morning of, and a few (mostly toward the end) the night of.  But I did it!

My favorite part was, again, the interactions with readers.  I love getting and replying to comments.  It is so interesting and fun to see what people around the country and world think.  It always amazed me just how far reaching technology can be.  So, that was by far my favorite part.

Getting around to visiting many other blogs was the biggest challenge.  I didn't make it to nearly as many as I'd hoped to, but I plan on going back to the list and continuing to work my way through it.  That way I won't feel so bad about not making the rounds in April.

Overall though I am so glad that I participated again this year.  It always serves as a reminder to why blogging is so much fun and just one of the reasons I love it!  I hope that if you found my blog through the challenge that you have enjoyed it.  Thanks to everyone who visited throughout the month!

All is well, reflected, in Drosche Land.