"For I know the plans I have for you," declares the Lord, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future." Jeremiah 29:11

Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Road Trip!

Well, ok, so it's not a true vacation.  We are here in fabulous Ft. Worth with some co-workers to attend a RenWeb conference for school.  But then again, we don't have kids with us so that makes for a quasi-vacation experience right?  I like to think so at least.  The biggest part of the trip was the actual drive up here.  Amy made it!  Quite well in fact.  The drive was much easier on her than we expected and not nearly as exhausting.  So I guess we have officially entered the final stage of recovery, life is returning to normal, well except for the food part.  But the pureed portion of the diet is going well also, no complaints here.  Amy was able to have some pintos & cheese from Taco Bell for lunch and then the broth portion of some soup from The Olive Garden for dinner.  That, in addition to her protein shakes/supplements, keeps her busy.

Onto the rant portion of this blog.  Amy booked 3 rooms here at the Radisson Ft. Worth South.  One for us, one for Sean (Trinity's Tech Guru), and one for Julie (Our fabulous school secretary) and Sue (Trinity's financial wizard).  Well, we should have been tipped off to a problem when, upon check-in, only 2 of the rooms we ready.  No worries, Amy and I would wait in one of the other rooms for about 30 minutes while the other one was finished.  Well, after 30 minutes we went back down to the lobby to get our key cards.  The lines to check in were (keeping it G-Rated) freaking ridiculous!  Should have been another warning sign.  We waited about an additional 30 minutes amid the other guests checking in.  I'll break here to tell you about the interesting guests staying here this week.  There are 2 (radically different) conventions going on here.  One is for jewelry sales consultants and the other is a convention for racing pigeons.  Let me tell you, this combination lends for some VERY interesting people watching, trust me.  Anyway, back to the rant.  Boxes of birds fill the lobby as cranky jewelry salesladies gripe about the wait!  We finally, after an hour, get to the desk and we are told that our room is on the 1st floor, the other 2 are on the 6th.  Seriously?!?!  So I am beyond angry at this time and Amy is desperately trying to keep me from exploding.  I insist we wait and talk to a manager.  Seriously, more waiting?!?!  After another 10 minutes of fruitless waiting we find out the 1st floor room has 2 double beds rather than the king that Amy has reserved.  I'm not sure exactly what shade of red I had progressed to at this time.  The card keys were given (despite the want to throw) back to the (inept) clerk checking us in.  Miraculously ( say sarcastically) a 6th floor room was found.  Amy and I make the trek back up where, I kid you not, the card keys would not open the door.  I informed Amy to wait with Sean while I stalked (a quite accurate description) back to the front desk.  I was either going to get my working keys or stroke out from my out of control blood pressure.  Since I'm writing this you can guess which of the 2 situations occurred, luckily.  GRRR, ARGH!  Seriously?  So after about 1 1/2 hours we finally were able to get a room.

Ok, my rant is finished, without the use of expletives!  Now I move onto happier topics.  One the bright side the room has a king-size Sleep Number bed.  I'm excited, I've never tried one.  Turns out my sleep number is 20.  Well, I think it is.  I know my lounging number is 20 for sure.  We'll see tomorrow if in fact it is also my sleep number.  The opening to the conference went well and I am actually excited about the conference beginning tomorrow.  I actually (strangely enough) enjoy conferences.  So, despite some set-backs and dealings with ineptness, the trip is going quite well!  Plus I'm almost finished with Twilight!  But that's a book review for another post (possibly tomorrow!).  

All is well, sort of on vacation, in Drosche Land.


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