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Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Cafeteria Reflections

Well, clearly with Amy in the hospital my food choices have been quite limited.  Yes I know what you're thinking - "But isn't Amy at Memorial Hermann - Memorial City, right across from the mall?".  Well, yes that is true.  Now you're thinking - "Then why don't you just go take advantage of the Food Court?".  I know I could but seriously that is a long way!  Frankly I don't want to leave Amy alone for too long and the walk to the mall is super crazy long.  Even more frankly I can sometimes have a tendency toward laziness!  I know you're shocked, close your mouth.  Plus I also know what you are now thinking - "Then DRIVE!".  Yes, but that would mean giving up a decent parking spot in the garage AND having to hunt and compete for another one.  Plus once all is said and done even driving, parking, getting food, driving, and parking again would take forever!  Remember my not wanting to leave Amy (and the laziness)?  So, thus you understand the limited food choices I was mentioning earlier. 

Now that you're nodding your head in understanding and agreement I will proceed with the post title.  First of all I have to say that the hospital's cafeteria food is actually not that bad.  Seriously.  Stop laughing, it's not.  In fact it reminds me of the cafeteria at college, only better.  Those of you who went to CUA probably just shuddered at the thought of the Texas (Toxic) Hall food of our college years.  Me too.  Anyway, the food's not all that bad.  However, it is slightly (very much so) over priced, for some items at least.  For lunch yesterday, I paid a trip to the salad bar in hopes of eating a bit healthy.  Nearly $7 later I had an average salad with some pretty decent couscous.  It seemed innocent enough at $.40/oz. but apparently despite the fact that I teach my kids weights and measurements I clearly do not possess the ability to judge them very well.  So my first experience wasn't great.  But I made a healthy choice which left both myself and my wallet lighter.

Dinner was better, although I have to say I almost didn't get any.  Remember my not wanting to leave Amy for long (not the laziness too, not at this point at least)?  Well, by the time she woke up enough to talk it was 7:45.  Lucky for me the first thing she asked was what had I eaten.  She then told me to go get food.  Good thing too because the cafeteria closes at 8:00.  This obviously means they stop cooking and start cleaning well before this.  I'll give you a minute to make a mental not of this should you ever come here ... okay, good.  Well, all that was left was pre-made salads, pitas & hummus, and pre-packaged snack foods.  I grabbed a chef's salad and the hummus and made my way back to Amy's room.  The salad was basic but good, lettuce, cheese, tomato, ham, and turkey.  Nothing flashy, but okay.  The hummus however was great.  I know, who'd have though right?!  Me neither but I highly recommend it if you are ever here!  Make note!  Seriously - GET THE HUMMUS!

Lunch today brought baked potatoes at the salad bar.  I was wary due to my lack of good judgment regarding the weight of a salad much less a potato, but I like to walk on the wild side so I went for it.  It ended up being cheaper than my salad, and quite good despite the disappointing lack of Bacos.  How can you have a baked potato without chemically-engineered, bacon-flavored stuff?  But I did and it was okay.  They also have the little plastic containers of cereal!  This excites me (nerd alert) because I love those things.  So I got some Raisin Bran (my inner senior citizen was ecstatic at this choice).  All in all good.

So, 4-star dining?  Um, no, have you been reading this post?  But it is better than can be expected and satisfying.  My dorky, senior citizen choice making self has been pleased!  I honestly have to have another nerd alert moment and admit that I'm kind of looking forward to what they are offering for dinner tonight!  Don't worry, I won't leave you hanging, I'll tell you later!  :)

All is well, and satiated, in Drosche Land.  

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