"For I know the plans I have for you," declares the Lord, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future." Jeremiah 29:11

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Rah Rah Ah Ah Ah

Totally Awesome!

Fan - freakin - tastic!

A - Ma - Zing!

Just several of the terms I could use, and have used, to describe the Lady Gaga concert.  There are many more but too numerous to list.  Needless to say we had an awesome time.  Despite the way Friday morning began, the remainder of the trip was smooth sailing.  We arrived in Dallas around 3:30 and checked in at the hotel - the Westin City Center.  I have never stayed in a Westin before but Amy has for a conference.  I loved it, definitely one of the nicest places we have stayed.  Their heavenly bed is aptly named and beyond comfortable.  We just lazed around for a bit, enjoying the free cable in the hotel!  At about 5:30 we decided to head out and grab a bite to eat before the concert.  We had done research at home and had already planned to ride the DART train to the concert.  This was awesome because there was a station right outside of our hotel that led right to the American Airlines Center, how convenient right?  That was fun in itself and makes me want to ride the Metro light rail here in H-Town although it leaves from and goes nowhere I ever need to go.  We didn't want anything too heavy to eat and just happened to stumble upon a Jason's Deli which was perfect.  I highly recommend their Spinach Veggie Wrap - yum!

Then it was off to the concert!  To put it politely - there were some interesting people at the concert!  HA!  But really, can you expect any less at a Lady Gaga concert.  The people watching was great pre-show and post-show entertainment!  We had great seats.  Although Amy and I agreed that splurging for the expensive tickets was well worth it.  It would have totally blown to have been stuck in the Himalayan nose-bleed sections!  The opening act was Semi Precious Weapons and I have to admit I was not familiar with them at all.  However I am totally a fan now - they rocked!  I'll be visiting iTunes in search of them!  Onto the main event.  AWESOME!  She is a stellar entertainer and knows how to genuinely connect with the audience.  She put on an incredible 2-hour show and sang nearly every song from both of her CDs.  The choreography was something else, I am in awe at how they can dance so many routines all night long.  The costumes of course were also incredible, again would you expect any less?  She must have changed outfits at least 5-6 times and that isn't including the fact that most of the costumes involved her removing part of it to reveal something else.  All in all it was totally awesome.  I took pictures, they turned out as good as can be expected in a dark concert venue.  I also recorded videos, you can hear very well, although it was so crazy loud in there so that does affect it a bit.  But I am pleased with my pictures and videos - they totally bring us back.  I have been trying, without luck, to win tickets to her Houston shows tonight and tomorrow.  I have 2 more chances left today so my fingers are crosses, which makes it hard to type (just kidding!).

So, Amy is the BEST WIFE EVER!  I am so lucky to have her and thankful that she got me these tickets.  We had such a fun and much-needed vacation time together.  It was worth every penny.  Awesome wife.  Fun road trip.  Amazing concert.  Fantastic hotel.  Life is good!

All is well, back home after an awesome trip, in Drosche Land.

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