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Saturday, July 10, 2010

Book Review

So, I finished my first non-M.Ed. book in almost a year during Amy's hospital stay!  Yes, I started it way back in September when I had barely just begun by M.Ed. program and life seemed blissfully peaceful.  Boy was I wrong.  Things picked up quickly and my dear book was relegated to life on a lonely shelf.  But, with surety of lots of time to kill in the hospital I began reading it before Amy's hospital stay and again fell in love with it.  And, with it, recreational reading all over again.  My new goal for this last half of my M.Ed. is to continue reading for pleasure, finding time when and wherever I can.  So, in celebration of finishing the book I thought I would post a quick book review here.  Why not?  Plus, I loved the book so this gives me another outlet for talking about it.  Maybe you're looking for a good book, maybe not.  Either way here goes the next addition to my blog.

So, what book is so great that it would bring about the start of book reviews on the blog you ask?  Cell - by Stephen King.  Now I have always loved Stephen King and have read many of his books.  However, truth be told (as I'm sure any parent will attest to) reading for pleasure since having the boys has been few and far between.  Well, back in September we made a trip to Half Price Books, the reason why has long since escaped me.  I saw this book and was intrigued.  I often shop for books based upon title and picture, in addition to my favorite authors.  I know silly, but a method that has never led me astray from great books!  You should try it.

Of course I did read the brief synopsis on the jacket and that's what hooked me.  So, it's no surprise that I am inseparable from my iPhone.  I love it, it does everything!  It is always with me no matter what and I am on it talking or playing incessantly.  I can admit this without guilt (even though sometimes yes I should be doing something other than having my face stuck in my iPhone) because I know I am not nearly the only person that is like this about their phone, iPhone or any other (lesser) phone.

So, what would happen if this new addition to our lives that we cannot live without turned on us?  What if it were used to send a mass message that would scramble our brains and render us completely primal?  Well this is exactly what happens in Cell and it basically leads to a complete breakdown of society.  The people affected by this "pulse" are pretty much zombie-like (trying not to give too much away) and those who didn't have cell phones (who?  I don't know anyone that would be this) are forced to hide and travel by night for their safety.  I'm not sure my brief little review here does this book justice, but it is fantastic.  I love Stephen King and his end of the world/armageddon (The Stand) storytelling is awesome.  Combine that with his horror aspects (The Shining, It) and I could not put the book down (well after I picked it back up after many months!).  I highly highly recommend it.  Plus I've read that they may be making it into a movie (hope it doesn't suck)!

So, there's my first book review.  Writing one is harder than you might think, for me at least.  It's difficult to capture the essence of the book without telling too much.  But read it for yourself and see!  I did enjoy the book review though, remembering the book was fun.  Up next - Amy and I have finally given into the Twilight craze.  She began Twilight as I was finishing Cell so I am currently waiting for her to finish so I can continue (I began it with a preview in iBooks on my iPhone!).  I'm not worried about that.  I enjoy reading and do so fairly quickly, but Amy is one of those super-fast readers and has very few pages left.  I anticipate having it to myself by the end of today!  So, I will be reading that series and then I plan on maybe another Stephen King or maybe just wandering Half Price and seeing what pops out!

All is well, enjoying a good book, in Drosche Land.

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