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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Book Review - New Moon

Vampires and werewolves and humans - oh my!

Yeah I finished New Moon and it didn't disappoint one bit!  It took me about a week, which is fast for me.  I'm not as fast a reader as Amy (who/s beginning Breaking Dawn as I blog and will probably finish it today since it only took her a day to read Eclipse!) but that's okay.  I like to go slower sometimes, especially if I love the book, and savor it.  

I'll begin the review by reiterating that I am not a teen girl nor the mother of one.  I'm debating the term "Twihard" but that seems fanatical.  All I know is that these books are awesome, and quite addictive.  I will however admit that I am totally on Team Edward (sorry Team Jacob members)!  HA!  Jacob is nice and all, and a great friend for Bella, but Edward is her immortal soulmate!  :)  

What I like best about the books is that they pick up directly where the previous one left off, essentially.  The biggest part, without giving away too much, of this book is the introduction of the Edward/Jacob debate.  While there is not as much action, again avoiding spoilers, as there is in Twilight.  But that is not saying that the book is slow or boring - quite the opposite!  I got, and still have the feeling (although being only halfway through the series I can't be sure), that this book is setting the stage for the majority of the drama and plot that is to come for the next two books.  If that is the case, then the books will only continue to get exponentially more awesome!

So, obviously I HIGHLY recommend this book, although if you've read Twilight I doubt I have to endorse it!  I will say though that Amy and I gave in and watched the first movie.  It was awesome!  It followed the book quite well with very little changes.  Although I will say, as is always the case, the book is a million times better, but the movie does a fantastic job!  I have yet to begin Eclipse, :(  , due to the fact that homework is due today.  I am attempting (note I make no promise) to not start Eclipse until my homework is done, in a feeble effort to get it finished ASAP.  We will see how well I do.  I am also highly tempted to run up the road to the RedBox and get New Moon.  Again, we will see about that.

All is well, thirsty for more reading (HA! Another vampire reference!), in Drosche Land.

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