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Thursday, July 08, 2010

Cafeteria Reflections - 2nd Helping

HA! Get it - 2nd helping - it's a food post!  HA!  Come on, you know you're at least smiling!

I know you were all squirming with excitement and anticipation yesterday when I mentioned that there might have been a 3rd post coming.  Well, told you it was "might" seeing as how it never materialized.  I got busy (lazy) watching TV and reading last night.  But on the bright side it gives you something exciting and unexpected this morning.  Unless of course you don't read this until later then it's just exciting.  Either way, here we go.

So, last night I went down early, well before closing, to dinner.  I wanted to ensure that I would be able to take advantage of all they had to offer.  Well, it was about the same at lunch had been, sans baked potato.  I came awfully close to getting the chicken fajitas (they smelled yummy) but just couldn't commit to them.  Well as I was on my way to get the pitas and hummus (Yes, they're THAT good) I noticed they also had wraps available.  Baja chicken wraps to be exact.  The thing that sold me was the fact that they came with those tortilla chips that are made fresh from flour tortillas, you know the ones that typically only come with the queso at a restaurant.  Mmmmm I love me some of those so my mind was set.  Add a Cherry Coke Zero to top it off and I was a hungry camper. 

The wrap was good (try it) and it came with a salsa (for those oh so wonderful tortilla chips) and that was delicious (at first I was expecting Pace but no!).  The hummus was delicious (have I mentioned that before?  Get the hummus!).  All in all it was a good dinner, quite possibly the best meal I've had here.

I'm not sure if I will get any meals in today since Amy is being discharged.  It will all depend on when we leave.  So I make no promises about subsequent hospital food posts - sorry.  I am going to make a trip to the Starbucks (YEAH THEY HAVE ONE!) here in a bit to get my coffee so that will be something to look forward to!

The moral of these posts is - who knew hospital food could be so good?  I guess that's more of a discovery or revelation rather than a moral but I won't split hairs.  If you're ever here at Memorial Hermann - Memorial City visiting friends or family, treat yourself.  I guess if you work in the area you could also just stop on by and grab a bite to eat too, kinda like a restaurant since the cafeteria is near one of the entrances.  Then you wouldn't even have to wait for a surgery or appointment to pop up!  Hmmmmm . . . future hummus treats???

All is well, and recommending the pitas & hummus, in Drosche Land.

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