"For I know the plans I have for you," declares the Lord, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future." Jeremiah 29:11

Monday, July 05, 2010

Almost Time

Today marked the last day before Amy's surgery.  Needless to say everyone in Drosche Land is experiencing a variety of emotions.  No one is safe, not even the dog!  It has been a rough week for Amy, truth be told.  Once the excitement of the surgery date had worn off the realization of a week-long fast set in.  I can't even begin to imagine how hard it is to not eat food when everyone else around you is eating, especially over a holiday weekend where great food is abundant.  But she has done very well.  Ironically today was the best day yet.  Between having gotten used to the eating and knowing that tomorrow is the big day, it was much easier on her.  She didn't experience nearly the amount of nausea and exhaustion as in the previous few days.  However, it wasn't without it's struggles.  The worst of which just happened at bedtime.

We are well aware of Braeden's emotions and the way he handles them.  I can't complain or talk any because he takes after me completely.  As I was getting Jack into the bath Braeden was with Amy, crying about how he was nervous that she would need to stay in the hospital for a "long long time".  After some reassuring and hugs he was fine enough to brush teeth, take a bath, and get his jammies on.  Then it hit again right after bedtime prayers.  He is just genuinely sad and nervous about it.  A bundle of teary emotions.  He quickly settled down though after promises of calls from Mommy and Daddy and the fact that he would get to visit her in the hospital.  He is at that age where he understands a lot of what goes on and yet he is still just 4.  This came through all too clearly tonight. 

Jack on the other hand has been okay.  Maybe it's his age sheltering him from the feelings Braeden is having.  Maybe it's just his personality.  Whatever, he has spent the day completely being Jack!  This is quite beneficial because he is such a ham and is always going for a laugh, a much-appreciated character trait during the tenseness of the past few hours and days. 

As previously mentioned even Lucy is having a rough time.  She spent the majority of her day curled up next to Amy as close as she could get.  She has always been that way when one of us is sick, hurt, or sad.  She truly is a mother-hen and always is concerned about taking care of her people!

Me?  I'm ok.  Nervous - yes.  Excited - yes.  Tomorrow is the day that Amy and I (of course mostly Amy obviously) have been preparing for since late November.  Of course it doesn't mean that this adventure is ending. Not at all.  In a way it is actually just changing, almost a new adventure.  The coming weeks will prove to be difficult and exciting, just as these past weeks have been.  But we have so many family and friends out there praying for and rooting for us, Amy in particular.  All will be fine, I know it.  So we proceed, leaning on each other for support.  Along with, of course, prayer, family, and friends.  Ready for the first step of the next adventure in Drosche Land.

All is well, hoping for peaceful sleep for us all, in Drosche Land.

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