"For I know the plans I have for you," declares the Lord, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future." Jeremiah 29:11

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Home Sweet Home?

Cypress is beautiful.  The area is wonderful.  It's a little bit country; it's a little bit city.  We love it here.  But the drive has finally gotten to us.  We always knew it would, it was only a matter of time.  Well, that time was the other morning on the way to work when Amy suddenly said "I can't take it anymore!"  Once we cleared up exactly what it was she was done with, I admitted my agreement.  But what to do?  With the recent adjustment of our appraisal, the fact that our neighborhood is not closed out yet, and the fact that the market has not yet fully rebounded means that we are in no position to sell.  However, thanks to Dave Ramsey and his words of wisdom, we soon will be.  18 months and our snowball will have completely melted!  Currently we are thinking, possibly, about listing the house next summer?  Because by then my M.Ed. will be over, Amy's will be almost done, Amy's 30th will be rapidly approaching, we will be finishing up our Home Study for the adoption, and we will be extremely close to officially beginning the adoption process.  So obviously we need something else to add to our plate and keep us busy right?  :)  But really, it seems as though that is just our life: busy.

So the next question to be asked is clearly - where?  We love I10 so we began looking further in along the freeway since it is a straight shot into school/work/church.  However, the homes in the area we would like, that are zoned to the schools we like are out of our price range for what we need.  We don't have lavish needs or wants in a house.  It's quite simple really, we just need a house at least the size we have now, preferably a little larger.  Yes, there are little things we have on our list that we would like, but that's a topic for a different post.  We are pretty flexible and easily pleased when it comes down to it.  Another thing Dave Ramsey has taught us, overlook the current owners and their garish possessions and style to see the house underneath.

So where then?  Well, the other area we like is Jersey Village.  The houses in this area meet many of the items on our wish list.  They are the right size, have the right floor plans, have the right amenities, and most importantly they are the right price.  Sounds too good to be true?  Well, there is a downside to this area and that is just that - the area.  It is off of 290.  However, due to Amy's superb map skills, we have found the perfect area within this area that is nearest to the best ways out of the area.  Does that even make sense?  Sorry, it's getting late.  Basically Amy found the best ways for us to travel to I10 from this area so the commute would not involve 290.  With this little setback taken care of we have begun to look for houses on the Internet.  Yes, the houses we have found that we love will be long gone by the time we are ready to move, but they do serve as a good indication of what the area has to offer to us.

So, we love our house, but sadly it is not our "forever house."  So, we begin the process of mentally/physically/emotionally/financially preparing to move again.  No worries, we have a long time to do so.  For now, we are at the happy & noncommittal stage of looking and dreaming!  There is one thing though that we both agree on and will not back down from - MOVERS!  We will pack and unpack, but we are not going to lift, carry, haul, or pivot anything out or into a house anymore.  Been there, done that!  Never again!

All is well, and moving forward with future plans, in Drosche Land.


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