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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Finding Nemo

1 Crowntail Beta - $5.99.  
Fish bowl, rocks, fake plant, & Beta food - $11.46.
Seeing the boys' excitement over their first pet - priceless! 

Yes, we got the boys their own pet - a fish, and as you can guess from the title of this post, they decided to name him Nemo.  Now we join the countless number of families with small children who own a fish named Nemo that looks nothing like its Disney namesake.  We have been mulling the idea over for a few weeks now.  Wal-Mart has become one of the boys' favorite places to go (sad I know) because they love to go and see the fish in the pet section.  So today we finally broke down and got them one.  However, we did not go to Wal-Mart.  Nothing against them, but the only type of fish I would feel comfortable buying there are of the frozen variety.  Instead we went to PetSmart and as it turns out Nemo has a two-week guarantee!  Hopefully we will not need to redeem it, or partake in the awkward conversation about a dead Nemo that would come with it.  So we are now the proud owners of a Beta.  At least the kids have a preference for low-maintenance pets, for now at least.  He is currently living on our dining room table as we tried to find a place that was high up so he wouldn't end up knocked over, but somewhere where the boys could easily see him.  Truth be told, I am a little excited, I have always liked fish but not the work that comes with them.  A Beta is the perfect match.  Plus it reminds me of college when Amy and I had fish as pets.  

This post is a 2-part post and you are about to enter the second part.  So, here is a brief intermission in case you want to get a snack or run to the bathroom.  Go!

Ok, so you're back.  Thanks.  Well, this second part of the post revolves around our debt snowball - which just got a kick to the butt!  So, the other day we got an unexpected check in the mail and I thought it was one of those gimmick checks that credit card companies send you to trick you into signing up.  Luckily, Amy has a bit more patience in reading through the fine print than I do because it was real!  It was the escrow overage from our mortgage!  All was legit!  Well, we could have celebrated this joy by blowing it on TVs or a new couch, or even a down payment for a new car.  But NO, we didn't!  Instead we did the responsible thing and used it to kick our debt snowball into high gear and paid off our Sears credit card!  This card was set to be paid off by the end of this month, but with this newfound blessing we have bumped up our snowball by about a month!  Amy made the payment online this afternoon and boy did it feel good!  Ahhhh, this is one time when being an adult didn't totally blow!  Take that Sears - we're done with you!  Boo-yah!  

All is well, a bit fishy and less of a slave to the lender, in Drosche Land. 

The boys putting rocks into Nemo's bowl

Nemo gets a decorative plant

Observing their new pet

 Meet Nemo

 Braeden feeding Nemo

Jackson feeding Nemo

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