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Monday, April 12, 2010

Ketchup, Granch, and Miscellaneous Dips

What?  Huh?  I know what you're thinking.  What on earth is "granch" and what does it have to do with ketchup and dip?  HA!  These three things are among the boys' current favorite foods.  We have to keep all of the above in the house at all times.

First up - ketchup.  This is by far Braeden's condiment of choice.  In fact, he probably thinks of it as its own individual food group!  He asks for it pretty much 8/10 meals.  Most of the time it is for something that, to us, does not go with ketchup at all.  For example, he has asked for ketchup with tacos, waffles, quesadillas, and pizza, among many other strange combinations.  Usually we respond with no, ketchup doesn't go on that.  He usually takes this in stride.  One of his favorite things to dip in ketchup though are potato chips!  He usually gets away with this because they are served with other items we have deemed appropriate to dip into ketchup - namely hot dogs, hamburgers, and chicken nuggets.  However, Braeden's love f dip stops here with the ketchup.  He refuses to try anything else remotely similar to dip, but we don't push.

Jack on the other hand is a dip lover!  His favorite by far is his beloved granch.  Which, in case you have not already guessed, is his way of saying ranch.  Now I will pass this off to an inherited trait from Amy, as ranch is probably nearly dead last on my list of dips and condiments.  I really do not like it.  Jack however adores it.  His favorite thing to dip?  Chicken nuggets.  But he has been known to dip french fries, chips, and pizza.  Possibly tying granch for his affections is queso.  But really, he comes by this naturally on both sides (although truth be told - more so from Amy!) so it was inevitable that at least one of the boys would also be a queso addict!  Amy and I are far from complaining about this though.  Pair this with Braeden's love of tacos and we are set for Mexican whenever we choose to eat out!  Granch and queso aside, Jack will eat pretty much any kind of dip - he's not shy.

So, what's always in our fridge?  Ketchup, granch, leftover queso, random dips.  You name it, we stock it.  Whatever gets the boys to eat and enjoy food we totally support.  So, come on over to Drosche Land, grab your favorite finger food, and dip away!

All is well, and dippable, in Drosche Land.

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