"For I know the plans I have for you," declares the Lord, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future." Jeremiah 29:11

Monday, April 05, 2010

Seriously, Not Right Now!

Well, if you have been following our many adventures, you can correctly assume that this post is about our current car adventure.  Well, this time, Amy and I didn't wait for the answer to be given to us.  Instead we came to the realization ourselves.  After sharing our good news with everyone we got to thinking.  Was this the best choice for us?  Clearly it is what we wanted, and things seemed to be working out, but was it really best?  So, we got home yesterday (Easter post to come later) and decided to crunch the numbers.  Not just to see if we could afford the new car, but what about if we didn't get the new car?  Well, once doing so, the answer was clear before us.  After adding in the cost that our car payment would go up, in addition to the rise in insurance we found that it would be about an extra $300 a month we would need, at the least.  Well, not that we couldn't and didn't have that money, it's just that the money would have to come from our debt snowball funds.  This would mean that instead of September 2011 being the payoff for our credit card debts, it would be much later.  That in turn would affect the way we save up and fund the adoption.  Plus, we finally looked at how much longer we actually have left on the van, and we realized that we could pay it off by December 2011.  That means that just 3 months after Amy's 30th birthday (and our official submittal of all adoption paperwork) we would have over $1500 extra month to put toward the adoption.  If you add these numbers up over the estimated 15 or so months it might take us to find our child and finalize everything we suddenly realized that we would be very close to paying the entire adoption off with cash!  This sealed our decision.  Could we seriously put a new car higher in priority than our daughter?  NO!  So, we made the adult decision to keep the van, pay it off, and continue to attack our debt.  We are sure, though, that we will be going through this Costco program once we are ready to buy a car.  No fuss, no haggling, big savings - that has us written all over it!  Being an adult blows!  But, we knew that it was the right decision.  Are we bummed about not getting a new car?  Yeah, of course.  But the excitement about not only being so close to getting our daughter, but being able to pay cash for nearly all of it totally eclipses any disappointment over a silly new car that we will have to wait a bit longer on.

All is well, and content with decisions made, in Drosche Land.

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