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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Post Backlog

Well, once again I fall short of my daily post goal.  Yet again I have a valid excuse.  You see, sometime this past week I opened my big mouth about how I never get sick.  So of course what happens yesterday?  You guessed it, I got my butt whipped by a nasty bug.  Luckily he only had about 12 hours of butt-whipping in him so I am all better now.  But that is why there is no post for yesterday.  Of course, now I have all kinds of things my fingers are itching to talk about just burning a hole in my brain.  So, here goes:

So, yesterday was Trinity's Step by Step 5K.  We woke up at the crack of dawn, as usual, to make it to school by 6:30 (yes a.m.) to help get everything ready.  Truth be told though, it was a smooth-running machine.  This is always such a fun event for Trinity and raises a lot of money for our athletic department.  Lisa Schneider, our P.E. teacher, organizes it all and does an amazing job.  This year I had the perfect volunteer spot.  I was at the end of the race writing down the numbers, times, and names of the first 6 men and first 6 women in the 40-49 group.  This was great because it allowed me to help out and volunteer, but I was done in enough time to do the Kids 1K with Amy and the boys!  Last year did not go so well, with much crying, wailing, and child-dragging, so we didn't know what to expect this year.  In a nutshell, it was somewhat better.  Braeden started off running with one of his friends, Jack running next to him.  That lasted all of about 30 seconds.  Then Braeden decided to walk and Jack decided he wanted to be carried.  1K is a long way, especially when you're  2 with short legs.  So we gave in to Jack.  Braeden then decided he did want to run, so Amy and I switched off on boys and I began to jog with Braeden.  He was doing great for about half of the race until he stopped dead in his tracks and began crying.  Why?  I still don't know.  But I managed to get him to walk holding my hand with minimal whining and he finished the race and got his medal.  Amy carried Jack most of the way, convincing him to walk the last part to get his medal.  The magic of the medals healed the wounds of having to walk/run the 1K and all was well.  We stayed for a bit before heading home.  We had lunch and then laid down to take a nap.  Sometime during the nap is when the butt-whipping bug decided to take up residence in me.  I woke up feeling awful.  I will pause here for a minute to state how wonderful Amy is.  I am not the easiest sick person to deal with.  In short, I get pretty whiney and a little emotional.  When Amy reads this part she will get a good laugh!  So, she is a saint/angel for dealing with me when I am sick and taking care of me!  The rest of the afternoon/evening was a blur of nausea, groaning, and sleeping.  Then this morning I woke up and all is well!  I'm very glad that it was short-lived.

This next section of the post deals with one of Amy's new discoveries.  E-mealz.  She heard about it from Tori, Braeden's teacher, a few weeks ago and was intrigued.  It's basically an online service that plans out meals for you, gives you shopping lists for the meals, and instructions on how to make them.  The perfect solution for busy people who like to cook and eat at home - us!  Well, after much debating we decided to try it out, tonight was our first dinner.  It was delicious!  Plus, Amy did the shopping this morning and said that it was very well-organized and cost-effective, both pluses!  Amy also discovered a way to post it to a blog.  So if you look at the right-hand column and scroll down you will see a link to the site if you're interested.  We are very excited about it!  Money-saving + eating healthy + easy = Woo hoo!

The last section of the post deals with the crazy boys.  Just the other night Amy decided that we were done with the monitor.  3 1/2 years of sleeping with one, and we were done.  It is partially due to the bedtime troubles we have been experiencing as of late; actually right now we are going through a particularly bad time.  For some reason the easy bedtime routine of bath, devotions, bed had been replaced with bath, devotions, screaming and crying.  I think I'm experiencing déjà vu and I have posted about this before.  Well, it is still going on so I guess it is still relevant.  But I digress, again; anyway we are done with the monitor.  It is something we have debated often throughout the past year or so, but have not been willing to do so.  So far it hasn't changed their troubles, but has brought Amy and I a sense of freedom.  It is slightly liberating to know that we can sleep through the night without having to be awakened by every sneeze, cough, or whine that occurs in their bedroom.  Last night actually went well, again I was quite incoherent at bedtime, but I don't recall any problems.  They slept all night and when they woke up, they opened their bedroom door and came into our room to wake us up.  So, we enter a new stage here in Drosche Land.  A stage where there are no babies, but children.  Liberating and exciting, but at the same time sad.  Truth be told I am a little nervous about giving up the monitor for good.  I mean, what if they need me?  I would have thought that Amy would have had more trouble with quitting the monitor cold turkey.  But it seems as though I will be experiencing some withdrawal myself.  I wonder if there's a patch for that?  Regardless, we'll see how things work out. 

Well, I think the backlog is emptied.  Gee, you miss one day of posting and suddenly you're babbling endlessly about a random string of topics.  Well, that's probably what many of my posts seem like, backlog or not!  The kids seemed to have finally settled down and gone to sleep!  Joy!  Time to sit back, relax, and enjoy the cut cord of the monitor!

All is well, and topically current, in Drosche Land.

  Getting ready for the race

Braeden & his medal

Jack & his medal

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  1. Dusty, I love your blog posts! When I actually can find time to read them, they are so refreshing, funny and makes me wish we had been much closer friends in school. I love you and I love Amy and I love your true family unit. It is so encouraging in a world of parents that are all out 'me' and so little about their kids or their marriage or their family, to see another family that shares Dedrick's and my family values. Dedrick said again the other day he would really like to have dinner with you guys sometime and I totally agree. So, we need to make that happen if we can find an open time in both our families' insane schedules!! We are totally kid friendly and have no problem with Jack and Braeden joining us. I know a lot of couples without kids seem to expect that couples with kids will always find a sitter so they can get together, but we were raised as family people and have no problem making it a family night. In fact, I loved our short time with your boys when we got to come visit and would love to get to know them even better. Oh and if there is an email list you can put us on so we get info on Trinity's 5k next year, please add us as Dedrick and Taryn Fields Tmb0497@gmail.com, We would love to walk in it next year and support Dedrick's old stomping grounds!!! Have a beautiful rest of the week and happy blogging!! Hugs!! Taryn