"For I know the plans I have for you," declares the Lord, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future." Jeremiah 29:11

Tuesday, April 13, 2010


WOO HOO!  My wife is the most awesome, wonderful, sweet, giving, loving wife in the world!  She is the bombdizzle!

In case you have not heard, or have not figured out the source of my joy - Amy scored us tickets to see Lady Gaga in Dallas!  WOO HOO!  Utterly amazing.  It all started last night when a friend of ours offered to help get us tickets via the pre-sale that they had access to that started this morning.  We did not have access to it so we told them what we were looking for.  Well, come to find out, although pre-sale tickets do not sell out as fast as when the tickets go on sale to the masses - they do in fact sell out!  She could not get a hold of any in our price range and could only get individual tickets at $175.  Well, that was alright, she was very gracious to try and I was greatly appreciative (THANK YOU ANNASA!) but if it wasn't mean to be, then it wasn't meant to be.  But my darling wife had other thoughts.  As soon as she got home from her accreditation meeting and began trying right away (isn't she amazing)!  But get this, she is so awesome she just didn't try to get the tickets - she busted out her resourcefulness!  She got onto the forums on Lady Gaga's website to see if she could get the passwords required to access the pre-sales (Virgin Wireless pre-sale & Citibank pre-sale).  She couldn't find the information for the Virgin Wireless pre-sale so that quick-thinking wonder realized that the password for the Citibank pre-sale was the first 6 digits on a Citibank credit card.  So, she went to the Citibank website and got the digits off of an add to sign up for a credit card, entered them, and voila!  She was able to miraculously access tickets in Houston.  These were the $175 tickets we had not intended on buying, but by now it was clear that the less expensive tickets were not going to happen.  She began to multi-task and entered the password for the pre-sale to the Dallas show and got 2 tickets there as well.  So she called me to ask my advice on what to do.  We only had one dilemma - we don't have a credit card and we didn't want to use our check card.  So I rapidly called my wonderful Mom and got her credit card number so we could charge the tickets to her card and then pay her.  In the time it took to call her and get the number (which in panic-mode I incorrectly wrote down the first time, requiring a 2nd call) we lost the Houston tickets!  Gasp!  So she began refreshing the Houston page and then the Dallas page timed out.  Now, this was not very long, the time limit to secure your Dallas tickets was only about 7 minutes and the Houston time was only 3 minutes!  Talk about being forced to act fast!  So, now she had no tickets and she frantically began to refresh both pages.  For those of you who know Amy, failure is not an option; this quite possibly is one of her best traits as it drives her to succeed in everything.  Here, it was a very valuable trait as she did indeed get 2 more Dallas tickets - which she promptly bought!

Wow, I'm stressed and tired just recounting the events of the afternoon!  So you can only imagine how Amy felt.  But, all's well that ends well.  She got us some tickets, a little bit more than we wanted to spend, but we will also get a fun date night out in Dallas while Mom babysits the boys (thanks Mom)!  I am uber-excited and cannot wait until July 23!  It is going to be AWESOME, but not as AWESOME as my wonderful wife!  Thanks Amy!

All is well, WITH LADY GAGA TICKETS, in Drosche Land.

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