"For I know the plans I have for you," declares the Lord, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future." Jeremiah 29:11

Saturday, April 03, 2010

Right Now?

Well, today marked another busy day of our Easter vacation.  We began by waking up and having a quick morning getting everything ready to head to Amy's Mom's house for egg dyeing with the cousins.  That was a lot of fun as usual.  5 kids, 4-dozen eggs, and 9 colors.  Good messy fun!  The kids had a blast as usual as all of the adults hovered over frantically keeping everyone's eggs from breaking and colors from spilling!  I have to say though, the eggs turned out great - see the pic below.

After we finished dyeing the eggs, hanging out, and having lunch it was time to head home to relax a bit before heading out again to visit with Sarah, Nathan, Niki, and David.  That was fun.  It was good to see them, especially since we have not all been together in about 5 years!  The boys were themselves - cute, charming, silly, and crazy!  Niki and David brought them Woody and Buzz Lightyear toys and Sarah and Nathan got them sidewalk chalk and bubbles!  Needless to say, they were instantly won over!  It was nice to sit back and reminisce and catch up.  Plus, Sarah grilled some great brats for dinner.  It was also great to discuss the adoption with them and get their thoughts and support about it.

Onto the title of this post.  This morning before we headed out Amy was reading through our monthly Costco magazine and there was an article about their auto program.  Well, you know we are in the market to replace our ginormous van for something a bit smaller and a lot more reliable.  What could it hurt to try?  So, we got online and entered in the information for the Nissan Rogue we have been looking into and the nearest Nissan dealership that participates in this program is in College Station, not actually all that far at about an hour and a half.  So we gave them all the information and waited for them to call us back.  Flash forward to Amy's Mom's house.  The guy from the dealership calls and basically the deal they give for the Costco membership is $100 off the invoice price plus whatever incentives are being offered at that time.  Plus, it seems as though the car will be delivered to us and we can do everything via phone and email!  We were definitely intrigued by this point.  Once we got home we looked into what we wanted and I called our contact and then emailed him all the information.  On the way home from Sarah & Nathan's I had time to check my email and we are being offered a great deal.  The Costco membership will basically save us about $3,000 off the MSRP!  So, I emailed him back and asked what we do next.  We are excited, things are looking up.  It seems as though we are very close to closing the deal!  We are still keeping in mind that we do have the walk-away power Dave Ramsey taught us, but we are still optimistic.  If it all works out, we will be getting a brand new car for about the price of a used one from CarMax, minus the mileage and plus the full dealer warranty!  So, maybe this time the answer is "Yes Right Now"?  We'll see.  Until then we continue to research and read up about the Rogue.  All good things.  Overall a great day with family and friends and some potential good news!  I think I will go to sleep a happy man!

All is well, and maybe going Rogue, in Drosche Land.

Our Easter eggs - I love this picture, they're beautiful!

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