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Friday, September 03, 2010

Where Did He Go Now?

Jack loves to play hide and seek.  It's possibly his favorite game.  The only problem is that most times the rest of us don't know there is a game going on.  That is until we realize that the littlest member of the family is nowhere to be found.

This isn't really something new, he has been doing it for a while now.  However, he is getting slightly more creative in his hiding places.  So much so that the other day Amy did have to have a conversation that went something like this:

Amy - "Jack?  Jack?  Where are you?  Are you hiding again?"
Jack - silence
Amy - "Jack?"
Jack - silence
Amy finally finds him in his favorite spot, the boys' closet.
Jack - "Ha ha.  I was hiding!"
Amy - "HA!  Yes you were, again.  Listen, Jack when you hide and you hear Mommy calling you, then you need to come out ok?"
Jack - "Um, ok."

Yeah, his answer doesn't sound too promising right?  I think it might be the toddler equivalent of "Whatever"!  He is always so proud of himself for hiding that it is hard to bet frustrated with him.  Luckily he seems to be content with keeping his hiding at home and not in public places, yet (I type with crossed fingers!).  I will give him credit though, he does know how to pick a spot.  Well, sometimes.  Like I said before his favorite spot now is getting in Braeden's side of their closet and closing the door.  Sounds easy right?  Well, yeah, until you realize that Braeden's side of the closet is where we keep the toy drawers so there actually isn't any floor space at all.  He manages to cram himself in between the closed door and the drawers!  However, he does have his moments when he just stands there with his hands over his face, hiding.  It's hilarious.  "Jack, I can still see you!"  "No you can't, I'm hiding!"  HA!  He is something else.  This new hiding fun is just another way he likes to ham it up and get a laugh!  It's a good thing too because he ensures that he is just cute enough to cover up his naughtiness!  :)

I've included some pictures below, showing him in all his hiding glory!  The first picture was from last night.  His best spot yet.  It took us a few minutes to find him, hidden behind the laundry basket in the linen closet in the boys' bathroom, with the closet door shut!  The second picture is from this morning when he hid behind the doors of the snack cabinet at TLCC!  That's my boy!

All is well, lost and found, in Drosche Land.

His best spot yet!

Not the most creative, but cute!

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