"For I know the plans I have for you," declares the Lord, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future." Jeremiah 29:11

Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Follow Your Nose!

For those of you about to read this, all ready to hear about Froot Loops or cereal in general, I'm sorry to disappoint you.  Maybe I will blog about that later, you should already know my favorite cereal anyway.  But I digress.

I'm not one to toot my own horn, but technically this blog is about Amy not me, so AOOGA  (come on, you know that sound!)!  We were recently turned onto a fabulous product called Scentsy (thanks Taryn!).  For those of you wondering what it is, it is a "wickless candle".  Scented wax really, but it's so much more than just that.  First of all it is totally family friendly because it had a special low-temp melting point so it doesn't burn if/when you touch it.  Trust me on this, Jack has already proven this to be true. More than once.  Seriously.  Like 3 times (he's a slow learner!).  Secondly, they have a bazillion (maybe not that many, but A LOT) of fragrances that last forever.  So, enough plugging of this fabulous product and onto the plugging of Amy!

So, our dear friend Taryn gave us one as a gift and we were hooked immediately.  After falling totally in love with it Amy began mulling the idea of selling it.  See, it's only available via direct sales (think Avon or Pampered Chef).  She has always wanted to try something like this for fun, but hasn't really felt 110% behind any product enough to sell.  Well folks, the wait is over.  Amy has become a Scentsy consultant and she is getting ready to host her first party next Friday!  I am super excited for her because she is so excited and I know that she will do wonderfully at it because that's how she rolls.  One of the best parts is, you can order over the Internet because she has her own website (visit it here).  Oh, there is also a link to her website off of the main page of the blog just in case you are ever so inclined to visit and/or order.  After her gift she immediately ordered some product, prior to joining the team, and it was delivered today!  So, as I blog I am enjoying the wonderful aroma of the "Lucky in Love" scent!  Ahhhhhh, I love me a nice-smelling house!  

So, yet another fun adventure for the Drosches to begin and boy are we excited.  There has been great pre-party response to Amy's new adventure so we are very excited!  Woo hoo!  Let the awesome new ride begin!

Oh, for those of you who began hoping for a cereal post, my all-time favorite is Frosted Mini Wheats although I have been on a serious Lucky Charms kick lately!  :)

All is well, Scentsational actually (HA!  Get it!), in Drosche Land.

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