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Saturday, April 28, 2012

Y is for Yearbook

Pictures.  I love them.  Taking them and looking at them.  They can help you to capture a moment in time.  Remember an event, a person, a place, an emotion.  Looking back at them allows you to relive that moment.  Being a teacher, the yearbook is naturally something that comes to mind when thinking about pictures and memories.  The year goes by so quickly, for both the teacher and the students.  If it weren't for a yearbook we might forget many of the highlights of the year.

Think back to your time in school when you would receive your yearbook from the previous year.  Remembering everything that happened.  Maybe you missed friends who had moved.  Maybe you counted how many times you appeared in the yearbook.  Maybe you tried to collect as many signatures as possible.  Whatever you did with your yearbook I am sure it was special.

I've obviously always loved my yearbooks.  But more than just getting them, I've always enjoyed creating them.  I was on the yearbook staff in middle school and high school.  We didn't have one in college and that is still something I'm bummed about.  Luckily my own love of taking pictures makes up for the lack thereof.  My yearbook from my one year at St. John was lost in the flood after Katrina.  Something that still saddens me.  I was able to salvage my class picture from that year, but I would love to look back and remember.  Again, I'm lucky to have some pictures of my own.  I once again got to create the yearbook when I began working at Memorial and quickly remembered how much I loved it.  Last year I again picked up the task at Trinity.  I am actually just beginning working on this year's.  Yes, I know it's late.  Procrastination has gotten the best of me once again, but I have a little more than a month.  I'd better get crackin'!

Having worked on yearbooks since 7th Grade, I have seen many changes in techniques and technology.  From the humble beginnings of the cropping tools and orange colored pencils to the introduction of computer software.  Now it is entirely done online and I can work on it anywhere.  It's amazing how many things on that end of the yearbook have changed over the years.  But the purpose of the yearbook and the joys it brings remain the same.  As I'm sure it always will.

I still have my grade school and high school yearbooks and occasionally look at them.  Do you still have yours?  Did you look forward to "Yearbook Day"?  What was your favorite part of the yearbook?

Old yearbooks I'm about to pore over yet again!

All is well, remembering, in Drosche Land.


  1. I still have my yearbooks. I used to love collecting signatures and still look at them from time to time. Fun!

    1. It really is a lot of fun right? As soon as I finished this post I did the same! :)