"For I know the plans I have for you," declares the Lord, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future." Jeremiah 29:11

Saturday, April 14, 2012

M is for Marriage

I'm codependent.  I don't like being alone.  I don't like quiet (or being quiet for that matter).  So, I was destined to be married.  I just never knew how lucky I would be in that area.

The story of Amy and I is a long one, beginning back in 7th Grade when we first met.  We weren't exactly friends though until high school.  She set me up with her best friend who I dated for over a year.  After we broke up Amy and I became best friends.  However, one of us was clueless to the true feelings of the other!  This friendship continued through high school and into college.  It was filled with ups and downs, good and bad.  Amy went away for college and that was hard for both of us.  Then, at the end of our Freshman year it finally hit me.  Her feelings all along.  My feelings, all along.  We've been together ever since.

From the moment we began dating we knew we'd get married.  Our lives were already heavily intertwined and continued to do so.  Our finances joined.  More ups and downs followed.  Nearing the end of college it was finally time to propose.  The moment we both knew was inevitable.  Still though, it was the first, and likely the only time, I was able to surprise Amy.  Of course she said yes.

We were married, moved to a new city, got a dog, survived a major natural disaster, moved back to Houston, had 2 sons, bought a house, and bought a van.  All in 4 years.  You might say we like the drama, like the business, like the action of life.  We don't sit still well.  We're easily swayed into a new adventure.  Now we are rapidly approaching yet another big adventure.

In June we'll celebrate our 8 year anniversary, but we go way back.  Amy and I figured out that we've known each other longer than we haven't.  We've been a couple longer than we've been apart.  It's a special thing we have, whether it's 8 years or 18 (yes I did the math!).  

But no matter what life throws at me I'd not change any of it.  Nor would I choose to experience it with anyone else.  It hasn't always been easy, this adventure called marriage, but it's always been worth it.  Amy and I have grown closer and our faiths and marriage are stronger than ever.  She is truly my other half, she truly does balance me out and complete me.  And I do the same for her.  See, I told you I was destined for this.  HE always knew!

Lucky in love.

All is well, happily married, in Drosche Land.


  1. wow, it's like a very sweet valentine's card. love this post!!! congrats on your happy marriage. :)


    1. Thanks so much! She liked it! :)

  2. Marriage can always be tough. When it gets right down to the grit and your wife steps up next to you and toes the line and holds her fists up ready to fight for whatever it is you are trying to hold onto that you truly realize that this is your one and only! Congrats!

    1. Thanks so much! You are so right! :)