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Friday, April 20, 2012

R is for Recycling

Well, I'll start of by saying that this is the 2nd time I am posting this today.  I didn't get around to scheduling it so I wrote it this morning.  My first post to not be scheduled.  I know I wrote it and I know I published it.  Somewhere along the way though something happened because when I just checked on it to schedule some posts it wasn't there!  Well, it was there, but it was blank!  I'm bummed.  A whole day gone with no "R" post.  Luckily I caught it in time so I can still make it, but I'm still bummed!  :(  On with the post!  I can't remember it all but I thought it was good so I'll have to make do with what I can remember and what comes to me now!

I've always wanted to recycle.  You know, help the earth out and all.  But honestly, it was a lot of work. Our neighborhood didn't collect recyclables and I am too lazy busy to collect, store, load, and transport things across creation to drop it off.  Sorry earth, it just wasn't happening.  Luckily though a few months ago our neighborhood announced that they would begin picking up recyclables!  Woo hoo!

Who knew there were so many different kinds of plastics?  Who knew you couldn't recycle a pizza box?  Well, now I do.Turns out there is a ton of stuff that's recyclable.  Before we were taking out a bag of trash about every other day.  Overflowing trash cans were then left at the curb twice a week.  Such is no longer the case here in Drosche Land!  I'd say well over 60% of our trash is recyclable.  We now only take the trash to the curb on the weekend and it's only ever half full at most.  The recycling trash can though?  That's always over flowing.

Now don't get me wrong.  I'm all supportive of going green, but I'm not always perfect at it.  We don't do all we could/should.  We recycle, use better light bulbs, use ceiling fans, a programmable thermostat, turn of the lights.  Basic stuff, we do what we can.  But I do have weaknesses.  I leave the water running when I brush my teeth.  I'm very particular (remember the "O" post) about how I sort laundry so I run small loads, but I do adjust the load size (when I remember).  But hey, I'm a work in progress and any little thing helps right?

We're about to embark on a whole new level of green here in Drosche Land though.  We will be using cloth diapers (gDiapers) with Stella.  With the boys we used the regular disposable.  But we're older and wiser now.  We've possibly also blissfully forgotten all about the amount of diaper changing.  So we've decided to inch a little further into the green.  I'm excited.  I feel helpful.  You're welcome earth!

Do you recycle?  Have you gone green?  Totally or, like us, partially?  Used cloth diapers?  Well, whatever you do, congratulations!

Our recycling bin!  And proud of it!

All is well, going green(ish), in Drosche Land.

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