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Friday, June 18, 2010

Wii Love Sports!

Well, as you can probably tell from the title of this post we have been playing the Wii a lot now that summer is in full swing.  The boys are finally old enough and to the point where they can play by themselves and they love it.  Right now their favorite thing to do is to play Wii Sports - baseball in particular.  This is the easiest for them since it does not involve button-pressing and moving.  Braeden, however, taught himself how to work the remote in order to pause, restart, and select.  So it may not be too long before they are broadening their athletic video game abilities.  They really want to try bowling, but I must confess, I do not have the patience yet to try and teach them how to use the remote for that.  I know once they get it they will have no problem, it's just the probability of a frustrating learning process that has me holding out.  But luckily for now they are content with baseball only.  They are actually really cute when playing, Jack especially.  He has a funny little grunt when he pitches and spends most of the time he plays yelling "Yeah Baby!" and "Did you saw that?!).  I would love to say I have pictures, which I do, but they are trapped on the camera since we still do not have any replacement batteries.  However, there are some, as well as an adorable video on Facebook.  Ahhh, I love Facebook, but I digress.  We did finally have the bright idea to set a timer for them, 30 minutes, when they play.  This keeps things in order and makes for way less drama when it is time to stop!  It may also be time to bust out the Cars game again since we had dinner at the Lytle's house on Tuesday where the boys played a Mario racing game and loved it.

My favorite part of the Wii you ask?  Well, I would have to be honest and say using it to access our Netflix and watch the instant movies/TV shows.  That is why I am totally addicted to Weeds now!  Plus I just love watching movies and now the ability to do so whenever I want is almost too much joy to withstand, but I manage! :)  Although I do enjoy Wii Sports as well, particularly bowling and tennis.  I'm not too terribly bad at either actually.  Of course I have put off starting up Wii Fit again.  I'm not ready to confront the little guy that runs it and get on the board/scale just yet.  I know I have about 10 pounds to lose but that little computer is a taskmaster and I have a tendency toward laziness (you're shocked I know!).  Hopefully next week I will begin again.  We'll see (Amy is now rolling her eyes!).

So, now that summer is here we actually have the time for the fun and recreational things that the school year tends to unintentionally forbid.  Wii time being one of them.  It is fun to watch and play, although I have to admit it is kinds of bittersweet to watch the boys play because it makes you realize exactly how fast (too fast!) they are growing up!  But for now we will focus on the fun aspect of it.  That and of course me working up the courage to face my Wii Fit Instructor!  Yikes!

All is well, Wii are loving summer, here in Drosche Land.

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