"For I know the plans I have for you," declares the Lord, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future." Jeremiah 29:11

Tuesday, June 08, 2010


Well, when we were building the house and going through the process of picking everything out, eliminating the bathtub in the master bath in favor of an extra large stand up shower seemed like a good idea.  Key word - seemed.  However, nobody told us how difficult they were to keep clean, particularly the glass doors.  So, it has been a battle for the past 2 1/2 years to keep the doors sparkly clean.  A battle, I'm afraid to say, I have not been winning.  So, the first definition of SOS stands for "save our shower".  Part of my plans for this summer at home has been a deep and thorough cleaning of the entire house.  One because it's time for it, and two because it will make it easy to get everything ready for the move next summer.  As I'm cleaning I am going through everything and making the small repairs here and there.

Today was the first day that the boys went to school on their Tuesday/Thursday schedule, which for me meant a day of cleaning and work I can't get done with them around.  I was supposed to mow the front and back yards but a huge storm had other ideas.  Instead I decided to clean the bathrooms.  The downstairs half-bath, and the boys' bathroom were not too bad.  I saved the most challenging task for last - the master.  I had been researching online the best way to clean shower doors and came upon several theories.  Many things seemed to center around vinegar, which we do not have (of course).  Then, as luck should have it, I found one that said to use those SOS sponges, the ones that are little metal pads with soap inside.  Yes!  We had a whole box in the garage!  So I was set, I first used the pads to clean the sinks and countertops.  Next I moved on to the shower.  Long story short - they worked!  So, 2 SOS pads, a lot of elbow grease, and about an hour later the shower doors are clean!  Now the only task ahead is to get some vinegar and Rain-X (another near trick) and keep them that way.  But that can wait for another day.  After the bathrooms I dusted and cleaned the dining and living rooms so I'm all cleaned out for today.

One of the things, though, that Amy and I have agreed upon for our next house is no stand up shower if we can avoid it.  Or at least a smaller one so it's not so bad.  But oh well, you live and learn from your mistakes as a homeowner.  Until then we will keep cleaning and living with our shower.

So, the clean-a-thon is off to a great start and we will see what tomorrow brings.  Probably not as much cleaning since the boys will be home and I will be working on finishing up this week's homework.  Believe it or not, I actually enjoy all this cleaning.  I don't know if I could be a stay at home dad all the time, I might go insane, but so far it's going well and I am really enjoying it.  Weird I know!

All is well, and squeaky clean, in Drosche Land.


  1. You know that you can buy chemicals that can keep the soap scum off, right? We fought the same battle in the Einem's rental house and won!

  2. If you aren't already doing this, if you squeegee the glass at the end of each shower, you won't have shower spots. I grew up with 3 very large glass shower doors in our house and this was the number 1 way to cut down on cleaning time. We do it in our master shower now and it works great. Thought I'd have trouble getting Dedrick to do it every single shower, but lucky for me there's just enough 'little boy' left in him that he finds it 'fun' - go figure! Glad you were able to get so much done today!