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Monday, June 28, 2010

Earning Their Keep

Well, today marks a momentous occasion in Drosche Land.  Today was the day we implemented chores for the boys.  Yes, that's right, as the title of the post says, we are making the boys earn their keep!  Well, really we are just trying to teach them responsibility and money management while we reap the benefits of delegating some of our tasks to them!  It's nothing big right now, but you have to start somewhere right?  Braeden has 4 chores a day since he is 4 and so obviously Jack has 2 chores a day.  We will add a chore per year until they max-out at age 5.  Over the years these chores will change and become more complicated to reflect their age, abilities, and level of responsibility.  A pretty good plan huh?  Well, we can't take total credit for it since it is heavily based in what we learned through FPU with Dave Ramsey.  Once they both get a little older we intend on beginning his kid's program with them.  But baby steps for now.

Each day they are responsible for their chores and if they complete them (with minimal reminding) they get a sticker for that day's chore.  Sunday night we will tally the stickers earned that week and pay them.  Yes, we are actually giving them an allowance, but technically they are working and we are paying them for the jobs they do for the family (again based upon Dave's principles).  Right now they are getting .15 a chore which, if you add it up (or take my word for it) adds up to about $4 a week for Braeden and $2 a week for Jackson.  I have to give Amy credit for how much, it was her idea and she came up with dividing it out equally to get to a dollar per age (gotta love her number-oriented mind!).  Again, over time this total amount (as well as the individual chore amount) will change depending upon age and complexity of the task, some chores will be worth more than others.  Yes, again based upon Dave's principles (I told you I couldn't take credit for it all).  What I can take credit for is the chart that I created!  I've attached it below because I'm that proud of it and just to show it off!  

I know what you're thinking.  What are you expecting a 4 and a 2 year old to do?  Well, funny you should ask, I was just getting to that.  Braeden is responsible for daily: 1 - putting away toys, 2 - taking his dinner plate to the kitchen counter, 3 - making his bed, and 4 - using respectful language.  Jackson has the chores of: 1 - putting away toys and 2 - taking his dinner plate to the kitchen counter.  See, nothing too complicated or difficult, but all aimed at teaching responsibility.  So far so good though for Day 1.  Jack has earned both of his stickers for the day and Braeden has 2 left, with all signs pointing toward the other 2 being earned before bed!  Right now excitement is high about the stickers and the money so we will see how long that lasts.  Amy and I are hoping that the excitement at least makes it until the chores become habit but we'll see.  

All is well, with everyone doing their share, in Drosche Land.

The famous chore chart (I'll pause for your applause!)

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