"For I know the plans I have for you," declares the Lord, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future." Jeremiah 29:11

Tuesday, June 01, 2010

They're All Ears

Well, of course the boys are aware of the adoption.  I have blogged about it before.  Through the informational DVD and discussions, we have tried very hard to inform them of it and keep them aware of this exciting adventure our family will be taking.  However, since it is so far in the future we don't talk about it with them constantly, even though it is a topic Amy and I talk about frequently.  So, despite all the talking we have done I do sometimes wonder how much they understand and comprehend about this.  Well, my question was answered in a huge way yesterday during breakfast.  With our vacation day off Amy decided to make a big breakfast for us - breakfast tacos, always a favorite in Drosche Land.  So, we're sitting down and eating when Braeden asks, "So Mommy, you know what we will be getting from China?"  Amy and I looked at each other with a smile, not sure what to expect.  I mean the last time he brought it up on his own he said he wanted a panda.  So Amy then answers, "What?"  To which Braeden promptly responds, "Our little sister, but that is a long time away and we have to move to a new house first."  I can't speak for Amy, although I can assume her reaction was the same, but my heart leapt at this!  So, not only does he understand and comprehend, but he thinks about it and is looking forward to it.  One prayer answered, we have wondered how the adjustment would be for the boys, and this is quite positive.  Yes there is a long way until the adoption is finalized and it will be filled with ups and downs, but this is huge, for me at least!  Of course this prompted a discussion about their new little sister, to which both Jackson and Braeden eagerly and excitedly participated in.

So, they obviously hear Amy and I talking about it since that and moving next summer comprise the majority of our conversations.  This is good because I hope that hearing about it over and over will translate into their understanding and acceptance of it.  However it does bring to my mind the need for censoring what I say around them and what they hear/watch.  As a teacher you learn in school that children are sponges are absorb everything, good and bad, around them.  Being a parent has only stressed this for me!  But for now I will focus on the positive aspect of their sponginess!  I am so excited that they are excited about the adoption and their new sister.  I also am happy that they are willing to discuss it with us on their terms.  I think it is setting the stage for a great adventure!

All is well, and always listening, in Drosche Land.

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