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Saturday, March 13, 2010

A Wheel-y Great Time

Yesterday was Skate Day at Trinity! I love my job! It has been an amazing blessing to my family, my personal career, and my ministry. It is amazing how God leads you to where you should be. I love my job and my Trinity family! But, as usual, I digress. Skate Day is one of Trinity's all-school events. Parents brought their kids to the skating rink and stayed and it was a fantastic community event. I was slightly nervous about skating. I mean it's been a good 15 or so years since I have. Man am I that old to be referring to my life in periods of over a decade? Whoa! But that's a topic for another post (most likely in November). Anyway, I was nervous but knew I would skate. My kids would never have let me sit on the sidelines. Plus I have awesome co-workers (Melanie & Adam) who would never let me miss out. Finally, I'm a fun person, or I like to think so. The only question was: Do I kick it old-school with skates? Or do I go for rollerblades? I grew up with the old kind but had in-line skates when I was older? Hmmmm? Well after helping kids get skates I remembered how heavy those old skates are! Geeze! Plus I remembered, or thought I did, how much easier it is to skate with rollerblades. So I went with those.

Amy had sent me out with one warning - no broken bones! It came along with the threat that if I broke anything it would be paid for out of my NOLA allowance for Spring Break! Ha! I love her! So, with that thought in my mind and some slight trepidation I stepped out onto the rink. Alas, it is true what they say. It's like riding a bike - you never forget! Aside from the fact that I cannot ride a bike (again a topic for another post) it was that easy! It was also a lot more fun than I remembered! In fact, it was a blast!

Now onto the questions burning in your mind. Did I fall? Did I break anything? Yes and no. I fell 2 1/2 times. The first time I fell was because I was avoiding a wobbly student, ironically I was the one who fell. The second time was because I was trying to discipline a student of mine who was laying in the middle of the rink on his back rolling around and acting silly. As I stopped to say get up - I went down. So that one was technically not my fault. The 1/2 comes from when I was stopping to talk to a parent and started to go down. But I caught myself on my hands and my butt never hit the ground - hence the 1/2! It was pretty embarrasing since it was in front of parents, but I handled it the way I do, by making a joke and insisting it wasn't an actual fall. They laughed and I felt better!

All in all it was a fantastic day! My skills increased throughout the day and I got fairly good! The only pains I have today are both of my ankles from where the skates pressed against and rubbed them, and my left shoulder is a little sore from the 1/2 fall. But it was a blast - not to mention a great workout! I'm looking forward to next year's! Ahhhhh, I love my job! It's the best!

All is well, and rolling smoothly, in Drosche Land.
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