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Sunday, March 21, 2010

All Good Things Must Come To An End

Well, today marks the end of Spring Break 2010.  Sad, this was a great one.  It began with that wonderful Backyard Campout!  Man, that was a great time!  I added a link to the right column directly from Snapfish because I wasn't sure the link in the post was working and I wanted to share the many great pictures.  Just a quick side note.

The next fun we had was our annual trip to the Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo!  Woo hoo!  Every year Amy's Uncle John comes down during Spring Break and we ALL go to the carnival and Rodeo.  The kids had a blast at the carnival.  Amy and I took the boys on our usual trip on the ferris wheel.  It was terrifyingly fun!  I don't mind the height as long as I'm looking out, but once I look down things get a bit more tense!  Luckily the boys adore it and we always get a great couple of pictures.  Another thing the boys loved was their visit to the petting zoo!  Jack actually walked, fed, and petted the animals this year.  Jack's favorite part by far though was the chickens!  That boy loves him some chickens, I'm not entirely sure why.  We ended up spending about 20 minutes watching the various types of chickens.  Braeden's favorite part was when he rode the pony all by himself!  We were so proud of him!  I can't believe he is so old!  The concert we went to see this year was Keith Urban and he put on one hell of a show!  It lasted over an hour and he walked around in the stands singing and high-fiving the fans.  It was fun!

The next great thing was my tip to New Orleans!  Some friends from work invited me to go and Amy couldn't.  But my wife is so fantastic that she insisted I go ahead and have fun.  I left at midnight on Tuesday; Amy dropped me off on the way home from the Rodeo.  I had an awesome time!  Man, I have some great friends.  We ate some fantastic food, heard some great music, drank some great drinks, and just had fun.  I did make it back to Pat O'Brien's and we ordered this monster hurricane.  We finished nearly all of it though, whoa!  It was just so much fun and really made me see what great friends my co-workers are!  I was definitely meant to be at Trinity with these fantastic people, working and having fun!  The thing is though; I had to break my Lent give-up items of eating out and sweets though.  But, Amy did as well at home with the boys since she was so busy and on her own.  So, starting tomorrow it is back on, no more eating out or sweets until Easter.  Oh, and yes, the first food I ate while on the trip was Jack Tacos!

As much fun as I had, it was great to come home and see Amy and the boys.  I missed them a lot.  Yesterday we moved Amanda, boy that was rough.  It definitely cemented the fact for Amy and I that we are only hiring movers from here on out!  But other than that we are ending Spring Break quietly and calmly.  As I blog this, the boys are sound asleep and Amy and I are putting off a bit of homework.  Ugh, guess I'd better sign off and get some done for tonight.  But all in all it was a fantastic break.  I have an incredible wife, awesome sons, and wonderful friends!  Great times, great memories, a great Spring Break!

All is well, and returning to routine, in Drosche Land. 

Braeden on the ferris wheel
 Jack on the ferris wheel
 Amy & I on the ferris wheel
 The boys at the petting zoo
 Jack Tacos on the way to NOLA!
 Waiting for the St. Patrick's Day parade in NOLA
 Out & about in NOLA
 Our giant hurricane at Pat O'Brien's

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