"For I know the plans I have for you," declares the Lord, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future." Jeremiah 29:11

Tuesday, March 02, 2010


Victory!  Woo hoo!  No more worries (for a while at least)!  Amy called our insurance this morning regarding the worries I wrote about last night (see Insurance Worries).  Good news!  There is no such thing as "pre-existing conditions" when it comes to adoption, this includes international adoption!  As long as we file the paperwork to add our child to our insurance within 30 days of finalizing the adoption we are good and the child is covered!  Ahhhh, I can breath a sigh of relief and sleep well tonight thanks to the efforts of my wonderful wife!  So, one less worry to have to face as we proceed with the adoption process.  It is good to know that no matter what special need our child will have, they will be covered and we will be able to provide proper medical care no matter what is needed.  Definitely a prayer answered here!  I love good news!

Overall a good day too, outside of the good news just mentioned.  One cute story came about.  Students from the UT Dental School came and visited classrooms to talk about brushing and good dental hygiene.  Braeden was very excited about it.  Brushing used to be a huge drama for us but has gotten better.  Truth be told though, even though I feel like a horrible parent for it, I totally forgot to have the boys brush tonight.  It was  a late night and we rushed into bed.  However, about 45 minutes later I hear Braeden calling over the monitor.  I go in to check on him and he says, "I forgot to brush my teeth Daddy.  The dentist said you have to brush your teeth before you go to bed."  HA!  I cracked up!  So, I let them get out of bed to brush their teeth, using their new brushes and toothpaste they received at school.  It was so cute, but at least he was obviously listening.  Next step is to take them to the dentist!  Ugh!  I know they should probably have already gone and I feel horrible for not having taken them yet, but it is just major drama we have not had the courage to face.  I foresee much weeping and gnashing of teeth.  Not to mention the fact that Braeden has a super sensitive gag reflex so who knows the problems that will bring about!  We have a great dentist (plug for Dr. Daniel Bellinger!) but have just not taken the plunge yet.  This summer might be a good time for that, we will see.  I can't even begin to think of that just yet!  Well, time to sign off, another good day!

All is well, and covered, in Drosche Land.

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