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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Not So Picky Eaters

Well, this post was originally supposed to happen Monday evening.  However, due to problems with my iPhone app, and then my own stubbornness it is just now getting posted.  So here goes.

It is no secret that our boys are picky eaters.  Well, maybe I mean were picky eaters.  It seems lately they have gained an insatiable appetite.  Amy and I are quite pleased with this honestly, however, we still don't really know what to make of it.  Case in point, this past Sunday.  The boys each ate a granola bar at home before we came to church.  This is typical since there are always such great pastries and breads at 931 and they love to eat there.  However, this past Sunday was a bit different.  We had to be at church a little earlier than normal because there was a special breakfast being hosted by Trinity's Tiger PAC (parent association).  Well, once we arrived there the boys decided to strap on their feedbags!  Braeden ate an entire egg & cheese taco and a couple of handfuls of grapes.  Jack at about 8 strawberries, many many grapes, and a slice of bacon.  They would have eaten more, but we had to get to church!  Upon entering the gym for 931 they were both still starving so they split a huge cinnamon roll and ate the entire thing.  As usual, when we got home it was time for lunch.  Keep in mind this is only about 2 hours from the cinnamon roll.  For lunch each of the boys ate a leftover Whataburger chicken strip (see previous post about breaking Lent), a bag of chips, and they split a small leftover order of french fries.  After a failed nap, they each ate a container of yogurt that barely held them from a further starvation meltdown until dinner.  Oh about dinner!  Amy made enchiladas!  Whoa, boy were they good!  But I digress.  Each boy ate 1 1/2 enchiladas, rice, and corn.  We were astonished that they could even eat any more food at this point.  We were wrong though, because less than an hour later they were snacking on cocoa puffs!

This trend continued Monday, the original post date for this entry, when they totally devoured ravioli, bread, and veggies.  The surprise of the night came when Jack discovered his love of lima beans (see pics below)!  He had several of these in addition to the copious amounts of carrots he also ate (by far his favorite veggie).  I say surprise but it wasn't so much of one because Jack is our one who will pretty much try/eat anything!  He's definitely our Mikey to quote Amy ("Give it to Mikey, he'll eat it!")  Braeden wouldn't try the lima beans, no surprise there though.  His surprise moment came when he enthusiastically ate carrots!  Typically even getting him to give them, or any vegetable for that matter, a taste results in much whining, crying, and gagging!  But all of that seems to be, hopefully, behind us?!?!

Who knows how long this new love of food will last?  It doesn't really matter; we are simply loving it as long as it lasts.  Although, as happy as we are about it, there is the nagging fear that we have faced that if this continues they may be eating us out of house and home!  But, we'll cross that bridge when we get to it.  Until then we just rejoice and eat!

All is well, and well fed, in Drosche Land.

Jack showing off his lima beans!


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