"For I know the plans I have for you," declares the Lord, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future." Jeremiah 29:11

Sunday, March 07, 2010

How Does Our Garden Grow?

Well, the weather yesterday was beautiful!  It was the perfect day to spend outside.  That is just what we did.  Long before a certain groundhog declared more winter, Amy and I bought a rose tree to put in the backyard in our attempt to regain control over the flower bed.  However, the aforementioned groundhog made his prediction and the dormant rose tree sat in our entry for a few weeks waiting to join our landscape.  Yesterday, its dream came true!  We weeded and turned over the flower bed and planted the rose tree in the back.  Then we decided to go get some more rosebushes to fill out the bed.  Amy has a knack with rosebushes so we have decided to stick with them.  Jack had been up most of the night and woke up with a fever but was playing around all day long.  Of course as we arrive at Lowe's he throws up, luckily in the parking lot.  Thus our easy-going shopping trip was forced into frantic pace as Amy raced in with Braeden to get her roses.  I cleaned up Jack and let him zone out in the car while we waited.  Amy quickly returned with her selections and we decided to get a fruit tree!  I have been wanting one so bad since we moved in and my wonderful wife agreed!.  We ended up getting a nectarine tree and a Meyer Lemon tree.  Jack napped and zoned the entire way home and rested with Amy for the majority of the afternoon while I planted the roses and trees.  Luckily he decided to get up and moving when it was time to straighten and clean up so Amy was able to help a lot with that!  He was fine the rest of the night, and as of right now (fingers crossed) has no fever!  Hopefully he is over it all and we won't have to miss any work.  I stayed home from 931 today with him so he could rest.  Amy would've stayed too but had signed up to give blood beforehand so she and Braeden went to church.  So, we once again have a pleasant looking backyard and that sense of peaceful accomplishment.  I can't wait for our trees to begin bearing fruit, although I know that it will most likely not be this year.  Or will it?  There are a lot of small little bead/ball looking things on the lemon tree already!  Time will tell.  Until then they are beautiful and smell wonderful!

All is well, and green-thumbed, in Drosche Land. 

Our nectarine tree!

 Our little lemon tree!

Amy's favorite rosebush!  The others are planted in the flower bed!

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