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Thursday, March 04, 2010

Can I get a panda with that?

Ha! So a funny story from yesterday that I forgot to mention in the last post. We were pulling up to school and the sun was just beginning to rise. Braeden asked us where the moon was going since the sun was coming. I told him to China so the people there could go to sleep. Not a bad idea huh? An easy way to work in the tilt and rotation of the earth and day/night for my inquisitive little man. He went with it and said ok. Then Amy and I decided to see what he remembered from our previous discussions about the adoption and the DVD we watched. We asked him what would Mommy and Daddy be going to China to get? His response? "A panda!" Ha! Amy and I had to laugh, but of course we said no a baby sister. To which he responded "What about my panda?"! He's nothing if he's not persistent! At least he knows where pandas come from I guess! Amy and I got a kick out of it. Just one of many funny stories we will have over the next year or so as we move forward with the adoption. We don't talk much about it with them since they are both still young and it's so far away. They are still very much in need of immediate action. In fact we are still getting nearly daily questions about when the Easter Bunny is coming since we put the Easter decorations up a few weeks ago! So, about 2 years is definitely too long for them to wait. But we bring it up every now and then. Just to get them used to the idea. They do sound excited whenever we talk about it! That brings joy to our hearts!

All is well, even without pandas, in Drosche Land.

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