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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Sunday Snapshot - School Supplies

Nerd though I may be, but I LOVE school supplies.  I love shopping for them just as much!  Yesterday the day came to head out and gather the items on both boys' lists and I was seriously beside myself with excitement.  I know, I may have a bit of a problem/addiction here but hey, it could be worse.  How can you not love brand-new crayons?  Fresh, unsharpened pencils?  A full bottle of glue?  Everything is unused and new, just ready for the fun and excitement of the new school year!  Oh, so my inner nerd/teacher is showing but again, I'm okay with that.  This was a big year for us though as we entered into uncharted waters.  With Braeden entering Kindergarten we now have one kid in the "grade-level" school and one kid in the Early Childhood program.  The lists shared similar items, you know the usual staples, but were still very different.  

Probably the biggest difference is the fact that Braeden will be wearing uniforms this year so we had to purchase those.  Gone are the days where he had full reign of his closet every day when decided what to wear.  The choice is now whittled down to khaki or navy shorts paired with a white, red, navy, or green polo shirt.  Braeden has always been difficult to dress because he goes through, as I'm sure many kids do, phases.  There was the time he would only wear sleeveless shirts, now we won't touch them.  Then there was the time you couldn't force him into jeans without a meltdown, he loves jeans now.  Currently we are smack in the middle of an athletic shorts phase.  However, he seems super excited about wearing uniforms, as odd as that is, so we could be in for an easy transition.  

Otherwise it was a fun, for me at least, day out shopping.  Target, Academy, and JC Penney all played a valuable role in the day's festivities.  Probably the best part was the fact that my wonderful and financially gifted wife did an awesome job planning and budgeting.  We paid cash for everything and got great deals, spending a ridiculously low amount of money for the multiple bags of goodies!  Dave would be so proud.

So, everything is now packaged, organized, labeled, and ready.  Now I just have to impatiently wait the 2 1/2 weeks until school starts!  

All is well, fully supplied and picture perfect, in Drosche Land.


 We gave in and let the boys get new lunch kits.  Of course they both picked the same one!

 It's not a complete school supply list without crayons and markers!

 A variety of glue products!

 Fun, miscellaneous supplies and of course fresh pencils!
 Organization and storage options!

 Standard items with multiple classroom uses!

 A new addition to Drosche Land school supply lists!

 A label maker!  No, this wasn't a school supply but is crucial for labeling supplies.  I LOVE this and have one in my classroom also!  One of the best inventions ever, I highly recommend you get one, now!  You'll wonder what you did before it!

 All ready to go!  XL Ziploc bags make an awesome way to bring everything in.  I can't take full credit, it was on the lists.  But I will be adding it to my 1st Grade list next year (sadly I forgot to do it for this year!)

Sunday Snapshot


  1. Love it!!! you are a girl after my own heart! and the label maker - it's the best!!!!

  2. I loooove school supplies! :)
    Having one of those label makers would be awesome!

  3. I love the smell of new Crayolas. I have my coupons clipped so that we can go get a few more school supplies, but first I have to wait for NASCAR to go off or the males in my house will protest...lol

  4. I love new school supplies, too. Especially crayons, colored pencils, and regular pencils. I always send home the "left overs" at the end of the year so that I can start brand new and fresh in the fall with my brand new and fresh second graders!

  5. I have to confess I don't miss the school supply shopping (x4) before we homeschooled.
    Here from Sunday Snapshot.