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Thursday, July 07, 2011

Hare Today

So, I've been meaning to blog about this topic for a while now but I just haven't sat down to do so.  Honestly, it has been an ongoing situation so I was also just waiting to see how it would play out.  See right after we got back from our Arkansas vacation I (or rather Lucy) found that 3 small bunnies had made our backyard their home.  It was right after I'd finished our deck and I was outside observing it and on the phone with my mom when I heard a squealing/squeaking sound.  I thought the dogs had found a baby bird at first because right before we left for vacation Rex brought a dead bird into the house.  However, upon further investigation I found that it was 3 tiny, newborn bunnies in a hole under the boys' playscape.  

Clearly a mother was nearby and I immediately thought of the rabbit that we first saw in our yard last summer, read about it here.  We have seen her in the yard throughout the year.  Apparently, despite the dead grass and presence of 2 dogs, our backyard is a wonderful place to raise a family of rabbits.  Who knew?  So started the adventure.

The next day we had a day-long torrential downpour.  About an hour into it I began to worry about the bunnies.  They were so small and helpless.  I venture out, with an umbrella, to check on them.  Their little hole had flooded and they were huddled together shivering.  Awwwww, go ahead, you can say it with me.  So, not wanting their drownings on my head I covered them with a storage tub and gave them some food and water.  After some research on wild rabbits in your backyard (there are a lot more resources on this topic than one would imagine) I decided to let them be.  What else could I do?  So I kept the tub out to cover them when the dogs were out, lest I witness a hare-raising (HA) massacre.  I even named them, I mean why not?  Betty - the mother and the triplets - Beatrice, Bernard, and Bradley (I took a guess on their genders). 

About a week passed and they were growing.  My sister-in-law and her kids came over and we showed them.  By now they had ventured out into various parts of the yard seeking shade from the oppressive heat.  She, being the goof she is, picked one up and carried it around.  They had grown quite a bit by now and I figured that if they were out hopping around, literally, then it may be close to the time when they would bid Drosche Land adieu.  I took away the tub and hoped for the best.  Then they left.  Or so I thought.

Another week passed without seeing hide nor hard (HA) of the bunnies.  Betty came by once or twice but it seemed as though the adventure was behind us.  In my research I found that rabbits give birth in early summer so I'm wondering if this will become a yearly occurrence?  Who knows?  At least we can be prepared now for their return.  It was an interesting and quasi educational experience for the boys as we watched them and talked about them.  Just another great part about living out here in Cypress away from the city. 

Well, I wish the story ended here but it doesn't.  In fact it ends on a bit of a sad note.  Just when I thought they were gone, I find I was wrong.  So, I'm in the backyard grilling hamburgers (side note - Bubba burgers are AWESOME but that's a topic for another post, in the mean time find them at your grocery and try them - now!).  The dogs were out with me and Lucy began going crazy.  I immediately knew what it was.  I ran to her hollering, but I was too late.  She looked at me, bunny in mouth, totally saying "WHAT?!  I'm part beagle dude!  What did you expect?".  I took them inside and went back out but it was too late.  Bernard, Beatrice or Bradley was gone.  I briefly thought about a burial but both Lucy and Rex are diggers and that wasn't something I wanted to revisit anytime soon.  Obviously I didn't tell the boys about the bunny's untimely demise, they only know that the bunnies grew up and moved away.

Since the attack I haven't seen them anymore, although I assume they are still there.  Hopping around randomly and passing through.  Lucy occasionally starts up a barking frenzy at the back door and whenever she goes out she seems to be on the prowl.  But things on the rabbit front seem to have settled down here, for now at least.  We will see what next summer brings!  I did though take pictures of our furry tenants.  They were quite cute, even Amy would agree with that.  Although she did tease me for encouraging their stay in our yard by building them a "Rabbit Hilton"!  :)

All is well, hopping right along, in Drosche Land.

 When I first discovered the bunnies, they were well camouflaged!

 The triplets all snuggled up in their hole

 They were so cute!

 Betty came the evening I found them, one of her twice-daily (learned that online too!) visits

I love this picture of the boys on bunny watch!  Cute!

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