"For I know the plans I have for you," declares the Lord, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future." Jeremiah 29:11

Sunday, March 06, 2011


Well, Friday night the boys stayed at my parents' house and Amy and I enjoyed a date night.  We ate a restaurant that was not particularly kid-friendly and the boys would not have enjoyed.  We ate and enjoyed each other and adult conversation.  There were no reminders for anyone to sit down or use their inside voice.  There also weren't several trips to the bathroom.  Nope, just a nice relaxing dinner with my beautiful wife.  See, Saturday, yesterday, Amy and Julie had a Scentsy booth at the Kingwood Mardi Gras Festival and I was going with to help them set up and run things.  So the boys stayed with my parents, hence the sleepover the night before.  All in all the day went great.  Sales weren't terribly great, but they weren't awful either.  Plus it was a great time and we enjoyed the festival itself, eating delicious nachos from a restaurant called Chachi's (YUM), who had a booth, and of course some funnel cakes!  

How does the title tie into this post about Scentsy and carnival food?  Well, next to the Chachi's booth (which was conveniently located directly across from Amy's booth) was a both for the Montgomery Count Humane Society.  Oh yes, we did.  Amy fell in love with a little black Lab mix they called Wesley.  After a trip over to view and then hold him, she called me over.  How could I say no to those adorable pleading eyes, that cute look that said "I love you and you know you love me too."?  The puppy was also cute.  Of course I was putty when it came to the two of them teamed up together.  I can't lie though, I too am a sucker for a puppy and we have been debating getting another dog.  Amy and I were equally smitten with him and he melted our hearts!  So we made the decision to go with it.  The boys are older and Amy's hours are better so the timing does seem to be right for us.  He spent the rest of the day wrapped in a blanket (it was chilly yesterday) in one of our laps.  He was so docile and calm.  When we brought him home Lucy was highly interested and we had to keep reminding her to be calm with the "baby puppy".  All in all the evening, and night, went surprisingly well and today has been great also.  As I write this he is sitting at my feet, alternately licking and nipping at them!

His name?  Well, we were at a Mardi Gras festival so we thought Rex (King of Carnival) was fitting.  Plus it's easy for the kids to say!  Speaking of the boys, they are loving him and he seems fond of them as well.  He is so calm, I hope he stays that way!  :)  We could use a little calm here every now and then!  But he is awesome and a wonderful addition to our family.  Another adventure to have!  Of course I have been taking tons of pictures of him so I now have to decide on the topic of today's Sunday Snapshot!  Check back later to see what I've chosen!  For now enjoy the first picture we took of him below, how can you not fall in love?  :)

All is well, with twice the canine fun, in Drosche Land.


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