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Sunday, December 12, 2010

Sunday Snapshot - Christmas Portraits

Ok, so last weekend we went and had pictures taken.  Mainly for our Christmas card this year, but also because it has been so long since we last did so.  Lucky for us a family friend is starting up her photography business and has been wanting to practice on us and Amanda's family.  So, we traveled to Memorial Park in the chilly (perfect for Christmas pictures right?) weather with Amanda and her kids.  We were pretty open as to what we wanted.  My only goal was to get enough good shots to get a beautiful Christmas card made.  We began by posing all the kids and that went well for about 30 seconds until they had had enough.  The goal then was just to get as many cute pictures as we could, posed if possible and candid also.  We took family pictures with just the four of us, followed by Amy and I only.  Then they just began to follow the kids around leading to some of the best.  An hour and a half and a couple of hundred pictures later we were finished.  Needless to say I am ecstatic with the results.  I have already made our cards and will be handing them out next week.  I am only posting the pictures as they were taken here, no editing.  They are wonderful.  Many would look great in black and white, sepia, or with other tricks done but that will have to wait until Christmas break when I have the time.  It was hard to find ones to post but the ones below are some of my favorites (those in our Christmas card have been excluded so the cards will be a surprise to those who receive them!).  Thanks Kimberly and Tyler for the beautiful pictures, we're in love!  Enjoy!

 A good one of the boys together

 One of my favorites of Jack

 Braeden looking so big and contemplative!

A great one of Braeden

One of my favorites of Jack, captures him perfectly!

 Braeden again looking like such a big kid

 Just being Jack!

 We had a lot of fun with the hats!

A great one of Amy and I

 Merry Christmas from the Drosches!

Ni Hao Y'all

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