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Sunday, December 19, 2010

Not So Much Mingling

Well, the busyness of the season has kept this post from being published earlier, but it is here now.  So, as you may recall, this past Friday was the Jingle Bell Mingle at TLCC.  Every class does something, but the Pre-K students are the big stars since they get to dress up as members of the Nativity.  Braeden was assigned the role of Shepherd.  We bought the costume materials and I began hoping and praying the performance would not go the way of every other performance and dance recital, i.e. Braeden crying and sitting with me while we watch everyone else perform and I turn a slight shade of green at all the other click-happy parents reveling in the joy of their child's performance.  Well, the crazy week was coming to a close.  Amy and Jack returned home and everything was getting settled Thursday night in preparation for the big event.  Then at 11:00 p.m. Braeden came into our room to tell us he threw up.  From then until about 4:00 a.m. he threw up about every 30 minutes and none of us got more than an hour of sleep.  I'll admit, I was sad at the thought that his big moment wouldn't even come up to give him the chance to try.  Lo and behold he spent Friday morning in Amy's office since neither of us could take off of work on that crazy day.  After my 1/2 day I went to get him and he seemed better, so I got my hopes up.  Turns out it was just the Tylenol and he crashed in my room, remained asleep as I carried him into the sanctuary for the Mingle, and only woke up to watch.  He fell asleep on the way home and didn't wake up until Saturday morning.  

So, the moment came and went without even the possibility of him performing.  I got a good picture of him sleeping in the church pew and then one decent one of both boys in front of a Christmas tree at church.  On a side note Jack did remarkably well and thoroughly enjoyed shaking his maraca to Feliz Navidad!  Of course in all the insanity that was that morning I forgot to bring the camera so that moment lives on only in my memory and two blurry iPhone shots.  Oh well, luckily Jack has 2 more Jingle Bell Mingles so I have plenty of chances left to get good shots of him.  Plus once we adopt our daughter she will have her chance at the Mingle too!  So I am slowly getting over the great 2010 Jingle Bell Mingle fiasco and am putting it behind me.  Slowly but surely I'll move on.  Until then, enjoy the few pictures from this year!

All is well, performance or not, in Drosche Land.

The proof that he was in fact cast as a Shepherd in the 2010 Jingle Bell Mingle!

The little Shepherd that wasn't

    2010 Jingle Bell Mingle!


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