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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

T = Teeth


A big milestone for any baby.  However, I speculate that Stella is especially pleased with her teeth because they allow her to eat food! She loves to eat and before she had teeth she seemed to be growing tired of pureed food and things she could gum up.  At least that's my impression.  

She currently has 6 teeth and we think that she is working on some new ones.  All of our kids get their first teeth fairly early in life.  Braeden had teeth by 5 months, Jackson and Stella had their first ones come in around 6 months.  Just one of the few things they all share in common.

My favorite part of new teeth is the adorable smile that comes with the new chompers.  Sure, a gummy, toothless smile is cute, but I love the huge grins filled with tiny little teeth.  So cute.

However, in Stella's case (or Amy's rather) the teeth have brought an unfortunate side effect.  Biting.  Stella loves to bite.  Oddly enough the only one she seems to bite is Amy.  Arms, legs, shoulder; no body part is safe from the random roaming nips she gives out.  They're just that too, random.  One minute she's cuddling and all cute, the next it's "OUCH!".  Well at least that's been my observance between Stella and Amy.  It just must be some weird bonding experience they share, albeit one that I am sure Amy wish didn't exist.  Hopefully it will pass soon before it extends to others - family members and classmates.

With the boys we had one of each.  A biter and a bitee (I think that's a word).  I'll let you guess about who was who, but suffice it to say their personalities go hand in hand with their role.  Having had both I really would love to have a bitee again.  Well, I mean I don't want them to get bitten, but it's better than having the kid that bites everyone else's.  Trust me.  Hopefully Stella doesn't take after her younger big brother!  Time will tell!

All is well, 20/26 down, in Drosche Land.  

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