"For I know the plans I have for you," declares the Lord, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future." Jeremiah 29:11

Monday, July 23, 2012

Sunday Snapshot - Bubbles & Sun

Odd name for a post huh?  Well, it totally fits with today's pictures, as you can tell from the one above.  I missed last week's Sunday Snapshot and in planning for this week's I remembered that I had never gone through my July 4th pictures.  I filled another card that day and then quickly put in another for Stella's 1st bath (pictures and post to come).  This morning I loaded them onto the computer and came across these of Braeden.

I have a weakness for taking pictures of kids blowing bubbles, as you might remember from a previous Sunday Snapshot post with Jack as the subject.  There's something about the simple and innocent aspect of blowing bubbles.  I in fact still love to play with bubbles and have an awesome bubble unit I teach in First Grade.  I mean, who doesn't love the magic of bubbles.  But I digress.  The instant the boys and their cousins got their bubbles out I ran for the camera.  They were up on a playscape and I noticed the light behind Braeden coming through the trees and I remember thinking, "These could make some great shots for a Sunday Snapshot post!".  So here they are finally!

And better late than never right?  There were a ton of other shots from that day, splashing around, playing, and fireworks.  Maybe I'll get around to those another day.  But I feel that these shots take the cake.  Aside from the way they turned out, I think my favorite part is the fact how unplanned and natural they were.  I love planning a good photo shoot, but sometimes life's spontaneity churns out something 10 times better than I could have ever planned.

This is one of those times!

You know I had to play around with black and white, one of my favorite things.  This one turned out great I think!

All is well, picture perfect, in Drosche Land.



  1. I don't know what it is about kids and bubbles, but I have never met one who didn't enjoy them.

    I was with a friend and his fiance a few months back and we went into a toy store. They asked him if he wanted a Wii or an X-Box 360. He said he wanted neither, but he wanted 2 big wands of bubbles. I asked if I could buy the kid. lol I couldn't believe a 9-year-old would pass up on electronics. He already has a laptop and a PSP Go.

    Hey, if you're not doing anything, I am hosting a "Dog Days of Summer" 3-day blog fest if you're interested. It runs from Aug 10-12.


  2. HA! That's awesome! I'm heading over right now to sign up for the blog hop, sounds great! Thanks!