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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Pain in the Neck

So, Amy took Braeden for his 6 year-old check up yesterday.  I can't believe that he is 6 years old already!  More so than that, I can't believe that he will be in First Grade next year, in my class!  Time flies!

All went well at his appointment though.  At 41 pounds (he's always been a lightweight) he has moved to the 16th percentile!  Double digits in the weight percentile are big here in Drosche Land.  Well, if you're a boy that is.  If you're Stella then it seems to be the norm!  His vision has changed slightly and he has what seems to be a slight lazy eye/strabismus so a visit to the optometrist/opthamologist appears to be in his near future.  Other than that though all looked good.

You may remember the previous post referring to his neck pain.  Well, Amy spoke with our doctor about that and, as it turns out, it wasn't just from sleeping funny or a slight strain.  Apparently it is something called lymphadenitis.  Basically just a long word for an infection of a lymph node, in Braeden's case - his neck.  We noticed redness and a slight lump/bump, but it did get better the second day so we didn't take him in since he had an upcoming appointment.  It's on the mend now so we don't need any antibiotics.  He has a lot more motion, but still holds it to the side stiffly.  I feel bad that it wasn't just a sore neck, but an actual infection.  However, at the same time I'm glad we didn't have to do a round of medicine.  But he's on the road to recovery so that's all that matters.

Several more doctor's visits loom in our future as Stella has her 2 month check up in a week or so and then we have to get Jack in for his 5 year-old appointment.  5 years?!  Seriously?!  But I can stay in denial about that for a few more months!

All is well, medically speaking, in Drosche Land.

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