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Monday, July 09, 2012

Sunday Snapshot - 1 Month

I think this is my absolute favorite!

1 month

4 weeks

30 days

720 hours

43,200 minutes

2,592,000 seconds

That's how long Stella's been with us (since last Tuesday at least).  Not that I'm counting every blessed second or anything!  :)  

Happy Birthday!

On one hand it's been a very short time, but on the other time is flying by way too fast.  As with any baby, she changes each and every day.  Sometimes I feel as though I'm scrambling to take pictures and document things before I forget or she does something new.  As crazy as it is, I know it will only increase as she begins to hit the major milestones: sitting up, eating, crawling, babbling, etc.  Those milestones get nearer each day and while I am eager for her to meet them, I am also sad to see her grow so fast.

A little smile!

But I'm determined to digitally document as much as possible.  I did the same with the boys and I am so glad I did.  I find myself occasionally looking back and remembering those days.  I decided to take her monthly pictures myself rather than go somewhere or have someone else do it.  I've mentioned that I've been studying photography a bit more and have also been scouring Pinterest for cute picture ideas.  I think my first attempt turned out great.  I took about 50ish pictures and have 31 after editing them and weeding out the ones that didn't turn out so well.  This is definitely the way to go and insured that I got some good ones.  But some of the outtakes were cute!

My favorite outtake, a mid-photo shoot sneeze.  I'm keeping this one!
As I write this I look at here relaxing in her bouncy chair and can already see some differences!  That is for sure one thing I forgot about newborns, just how much they change so quickly!  Crazy really.  But I'm ready for it, camera in hand!  Let's go Stella!

My other favorite!

All is well, picture perfect, in Drosche Land.

Ni Hao Yall

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