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Monday, March 05, 2012

Sunday Snapshot - The Shower - Part 2

Ok, as promised here are some more shots from our shower last weekend.  I finally made it through the 200+ pictures and there are so many good ones.  Someone, I'm don't remember exactly who, I think it was Kimberly our friend & photographer suggested that we take pictures with each person and their gift after we opened it.  This takes the place of writing down who gave us what.  Plus we can include those pictures in the Thank You notes!  Love the idea and I am currently uploading pictures to Snapfish to order for the notes!  A fun and different way to keep track of all of the gifts!

So, on with some more shower pictures.  It is still fun to look back and remember.  It gets me all excited about writing Thank You notes and starting to work on Stella's baby book!  Fun!  Enjoy!

So many cute monogrammed things like this adorable pair of bloomers!

Love these centerpieces!

Jack's face cracks me up!

All the kids released balloons, cute and fun!

How gorgeous is my wife?!

Ok, so I know I included this one last week but here it is edited a bit and I LOVE this picture, it is definitely one of my new favorites of Amy and I!


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