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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Big Brothers

*Note* This post was originally intended as the aforementioned Sunday Snapshot.  Life & Spring Break got in the way!  Here it is!  :)

So, Sunday we ventured out in the rain to take the boys to their Sibling Class at the hospital.  They were excited, as were Amy and I.  This class would also serve as our tour of the facilities and give us a chance to ask some questions.  The boys had a great time thanks to a silly video and free t-shirts!  They also got to practice some ways they can help using a baby doll, one that they got to pick out themselves!  They learned how to hold, swaddle, and feed a baby.  Another great part of the course was when we were showed the toilet paper tube test for small toys.  You know this, if it fits in the tube it is too small for a baby to have because they might choke.  The boys needed to hear this as our feet are constantly coming into contact with rogue Legos, cars, and blocks!  In fact, as I type I have a tube next to me that we will begin working with.  Hopefully this will kill two birds and help the boys to keep their toys cleaned up!  Well, I can dream right?  :)

Right before our tour the boys were able to put on surgical masks and hats, which Jack loved, putting on both!  Braeden opted for just the mask, and only briefly.  They stayed on long enough for me to get a picture though!  The highlight of the trip though, for all Drosches included, was a peek at the nursery!  Hopefully Stella will spend her time here and not in the NICU as her big brothers have both done!  We did though prepare ourselves by asking some key NICU questions!  

Overall it was a great time and I do think the boys learned some.  Of course Amy and I weren't worried about their abilities to be awesome big brothers, they've already shown these skills as we prepare for and talk about Stella, but it was nice to get them some exposure to "professionals" and their words!  

So, one more step down as we get closer and closer to Stella's arrival!  Below are the pictures I took.  As I mentioned I missed the Sunday Snapshot cutoff but I'll link up here anyway because it is so much fun.  Enjoy!  

All is well, picture perfect, in Drosche Land.

The boys, eager to pick out their babies!

Braeden and his baby!
Jack and his baby!

Jack enjoyed inspecting his baby from head to toe!

Braeden learning to swaddle!

Jack had a habit of sticking is finger in his baby's mouth!  Let's hope this doesn't continue with Stella!

Jackson rocking his baby to sleep!
Braeden kept rubbing his baby's head during the video!

Dr. Braeden

Dr. Jackson 


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