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Sunday, January 09, 2011

Sunday Snapshot - Year in Review

So, I've been thinking about what pictures to post for this Sunday when I got a great idea.  Although, I will be upfront and admit it is not my own original idea, one I have seen on several of the blogs I follow.  A trip through the photos of 2010.  I have gone through all the pictures from last year and it was hard to narrow it down.  The best I could do was about 2 pictures per month!  Looking back it was not only a busy year, but a great one.  We have the pictures to prove it!  Enjoy!

  January 2010
 I took this of Jack and I at one of Jared's basketball games.  It is one of my all-time favorites of us!

February 2010
Go Texan Day 2010 - adorable!  I cannot wait until this year - they have boots!

March 2010
The Backyard Camp Out!  Such a success we have to do it again!

April 2010
 Easter of course brought many great pictures, but this one has to be my favorite!  I love the look on his face!

April also brought the addition of a new pet to Drosche Land - Nemo!  Sadly he has gone on to the great fishbowl in the sky, but the kids loved getting him!

May 2010
 May wouldn't be complete without Braeden's birthday and he turned 4 in 2010!  Yes, 4!  I can't believe he is now going to be 5!

At the end of the month we took a trip, the boys' first, to the beach!  They loved it and have been asking since when we can go again!

June 2010
 Summer came!  My first at home and the boys and I had a blast at home.  Early on in the month we had a little bunny come and visit us in the backyard!

Splashing, definitely the favorite daily activity in Drosche Land over the summer!

July 2010
 Another fun thing we did this past summer was make our own Play Doh!  Something else they ask to do again - often!

July 4th!  More sparkler fun - we will see if Jack participates this coming July after the New Years mishap!

August 2010
Amy's birthday!  Just about 1 month post-surgery and we were already seeing the awesome results!  She continues her success and looks even more amazing than she did here!

September 2010
 Are our kids really old enough for board games?  Apparently so, in September Braeden won his first game ever - Sorry!

 September also brought Braeden's first homework assignment!  He was so proud, almost as much as I was!

Of course the end of the month brings Jack's birthday!  3, seriously?!  Already?!

October 2010
October brought the listing of the house. Still an important memory from this past year, despite the revelation of today's prior post!
Wolverine joined us for Halloween 2010
As did Batman
What's October and Halloween without carving pumpkins?  The boys had a blast scooping and cleaning their pumpkin!
HA!  And who could forget the great pumpkin seed rain of 2010!

November 2010
 I turned 30, I can say the actual number now! :)

 My birthday trip to San Antonio with my beautiful family!

The obligatory Alamo photo!

December 2010
 Braeden's winter dance recital.  Of course he didn't dance, but his little brother was still proud of him!

Merry Christmas!

Ni Hao Y'all

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