"For I know the plans I have for you," declares the Lord, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future." Jeremiah 29:11

Monday, October 01, 2012


October? Really? I feel like I was just saying that about September! Time just seems to be flying by. But I digress.

So Stella is within spitting (up) distance of being 4 months old. Again, time is just seeming to fly by. She's recently reached another milestone in life, eating food! So Amy and I tried a few weeks ago, around 3 months, to get her to eat food. We started off easy with a rice cereal. But she wasn't into it really and couldn't figure out how to eat. She was all, "What's this tongue thing for?" So we gave it a rest. What's the rush anyway.

Well, we tried again this past weekend and were amazed at how quickly things can change. See, Amy's decided to make all of our own baby food this time around so she's been scouring the Internet for recipes and tips/tricks. Not only is it healthier, but, like our cloth diapers, it can save tremendous amount of money! Plus it's super easy. So last Wednesday was Johnny Appleseed's birthday (totally not a random fact it does relate to the story). With apples on both of our brains as we prepared apple-themed activities for our classrooms, Amy decided to make some apple baby food for Stella and try it out (see I told you it was related). Well, suffice it to say Stella was a fan of the apples. She chowed down and suddenly seemed to have an epiphany on how to eat and use her mouth and tongue. Carrots, although not as popular as the apples, also seemed to please her.

Not only has Stella been enjoying her newfound food items, but Amy and I have also reaped the benefits to feeding her solid food - the sleeping! She eats food for dinner and then after a little while follows that with a bottle. Then she sleeps, nearly all night long! She's alternating between sleeping through the night and waking for just one feeding. Needless to say, we are excited about this!

But, as with many things, it's bittersweet. Another reminder of how fast she is growing up, yet it's also a reminder to slow down and enjoy this. Enjoy the messy grins at feeding times. Enjoy the funny looks as she tries a new food. Enjoy the wide-eyed look of excitement as she waves her arms around in eager anticipation of the food (that happens a lot)! So we are, and its a lot of fun!

All is well, hungry, in Drosche Land.

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  1. Johnny Appleseed was a hippie from way back, not to mention a Green Party forerunner. lol

    1. Ha ! I'l be sure to include that next year in my teachings! :)