"For I know the plans I have for you," declares the Lord, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future." Jeremiah 29:11

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Up & Catch Up

So, it's 12:32 am and I'm up.  And I've been up for about an hour.  Don't get me wrong, I like to stay up late and all, but today was a long day.  I turned in early, long ago.  However, Stella decided a midnight snack was called for.  Huh?  I know right, I've mentioned before that she is, and has been, sleeping through the night.  Not tonight I guess.  She woke up and I tried to move her to her beloved swing.  No dice.  Fever (gasp!)?  Nope.  Needs a new diaper?  Not at all.  Amy was up with me by now and suggested the bottle.  I was trying to avoid it since she hasn't had/needed on in weeks.  But oh well, there's a random time for everything right?

So I get one ready, as she decided to lose her mind.  And I mean lose it!  I had a flash-forward to some crazy toddler tantrum y'all, and it wasn't pretty!  Luckily as soon as the bottle found its way to her she was fine, I told you the girl loves her some food.  6 quick ounces later and she's passed out.  Hopefully she will stay that way until morning and tonight will have been a fluke.

So, I know you're wondering why today was a long day.  Well, I was just getting to that.  Plus I'm up and all.  Anywho.  Today was the boys' soccer pictures.  So we headed out early for Braeden's.  I'll mention here that our long-awaited cold front came in Friday night so this morning was quite chilly.  After Braeden's pictures I took him and Stella to his game while Amy stayed with Jackson for his pictures.  She then met me at the soccer fields and we decided to have her bring Stella home due to the crazy wind and cold weather.  I mean, who needs a sick baby?  Not me!  So the boys and I braved the cold and enjoyed the two games, which were luckily scheduled back-to-back.  Then it was home just in time to send Amy off to a meeting with her coworkers.  By the time she came home it was time for dinner.

Whew!  I'm tired just remembering it all.  Or maybe it's because I'm up in the middle of the night?  Anywho.  So, it wasn't crazy busy, just go, go, go.  But that was busy enough.  Plus it came on the tails of a busy week last week.  It was Red Ribbon Week for me which means fun dress-up days.  Fun dress-up days mean sillier than usual kids in the classroom.  Pajama Day, College T-Shirt Day, and the ever-popular Wacky Day (which lived up to its name!)!  Throw in a Field Day for good measure and a No School for 1st Quarter Conferences Friday and I was one worn out teacher.  But worn out in a good way, it was a great week but wow!  Oh and Friday night was Trinity's Trunks & Treats so that was another fun thing to add on.

Amy also had her first set of conferences last week and I am so proud of her!  They went well, as I knew the would.  She is doing an awesome job and it shows with the kids and their parents.  I may be slightly biased, but I know I'm right!  :)

So, I think that catches us up dear readers.  Now comes the hard decision I have to make.  Do I move Stella back to her crib and go to bed, or do I leave her in the swing and sleep/watch TV downstairs.  I mean I'm already awake and have Netflix and Hulu at my disposal.  Hmmm?  Decisions decisions.

All is well, up and caught up, in Drosche Land.  

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