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Saturday, October 13, 2012


Wow, I need to get back into regularly blogging rather than this weekend stuff! Anywho.

It's fall, finally, and even though the weather hasn't caught up quite yet Amy and I had to make good on a standing promise we'd made to the boys long ago. You may remember that last fall Braeden played T-Ball and the spring before that he played soccer. Well, with Amy pregnant last fall and spring we decided to take a break from sports. Thank goodness we did! Last spring was so crazy, I don't know how we would have survived had we made that commitment. But we'd made the deal with the boys that once fall came around, they could start sports again. Braeden loves it and Jack would finally be old enough to join in on the action. We decided on soccer and made the plans.

Flash forward to September. It's now time or register them and they couldn't be happier. We get the paperwork in and the supplies purchased no before we know it, we're a sporting family again.

Braeden picked up right where he'd left off. It was as if he hadn't missed a beat. Having some experience under his belt meant that he could take a step up in FFPS (we opted to go that route again after our success last time) and be on a team with others who had played before. Turns out 6 year-olds are more coordinated and easier to wrangle on the field. His team is the Octonauts, check out the Disney channel cartoon if you're unfamiliar, an interesting name but the team loves it! As always he gets in the game and has at it. I swear he must get his sporting abilities from Amy because I know it doesn't come from me! 😄 He's loving it once again and has only had one mishap. The very first game last weekend he twisted his ankle and fell hard, sidelining him for the remainder of the game. Ay and I were a little worried we'd make it to the ER for 3 straight months but he ended up being fine after giving it a rest overnight.

Jackson took to the game right away also. He has some experience from a program he participated in last year at school so it's not totally a foreign idea for him. The best part is that he gets to run around. Trust me, he needs to run off some of his extra extra energy. It seems as though since he turned 5 he's constantly wound up! He still has some work to be done, both technically and team-wise but he's getting there. Some might call him a ball-hog, I call him committed! I think this season will be good for him and if nothing else, he's having a blast! His team is the Ninjas and he's a bit bummed it's not an animals name. He had his heart set on the Tigers. But I think Ninjas has a nice ring!

Stella has joined us for most of the practices and all of the games so far. She's at the age where she is a bit easier to maintain while out and about so having her tag along is no problem. As long as it doesn't get too hot she's a happy camper. Hopefully that fall weather will come and stay so even that be an issue.

I'm, of course, taking tons of pictures. I'm hoping to get some up for tomorrow's Sunday Snapshot post but we will see what happens. Until then. I'll include some that I took on my iPhone, thanks Photostream! All in all though we are enjoying the soccer season. It will take us into the beginning of December so our Saturdays are game days for a while. After this season we will see about what spring has in store for us. For now though it's just all fun and games!

All is well, soccer balls included, in Drosche Land.

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