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Thursday, October 18, 2012


So today was another big day for Stella. As you'll recall from a few posts back, she's eating solid food now! Well, we started her with dinner since that's the easiest and it means she sleep through the night.

I'll take a quick aside here to state just how great it is that she sleeps through the night! Amazing really. I mean Braeden was over a year old when he consistently slept through the night. If memory serves me right it was around Jack's birth. I mean with a new baby coming, he had to sleep through the night sooner or later right? I thought he'd never do it. Jack was slightly easier but nothing compared to the experience we've had with Stella. Anywho, back on track.

So she was eating dinner and loving it. The girl loves her some food! However, we thought a daily meal of solid food would replace a bottle. Well, we were partially right. While we were able to get rid of a bottle and get her to sleep through the night, she just made up for the lost bottle by upping her intake on the other bottles. She's up to nearly 30-35 oz of formula a day now. That's almost a Sam's-sized container a week folks! We're talking some crazy consumption going on here readers! So we decided to have her eat breakfast at school. Maybe an additional meal would help bring down the liquids? We wanted to wait until closer to December but hey, no time like the present right?

So today was her first breakfast at school and her first time with blueberries. Suffice it to say that both went over like gangbusters! I told you, the girl loves her food! So we will see how this new development plays out and what it means for her bottle situation. Regardless though, Amy and I are so happy to have a healthy eater. We attribute the fact that she has really not ever been sick (save for the ambulance/hospital incident) to her love of food. A well-fed, chunky baby is a healthy baby!

So now you're thinking to yourself, "Awwww, how sweet. Stella's eating food. I'm so happy Dusty and Amy are getting sleep again, the deserve it. Dusty's pretty awesome too!" Ok, so maybe not that last part (or maybe so?). You might also have out your grammar skills to work noticing that the title of this post is plural. Well, today was another milestone for HRH (our affectionate nickname for Stella (Her Royal Highness)). Turns out she has discovered how to roll over. At school nonetheless. Luckily her teacher was sweet enough to capture it on video nod text it to Amy and I. We have yet to see it at home but you know I'll be looking for it all weekend long. She seems pretty surprised by the fact that it happened but I'm sure it won't be long until it is a regular thing. Crazy. Just another example of how quickly she is growing and changing! Next thing we know she'll be crawling! Yikes! Below you can see her enjoying her blueberries! I can't upload the video from my iPad for some reason, argh! So I'll have to try it later!

All is well, rollin' rollin' rollin', in Drosche Land.

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